Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dog Stuff – Sandy - with update added

It’s been a while since I gave an update on my dogs, seems when they’re being good (and when I say good,  keep in mind everything's relative here) I tend to leave them out of my blogging.

Today I have dogs on my mind. Not our guest, Katy, this time (she’s always inserting herself between the camera and whatever I need to take a picture of!),


or even Yoshi, our drama queen greyhound turned chow hound, (just look at her begging for ‘more cheese, please!’, who can resist that cute face?)


No, not them this time.

You see, this morning I had to drop our yellow lab, Sandy, off at the vet’s for surgery.


She’s no stranger to surgery, having just gone under the knife in November.

Close your eyes for the “Ouchy” picture coming up if you’re squeamish!



Her right rear leg had a blowout and needed to be repaired. 

Cruciate ligament surgery is what they call it.


She’s been on restricted activity for months now, leash walking only, no running or playing catch, or chasing the greyhounds.

Ever see a lab try to keep up with a greyhound?  Funny stuff.

Poor girl, everything she loves to do has been curtailed, even food, as she needed to lose weight too.

All that laying around with little exercise hasn’t been good for her figure. 

(I can totally relate to that, it hasn’t helped mine one bit either.)


And even with all these precautions her other leg had a blow out a few weeks ago. 

The surgeon says it’s not uncommon, when one leg goes they tend to overcompensate with the other leg, and that tends to eventually give out too.

She’s been in pain, and finally got to the point of not being able to go up the stairs to bed by herself.

The anti inflammatory meds and the pain pills aren’t helping her get around anymore.

Mike has had to pick her up and carry her up to bed the last couple weeks, much to her embarrassment.

Jan 2010 home 017

We knew it was time to pull the trigger; without the surgery she can’t begin to get better.

So I dug out the dreaded “Cone of Shame” last night to bring it with us today.

I tried to keep it hidden. 

She still seemed to know something was up.


With a heavy heart I had to say goodbye and leave her behind at the vet’s, we won’t get to see her again until tomorrow. 

Gosh, I felt like such a traitor, just dropping her off and leaving like that.

The look on her face when they took her to the back just broke my heart!


We are so fortunate that she CAN be fixed,

and in a few months she will be able to run and play again, just like she used to.

She’s such a sweet girl.

Thanks for listening!

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Edited to add;  Sandy’s surgery went well and she will be coming home on Thursday afternoon.  Thanks for all your caring!


  1. Aw good luck to Sandy! My doggies are my children for now and I would do anything for them!

    Keep us updated on her!

  2. Oh Rose you poor thing. It is so hard when our fur babies aren't feeling well.

    It will be nice to see her back to her ole self soon.

    Thinking about you buddy and prays for sweet Sandy that she has a speedy recovery.

    Big Hugs, Deb

  3. Creative AND compassionate! How wonderful you are!Love your sweet fur-kids!

  4. Good luck with Sandy's surgery. Hope she has a quick recovery. Love that sweet face.

  5. My pup is wearing her very own cone of shame. But she won't be having any babies. That's a good thing. And a shame. She is so pretty.

  6. Dogs are so good with their eyes and expressions.
    - Joy

  7. I can barely get through this without choking up! Poor Sweetie! It's so hard. They don't understand. But knowing she will be well in a few months makes me happy!!! And it'll make her happy too!!!!


  8. Rose your poor baby! I know when Charlie had some surgery it was so hard on me! The awful collar they must wear so they don't open up their incisions is not fun for them. I hope she is all better soon. hugs, Linda

  9. I just found your blog while browsing through many of Gail's awesome creations at My Repurposed Life. I am a new fan! And, I hope Sandy is up and running as soon as possible! It's so hard to see the sweetest things in your life hurting. She's a dollbaby!

  10. Poor sweet Sandy. I hope she heals fast and is back to her old self. I may have to take Henry in if his sore on his back doesn't heal. I get it looking better and then he'll scratch it and yuck all over again!

  11. Poor Sandy. You can just see her pain in the "cone of shame"! Here's hoping she will be up and at it soon. Those fur kids sure have a way of wrapping themselves around our hearts, huh?

  12. Ha! Cone of Shame! Hope she recovers quickly. What a lucky dog to have parents who love her so.

    Suzy xxx

  13. Good Luck out there for Sandy! She looks like such a sweetie.

  14. Sending hugs to Sandy, and to her patient and loving humans. Hopefully she will be up and around before hot weather kicks in.

  15. Aww...Rose so sorry about poor Sandy...hope for a fast recovery. Also hope to see your gang for my pet party on May 4th!

  16. Awwww.... Poor baby! Hope she's better real soon. One of my granddogs is part Lab and I cannot imagine him not getting to run around and get into things. I know it's torture for her.

    I love what you did with the Honest stand! Perfect! Now I want to find one! LOL

  17. Poor Sandy! But I'm glad to hear she is on the mend. Hopefully she will be back to running with the greyhounds in no time!

  18. I am so glad that she can be fixed. Our yellow lab had an injury that caused her to be put down. It was so hard to do. I cried and cried. Like I do for all my dogs. I think I hurt more losing them than people. They are just so sweet!


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