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Today you can find me hanging out over at “My Repurposed Life” doing a guest post.  Gail’s taken some time out for her daughter’s upcoming wedding and during her time-out she is having some of her friends fill in for her.  If you haven’t been there yet, make sure you go see my newly finished nightstand!  You might recognize it from a curbshopping expedition I took you on a year ago….Curbshop along with me today!, then again, maybe you won’t recognize it anymore, it’s really changed!

I’ve got a little re-do to show you here today.  Remember how I’ve been trying to lighten up my very dark living room?  I’ve been adding some white pieces to counter the dark brown sofa and my new dark stained coffee table.

This is the latest shot of the mantel, after adding the Nest sign and faux clock face.


Below it is the fireplace, and I needed something lighter to balance that side of the room.

I had this old card table in the living room, it’s not antique, but it is vintage….


I actually bought this years ago at an antique show for $5.

It comes in handy for putting out snacks when we have guests, and I like the fact that it stands against the wall the rest of the time, out of the way.

I loved the design on the top and the way the top (which is some kind of cardboard type material) is grained to look like fancy wood.

It stands up by itself when folded, so I decided to use it as a fireplace screen.

Of course I forgot to take a good before photo, so I searched through my albums and found this next picture.  (yes, that’s the ironing on the hook waiting to be taken upstairs…) 

See how the table is easily stored out of the way against the wall?  That’s why I like it so much.


Way back in February I purchased several vinyl's from ‘Say it on the Wall’.  Gail had a 30% off deal on her blog and I took full advantage. 

They have great prices and a wonderful variety of vinyl sayings over there.

I bought this definition of CREATE, not knowing what I would use it for.\

It was so much bigger than I expected when I got it, it’s huge!

But it just so happens to be exactly the right size for the folding table.  How ‘bout that?

I spray-painted the entire table with Heirloom White, then added the vinyl to the top.  It wasn’t as hard to do as the first one,  I knew enough this time to only remove a little bit of the backing at a time, sort of roll it down as I went.

Except- I started putting it on with the table opened up, then suddenly realized I should check to see which way it would stand up.  Good thing I checked, because I was applying the vinyl on the wrong side.  It would have been upside down when the table was standing!!!

I hadn’t gone too far, so was able to very carefully peel off the letters and start over, the right way!

Close call!


After applying the vinyl I taped off a border along the outside of the definition and painted it black.


It was a little too stark, but that was an easy fix.


Just a little bit of sanding, some dabbing with gel stain to age it a bit and it was done!


I like the way it looks in front of the fireplace.


    042  059


Thanks for stopping by, and don’t forget to go to “My Repurposed Life” and say Hi to me over there!

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  1. Rose, this turned out amazing! YOU are amazing!

  2. What a perfect fit! It looks great! What a clever idea for the fireplace. I can't believe how similar our places are... brown sofa, white woodwork, arched entryway, wood mantle... amazing! Your mantle looks great!

  3. That table looks fantastic. It makes a great fireplace cover and can still be used for serving snacks when you have guests. Great dual purpose piece of furniture.

    How is Katy doing?

  4. That looks fabulous Rose. I love it against the fireplace. You would swear that was custom cut for that table. Everything looks great... good job.

    Hugs, Deb

  5. I have one of these and it has been sitting asking for a redo...THANK YOU for the kick in the butt to get on it!

  6. Rose-- first, thanks a bunch for stopping by my place today to entertain and inform my readers!
    This table is awesome. When we spoke on the phone, I had such a hard time imagining what it really looked like. The table itself is just too perfect. BUT now it is such a great piece for your living room. It does lighten the room, it looks super in front of the fireplace, and it will still work for you when you need it too! kudos!
    ps thanks for the shoutout!

  7. That's a great firescreen! And it's dual purpose, so it's doubly cool. :)
    I'm glad you didn't get the whole thing on upside down! Sounds like something I'd do.

  8. What a great idea to use it as a screen. The words fit perfect. I will have to keep my eye out for more discounts on the vinyl. I have yet to use any of it!

  9. this table is great! But I have to say, I just read your first post on my repurposed life and I laughed hysterically at your antics in trying to hide the stuff from your husband!!! lol I did that yesterday-and mine is out of town till Friday! But it's habit, buy it/find it and get it hidden as soon as it comes in the house!! lol Or you get "the lecture". I hate the lecture.

  10. Hey Rose - this table is really cool. I love the create sign. I saw your post at Gails place with your revamped desk. Awesome job on that, love the color.

  11. I am loving this table that stands up this way. It was so pretty before because of its history, but now it is so awesome and creative!

  12. The table turned out great! You did such a good job with it!


  13. Love the transformation of the table. Really love everything about your fireplace -- very pretty!


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