Tuesday, March 22, 2011

First Curbfinds of the Season

Last week I was so traumatized  by Katy getting out, I never got a chance to really appreciate the kickoff of curbshopping season. 

Now, I know there are people who throw away things year ‘round….but really, around here if you toss something to the curb in the winter it’s likely to be buried in snow until spring comes around anyways!

I spent the day at my Mom’s house last Saturday.  While on the way home I spotted a couple things of interest.

It was enough to get me started again.

First was this plastic piece, probably off the top of a mirror.


You can see by looking at the back, it was broken, or even possibly cut.  

(it looks really even to me, so I’m leaning towards it being cut)


I set it on a snow pile to take this picture.
See how dirty the snow is?


On a side note;

This is what my yard looked like one week ago.  Most of the snow had melted away, all that was left was this dirty thin layer.


I’m happy to report that today ALL but a small pile of the snow is gone! 


Took a lot of rain and a week of sunshine.

OK, next on the curbshopping list….
a stepladder.


Yeah, I know it’s a sorry sight, but I just love my ladders, what can I say?


Then I found this chair….


It’s upholstered in a vinyl coated fabric.

I was able to wash it off easily.


I like the nail head trim.  The nail heads are a tad bit rusty.

Seems like this chair weathered outdoors for a bit.




The finish is peeling off the wood. 


I like how sturdy this chair is…maybe some paint and a slipcover will revive it.

Or maybe not.

Next up;

Found a door. 

You know I love doors just as much as ladders, right?


This is also in rough shape.

But I love the panel pattern on it.  I’ve never seen one quite like it.


It’s busted up pretty badly on one side.

The other side had a piece of plywood attached to it.


Other than a couple cracks, this side looks ok once I took off the plywood.


And I love the oval plate for the doorknob.  Very unique!


Now I have to show you the wicker end table.

The famous one I backed up over in my haste to go find Katy.


It doesn’t look so bad from this angle.

But when you turn it this way….well….let’s just say it’s just a bit bent out of shape.


I’m not sure yet if I can do anything with it.

I do love me some wicker though.

Maybe I can shore up the frame……


And fix the unwrapped leg.


Then maybe straighten her out?


What do you think?

Is it hopeless?


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I’m so excited that I finally have something to link up to Linda’s Nifty Thrifty Tuesday party at Coastal Charm!

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  1. oh man! I LOVE that chair! amazing, we are still quite buried in snow out in Cazenovia so no curb items for me yet..But I am jonesing for that as much as the snow melting! ;)

  2. Great first finds! I like the wicker table too - I picked up a couple wicker chairs last fall that were in pretty bad shape too. They're in the shed waiting for some more paint. I had to take the wrapped stuff off all the legs because it was totally missing on two - looks okay without it. I think your little table is a keeper!

  3. The wicker table is salvegeable. As Coleen says, it would look okay without the wrapping at the bottom. On the chair I'd just use some fine steel wook to smooth it out and paint the arms and legs. I wouldn't do a thing to the rest of it. I'm loving that old ladder. Great finds.

  4. You really do find some goodies don't you?! I cannot believe that you found that gorgeous chair! It's gorgeous. I agree with the above, paint the arms and legs.
    Megs :)

  5. I am with the others on that chair... that would look awesome painted up and a slipcover... I love that style.

    Ahem, where are you hiding these newest acquisitions these days???? lol

    Hope you are having a great week Rose.

    Hugs, Deb

  6. Rose,
    Girl you got a boatload of goodies that old door and the chair!!!


  7. take the wicker off of the legs and wrap them in twine, it will make for an interesting effect, but paint first before you wrap them if you are going to paint it.

  8. great stuff there rose! That first piece (even though it's plastic) is pretty cool! The spray paint that is around these days can really give it a great makeover!
    snow! oh my! glad it's gone, and hope you don't get ANY more!
    that chair is really awesome! that's a really nice find! (keep it away from the pups!)
    doors/ladders? love 'em! That ladder has seen a lot of work!
    wicker table, you can definitely salvage that. I was thinking the same as Marianne said. Twine, painted or unpainted, your choice!
    missed ya! glad you're back!

  9. My fav find is the step ladder! I want one so much just like that, paint and worn! Love the chair also. I think the wicker has some life still in it! Good luck and just glad that Katy is safe! hugs, Linda

  10. Girl, we talk the same language...I love the challenge of the before and after. I would be curbing it more if we lived in town...and at that we live in a small town, and I fear being known as the curbit lady. When all is said and done...when thangs are too far gone for anyone else...they're just right for me...
    happy junking,

  11. Great stuff! I love the chair~even the way it is. I think the little table could be salvaged.

    I'm excited to see what you do with the mirror top.

  12. That is a really cool door!! And the chair looks like it's in great shape! Good finds!!

  13. The chair is an awesome find!! I believe you can fix the wicker table!

  14. Amazing Rose. The wicker might be hopeless but who knows?

  15. I CANNOT wait to see what you do with those finds! And how's your yard look today? Mine is COVERED more than ankle deep with snow! UGH! Hopefully this is winter's last hurrah! Honestly. Will Spring EVER get here and stay????????


  16. I love doors and ladders too-super fun finds!!

  17. Love your curbside finds, our town has recently banned putting furniture curbside and added a fine. There goes the free pickups!! Oh well, Papi has still found a few items worth repurposing.

    Have a God Filled Day


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