Friday, March 4, 2011

Pretending to be Retired for a week

(The box above is supposed  to be a video of the 16 Tons theme for Joe vs The Volcano, if it shows as a black box, click on it to get it started.  It really goes well with this post! ;)

I mentioned the other day I was going on vacation--  well here we are in SUNNY  Florida pretending to be retirees for the week. 
We're in a community known as The Villages, so big that it is designated as an actual CITY on the map. 
Mike and I have been making this annual trek together to visit his Mom and stepdad  at their home in a retirement community for years now.  When I first came along with him 11 years ago I was immediately enthralled with the whole concept of a retirement community. 

Good grief, they have the life down golf all day, spend some time sunning at the pool, maybe even join a water aerobics class, go out to happy hour at the village square where they have live music, dancing, vendor booths with all sorts of stuff for sale, and most amazingly; 2 for 1 cocktails! 
Are you kidding me?
Every night! 
No need to even start the car up- if you have a golf cart you can get anywhere you want in the community.
I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.
This is living!

People rarely eat at home, lunch and dinner is always eaten out. We soon discovered that if you wait until 7:30 or 8 pm to go to dinner we never had to wait for a table. Apparently any self respecting retiree eats dinner between 4 and 5 so there are long waits for the early seatings.

We play golf nearly every day.  I usually take a day off to visit Mt. Dora, maybe Renningers, and some random antique shops, but not this year.   I've even been known to drag my mother in law into the goodwill stores, as we don't have these back home.
Every year Mike and I  start looking at houses around here, dreaming of living this wonderful life year round. 
"Someday soon" we say to each other," this is the life we are working towards".
Most of the residents still have homes back in their hometown, spending summers there near the grandchildren and winters in Florida. 
Talk about having the best of both worlds!
At the end of the week we will go back home, back to our real life; back to working long hours every day, shoveling snow, shivering in the frigid temps,  looking forward to the weekend so some projects can be done, waiting for spring to come; and dreaming about the day we can live the life of a retiree. 

The good life.  
Soon will come the spring, and all thoughts of retiring to Florida will start to fade away as we eagerly watch the snow melt.  Delicate snowdrop flowers will peek up between the snowbanks, crocus's will start to emerge, primroses, then daffodils and tulips... warm weather will finally arrive and life will be beautiful and exciting once again. 
Every day will be nicer than the last.
The days will get longer, and we can have it all every day right here at home,  going to work; yes..... but we'll get our playtime too.

Who needs retirement?

Life is good, enjoy the moment.


  1. look at ya'll! Living it up! I'm glad you're enjoying your little "fake" mine retirement. :)
    You both deserve to take the time off!
    talk to you soon!

  2. OMG! Rose, that is exactly where we are headed for in 8 yrs. My in-laws are down there and good friends of ours just moved there and we are next! We have been there twice and loved it. I can't wait! I felt so much better there with my fibromyalgia, compared to here, (WNY). I even have been online checking out home sales there. How funny that you guys were there.
    I call it (Disney Land for Old Folks)!
    I love the squares and the architecture of all the quaint little shops.
    Maybe we will find each other some day! We can have golf cart races! LOL 8>)

  3. Gosh, I love that movie. Brain cloud is a term used a lot around here.

    I have never been to the Villages. I'm guessing it's by Orlando when you mentioned Mt. Dora. Which I can't believe you didn't go to! Just remember though, it's not always so wonderful here. We have humidity, hurricanes and the heat, my God the heat! (remember what that line was from?)

  4. Right now it sounds like quite the life, but in the summer I don't know if I would like it much and I don't think my retirement income would support two homes, LOL.

  5. I love visiting my daughter in Forida in the winter time but in the summer time I can't even breathe there. The humidity is too much for me.

    I have a friend who lives in The Villages and loves it. She usually does some traveling during the hottest part of the summer. She got a suntan the first month she lived there and I don't think she's ever lost it. Glad you are having a great time. You deserve a vacation.

  6. Rose!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!! For you and Mike!!! LOVE Joe vs the Volcano! And that song ROCKS!!!!

    Have a glorious time! The snow is still here. But soon it will be gone! YAY!!


  7. Rose hope you and Mike are having a great time... you both deserve it... ENJOY it while you can. You are right it is always so tempting when you are away but after the third week I am ready to go back to normal. But it is sure fun while it lasts.

    Have a safe trip and give the Big M a big PO from me... xoxoxox

    Big hugs to you both.

    Love Deb

  8. We're snowbirds here near the Villages and you just wrote about my

  9. My Aunt and Uncle had a second house in Sarasota and I loved to visit them every winter. They didn't live in a community, just a house, but they had the whole retirement thing down to a schedule. Cocktails at a friends house then dinner at a restaurant. Different restaurant for each day of the week. I miss those relaxing vacations. Now it's the craziness of Disney World for me! Have a great time!

  10. Thanks for this little glimpse of heaven! We're expecting about 3" of snow today - lol. You look right at home there in sunny FL. What a great retirement to look forward to!


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