Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wingback Chair Slipcover

Don’t faint! 
I’m back with the slipcover reveal already.  If you missed the sneak peek post yesterday, click here to see. 
You know how out of character this is for me, don’t you?
I’m known for showing a peek and then leaving you hanging for weeks,
even months
while I do everything but get back to finishing it.
Sorry about that, I guess that’s just my M. O.
For the record, this is NOT actually finished.
It’s pretty darn close though and since I’m going away on Friday for vacation I figured close is good enough this time.
Are ya ready?
First the before,
Now the after.
slipcover chair and coffee table 016
 slipcover chair and coffee table 004
Notice there’s no piping anywhere?  Remember, my Sandy loves to nibble on piping. I opted not to even go there.
slipcover chair and coffee table 005 slipcover chair and coffee table 006
slipcover chair and coffee table 007
I was thinking of painting the legs of the chairs, but now I think maybe I don’t need to.
They barely show now. 
What do you think?
slipcover chair and coffee table 008
My methods for making this were somewhat unconventional. 
You see, I don’t know how to make or follow a pattern.
So I pinned pieces of drop cloth to the chair, cut them to the approximate size, pinned all the pieces to each other, and carefully lifted the whole thing off in one piece.
Then I followed the pins with the machine, sewing it together from pin to pin. 
When I do the second one I’ll place the pins a lot closer together.
It was really confusing because I couldn’t tell which part was which most of the time, but I just kept sewing along the pin lines.
slipcover chair and coffee table 015

Miraculously when I finished and put it over the chair, it actually worked!
Not one seam needed to be ripped out and redone.
After that I trimmed all the excess fabric from the seams.
I still need to go back and fold over the seams so they don’t fray.
I’m thinking of getting some bias tape(?? I think that’s what it is…. the flat folded over thin strips of fabric) and sewing that over the raw inside edges,
Do you think that would work?
slipcover chair and coffee table 018 slipcover chair and coffee table 020
The back isn’t done, it’s still pinned together.  I plan to add ties to keep it closed.
slipcover chair and coffee table 010
Sandy dog thought I was a nut this morning;
first vacuuming at 5 am,
then pulling my shop lights up from the basement so I could take these pictures.
slipcover chair and coffee table 057
Sandy’s no fool, she stayed safely out of the way.
Update on Katy;
she’s doing really well! 
(If you missed the post about fostering Katy, please click here to see it.)
She has learned to go up and down the stairs, albeit reluctantly.
We moved her crate down to the living room and she likes to hang out in there as long as we don’t shut the door. 
We do shut the door to the crate when we leave for work (just in case) and she whines like crazy.
We’ve found that Katy likes to “collect” things and take them to her crate.
She is super inquisitive, her long nose is into everything!
All 3 dogs are getting along together fine. 
Thank you to everyone who’s been asking!
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  1. Rose,

    That is quite amazing! I am looking to cover my couch as it is a horrible brown color (what was I thinking) but i have 3 cats and I am SOOO worried about the hair. May do it anyways to keep them from scratching the couch though

    Cherie @

  2. Congrats on slipcovering your wingback! We found two at Goodwill that for a brief moment contemplated recovering by ourself. That lasted about 10 seconds hahaha. We bought them and decided to let a professional handle that job....whenever we can afford it.

  3. Rose,
    Now I think it looks did a great makeover on this piece. Have an awesome trip:)


  4. did such an amazing job. I have a sewing machine in my dining room (mom gave me for Christmas) and I have never fired her up! I need to learn because that wingback and ottoman are dreamy! Was the drop cloth material difficult to sew with, just thinking it is so think.
    Have a fabulous day! ~M

  5. Wow Rose, it turned out great! Smart move opting out of the piping! Glad Katy is getting comfy in her new home. She seems like such a sweetie. Have a great trip!

  6. Ok Rose, when ya coming to Florida and helping me with my chair. Yours is turning out great. Good job my friend. By the way, How long do you keep Katy? I can't remember is you said in the last post about her. Anyhoo, have a wonderful vacation. Talk ta ya soon : )
    ~ Deanna

  7. The chair and ottoman look great. I'm so glad to know Katy is doing well. Sure hope Mike falls in love with her.

    Have a great vacation.

  8. Very cute- You have me looking at mine. It needs to get done. I have the ottoman and the pillow left to do. I love the pleating detail.

  9. Ohhh, you're making me want to tackle mine! Your chair looks awesome! You really make it look so easy. hmmmm

    we'll see! Maybe I need to wash up my drop cloths (just in case). lol
    So happy Katy is doing well. a collector huh? that's too cute!
    I'll miss ya while you're gone!

  10. Yep, officially jealous. Jealous you can make a slipcover just like that and jealous that you now have that cute chair and little ottoman and even jealous that you got a project done so quickly and already posted about it. By the way, I like the legs of the chairs dark. It's a nice contrast. Glad Katy is doing well.

  11. Rose you did an amazing job on the slip cover! WOW! Love it! Glad to hear that Katy is settling in.

  12. Your slip cover looks like it was made by a professional. Great job. I have a chair that is in need of a cover and would love to get a cover sewn for it. Great job!

  13. What do I think? I don't think... I know, I love it! Your ruffled slipcover is darling! You did a great job! Love how you did the back of the chair. I made one for a club chair, recently. It was my first one. I did it unconventional, too, but I like it. Thanks for sharing! Hmmmm... I have a wind chair but not sure I want to tackle this again for awhile.

    Happy weekend! Michelle

  14. sounds like we sew alike.........i just start pinning and go from there. How did you do your pleats? They look perfect. I gathered mine...but love the pleated look. Just looks over whelming..

  15. It's so cozy and comfy looking! Now, you really are making me have to finish mine. It's staring at me right now as I type this -the chair cushion just laying there with the uncut fabric on it waiting for something to happen. And then there's the other armless chair over to my right crying out to be finished! Oh Rose. Alright. I'll do them!

    LOVE your chair and ottoman! Happy Vacation!!!

    And Katy....awww! Good girl!


  16. That turned out great! I;m still trying to work up the gumption to try a slipcover. On a side note - I think we have the same sofa! Did the back cushions on yours become all weirdly squished out of shape after a while? Ours are awful and I'm trying to decide the best way to try to revive them. Any ideas?

  17. I am so jealous of your sewing skills! I just posted my attempt of starting to slipcover a wing chair. I am putting mine on permanately because I would never be able to do what you are doing...

    Looks great!

    Take care,

  18. Hey~we have the same M.O.!
    Your slipcover turned out so good! I love the ruffle on the bottom, and I think ties on the back will be really cute.
    This almost sounds like something I can do.

  19. hi Rose! great slipcover!
    wanted to pop over and welcome you to the circle! hope to see ya in my random neighborhood sometime! :)

  20. You are brilliant! I recovered a chair once, just figuring it out as I went along, using the old fabric as a pattern. It was fun and I am sure will be easier next time. You have inspired me to call the upholstered who has my wingback chair, who was going to charge me $900 to recover. I want that baby back! I basically just brought it over there so my husband wouldn't throw it out, never in a million years thinking it could or would cost a small fortune.

    Your little pups are precious. I'm glad Katy is settling in.

  21. Rose, glad you decided to tackle it; and it turned out very nice! Next time, instead of cording, you could use a flat welt--without cord, or a narrow pleated welt.

    Keep up the good work. Did you use the pleater?

  22. That looks amazing...I just got two free club chairs with T cushions and pillow and thought--great I can recover them(They really need it) Then got them home and realized...wait...I don't know how to sew! Good grief!

  23. That looks wonderful! Your plan of having an opening in the back so that it can be more fitted is neat. I might borrow that idea next time I do one.

  24. New follower from the Circle of Bliss..

    I love the slipcover, and you definitely don't need to paint the legs. I actually kind of like how they look in the pics anyway. Great work!

    Heather @ A Table for Ten, Please

  25. Rose~
    well, I sent you an email that said 'HI'...cause I was wondering what you were up to.
    Now I know!
    these slips turned out just super fantastic.
    Great job.


  26. I have been checking out a few of your article stories and I must say pretty clever stuff. I will definitely bookmark your blog. Thank you very much.


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