Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Little Runaway


The chorus to this song goes especially well with the rest of this post.

Oh my gosh folks, I had quite the day yesterday   Sunday.

Katy, the Greyhound we are fostering, got OUT and ran away while I was in the driveway emptying some curb finds from my car. 

And when I say RAN, I’m not kidding!

She took off at full speed up the road as I foolishly tried to run after her…flat out screaming her name in an effort to get her back.

Have you ever seen a greyhound run?  If you haven’t you need to check out this video from YouTube showing a greyhound running at 75km (45 mph) alongside a car.  This is what Katy was running like as I was trying to chase her. 

(this is NOT my video, just one I found on YouTube)


The speed limit on my street is 45, and she was outrunning the cars.

It was awful. 

Let me backtrack just a minute.

Mike had taken the other two dogs to Petsmart to get their nails clipped, so I figured I would take the opportunity to hide

put away some pieces I had curbshopped on Saturday on my way home from Mom’s house.

Katy was whiney because the other dogs were gone, so I let her out into our fenced yard and closed the sliding door to the breezeway so she couldn’t come back in.

The other door to the breezeway takes you out to the driveway.  I had been going back and forth thru it to bring stuff inside.

Well, somehow Katy managed to open the sliding door; all I can think of is that it wasn’t shut all the way and she was able to squeeze her nose into the crack and push it open.

(Photo below is an old picture showing the breezeway sliding door to the back yard.)


then she pushed the screen door to the driveway open too,  I figure it probably didn’t latch all the way when I went back out.

(photo below is an old pic that shows the driveway side screen door just so you can get an idea of what I’m talking about)


So here I am taking a wicker end table out of the car and Katy appears in the driveway.  I was in shock, I called her to me, she starts toward me and then changes her mind. 

As she turns I LUNGE for her;  frantically trying to get hold of her, coming up just short. 

She breaks into full stride and starts running up the road along the shoulder.

I’m SCREAMING her name at the top of my lungs and running after her before I realize there is no way I’m going to catch up to her.  I see her turn out of sight down a side street about 2 blocks up and I ran back to get my car. 

First I had to run in the house and grab my keys, phone, and a leash.  I’m a shaking mess of fear at this point,  barely able to think.

I hop in the car and back up……right over the wicker table I had just unloaded!


I stop, pull forward, and run back to pull out the now mangled table from under the car.


I toss it aside and head out.

I’m driving up the street slowly, so very slow, trying to scan the yards on either side for signs of Katy. 

As you know, she’s white, and the ground  around here is still mostly snow covered.

How on earth am I going to spot Katy amongst all this white?

Every person I saw I stopped and asked them if they had seen a white greyhound  come by. 

Nobody had.

I get through to Mike on the cell phone, he tries to calm me down and heads home.

There’s no calming me.

My voice was hoarse, I was coughing uncontrollably from all the yelling.

I call Wendy, our rescue group contact person, to start the lost dog chain…a system where other greyhound owners are called to help in the search when a dog gets lost.  I get her voicemail and leave a very LOUD frantic message.  I have no clue what I said.

The car windows are open so I can see better on both sides and can yell to people I see out in their yards.

‘Please God, keep her safe.  Please keep her off the main roads.” I’m praying at this point.

I see something at the side of the road and my heart stops. 

It’s a dead deer that had been hit by a car. 

“Oh God, don’t let Katy get hit.”  I revise my prayer.

Mike pulls up alongside me and I give him an update.  He turns right, I keep going straight.

A minute later he calls me.

“I got her!”


Apparently she had stopped in somebody’s yard and walked right up to the man who was outside his house.  He petted her and took her by the collar, seeing there was a phone number on her tag.  He took her inside his house and called. 

It was the number to our Greyhound Rescue group.

He got voicemail and  left a message, then decided she might belong to the lady down the street, as he had seen her with greyhounds before.

So he put a leash on Katy and walked her down to check.  Obviously he found that Katy didn’t belong to her, so he turned and started walking back. 

That’s when Mike spotted them. 

Walking along the road, like they were taking a Sunday stroll.

Oh ,Thank-you Dear God!

I quickly turn around and head back towards Mike.  He is gone, but I see a man walking with a leash in hand. 

I stop beside him. 

Are you the man who found our dog?

Yes Ma’am, he says..  I spend several minutes thanking  him profusely, tears of relief and joy running down my face.

As I’m talking to this man, Wendy calls to tell me Katy was found.  I assure her we already got Katy back and she is safe.

Back home, Mike is still getting all the dogs inside, especially our little runaway.

He sees furniture scattered around the driveway and asks “Where’d that come from?”

“Um, Never mind.” I say, feeling oh so guilty for letting my curb finds distract me from keeping this precious dog safe.

My enthusiasm for my new finds has dissipated.  I don’t even feel like taking pictures of it for the blog anymore.

That was just too scary.

I felt like I aged 10 years from that.

Maybe someday I’ll get around to showing you those curb finds. 

But first I need to recover.

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If nothing else, I want  to remind all you dog owners; always, always, always keep an ID tag with your phone number and address on your dog’s collar.





  1. I am SO happy to hear Katy is home!!! Sounds like she wanted to blow a little carbon out of the ol' engine.

    Even tho our grey took his retirement and treat-filled life very seriously, I did do one thing that always got him to come back even when playing. I found a treat that he ADORED above all others. I gave said treat a special name and would call it out when I gave it to him. Pretty soon he associated the name with his personal 'crack'. When he was blazing around ignoring me, I just had to call out his treat word and he stopped, turned and came back like a prize cutting horse! It was a beautiful thing! LOL

    Also, we used to take him to a community baseball field to let him run like a crazy dog. The fields are fenced with a high fence so it was a perfect place for him.

  2. OMG! I know you must have been horrfied! Thank goodness you got Katy back without incident (other than shaving years off your life :-)and thanks for the reminder about id tags on collars.

  3. Rose, glad you got her back. That is a scary situation.
    Hope you recover soon I always love to see what you find.

  4. I'm shaking just reading about her being out in traffic like that. It's obvious that she's bonded with the other two dogs and doesn't want them to leave her. Here's hoping she won't get out again.

  5. SO happy to hear you had a good ending. We had a rescued greyhound (Wondergirl) for 14 years and she got out like that (running, long gone) 3 times and ALL THREE TIMES she was stopped/found the exact same way - sidelined wanting a neighbor to pay attention to her. ID tags are essential.

  6. Oh my gosh! this is a very horrible ordeal! I'm so glad it had a happy ending. I'm so sorry you had to go through that rose, I know it was very difficult on you!

  7. So glad to hear she's safe at home now. I can imagine how frantic you must have been. I still have memories from childhood when one of our dogs got out and we had to search for her. It was terrifying. We have two labs now and although we are careful, things can change in a minute so we are always on alert. I'm glad this had a happy ending.

  8. Oh Rose this had me in tears. I can just imagine how frantic you were. Thank God you found her.

    I see you are still up to your old tricks...and Katy outed you on that haul. Busted... LOL

    The main thing is everything is alright and Katy is safe too bad the table didn't survive... maybe that is your omen....hmmmmmm

    Have a great day sweetie.

    Hugs, Deb

  9. I know that was so scary! It's scary when any dog gets out but a Greyhound can run so fast and get so far away so fast! Thanks goodness the man grabbed her collar! Breathe and relax...she is home safe and sound.

  10. Look at those last pictures! She has no idea how naughty she was, and how much she scared you!

    I'm so glad you got her back Rose, and I'm sorry it happened at all. Thanks goodness for the Good Samaritans out there. All's well that ends well. Go enjoy your curbside finds.

  11. Rose, I'm in tears here and can barely see the computer to type this out! I am so happy she was found. And bless that gentle man who found her or she found him...and knew what to do immediately to help. I LOVE folks like that. And your suffering was shortened....still intense...but at least it didn't last the whole day or evening.

    I had something similar happen to me after we rescued a sweet and crazy wired hair terrier. We just adopted her and the next day I took her to the vet to get all her shots. One day. That's all we had her. Well, more like 12 hours. I put her in the car after the vet. Then I decide to go to Kmart, run in quick. As I opened my car door, Lilly, squeezes out and begins running like a 'greyhound' around the entire parking lot - not just a little entire perimeter. I'm standing there watching her and then I become aware that several other customers who were either getting into or out of their cars are standing 'with me' watch her run. One man shouts, "is this your dog?" YEP! Then several people are trying to help me catch her. As she made her 3rd run around she decided it would be best to come back to me. I opened the car door to get my phone and she ran right back into the car!!!!

    I understand completely.


  12. oh so glad you got her back safe & sound!!

  13. well 1st off i felt so sorry for you while reading this i know a few times my boxer decided to stroll the neighborhood and i damn neared died each time (always found her always shook my finger at her and she always looked at me like but mom i'm home ) but i am now going to admit the last part of your blog i was laughing i could just picture it all......i think last time i commented to you was bless your heart going to say it again bless your loving heart.

  14. What an ordeal! So happy she is safe and sound. Is that a big triumphant grin I see on Katy's face in the last photo? She's a cheeky girl :)

  15. I am so glad it all turned out so well! I know just how freaked out your were! Henry will get this wild hair and just take off for no reason. I have to get in my car to get him too. The last time he got out we didn't even know it. He must have pushed the door open when it didn't latch. It wasn't until some neighbors came walking up our driveway with Henry on a leash. How horrible that made us look!

  16. This was probably the biggest confession you've had to write. It all came out ok. Hugs!

  17. I'm so glad for a happy ending! It's hard to stay perturbed with them when we're just so happy to have them home! I have dogs and chickens, and love them all. When one of my dogs appeared to have hurt my easter egger hen (and she couldn't be found, just mounds of feathers) I called my husband in a total state of panic and tears. He rushed home from work to console me and help me look - thankfully I found her hiding underneath a bunch of stuff in the garage just missing her tail feathers. The dog in question followed me around for hours apologizing, poor thing = as if to say "I thought she was a fun chew toy you brought me". Extra love and hugs for all the furry and feathered friends, God bless them!

  18. I was scared to death just reading that!! Thank god you got her back safe and sound!!

  19. Now that is a story! WOW, so glad you got her home. What a pretty gal too! Have a wonderful restful weekend.

  20. I just stopped by to catch up on your blog. Wow. What a day you had! I'm glad she's back home now.

  21. 1/ Thank you for your continuing work rescuing greyhounds
    2/ I sent out a prayer of gratitude for safely returning this dog to you. What a story!!


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