Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thanks and a Quickie makeover

I’m on a big project at work this month and don’t have a lot of computer time. 

I wanted to check in and let you all know how much I appreciate all the suggestions on that new coffee table makeover.

There were some really different ideas that I would never have thought of, so I thank you all for chiming in. 

It has given me some new perspective on my approach for sure.

I’m either going to stain the drawer fronts the same as the top, or keep the base and drawer fronts the same by staining them with white.

While I don’t want to lose the beautiful grain of the wood, I don’t want the table to be dark as I need to lighten up the room.  My couch is dark brown and the room is feeling way too gloomy to me these days.

There were some suggestions given on restoring the old wicker crate table too.

My very favorite was to add chicken wire to the ends (after the dogs finish taking out all the wicker for me).

That idea is pure genius! 

I love it!

It came from Molly @ To Gather With Love

She’s a new blogger and I invite you to go visit her and tell her I sent you.

Molly, we have to get you to not be a no-replycomment blogger next, ok?  Check out Gail’s great blogger tips here.

She covers lots of good stuff in this post.

Now, just to have some pictures, here’s a quickie I did a couple weekends ago while I had the sewing machine out.

Remember I showed you the messy office I had to clean up before our football party?

Jan 2010 home 002

Well I uncovered a few pillows that had been chewed by the dogs (they love chewing corners off pillows)


That brown pillow is now covered with drop cloth  with a line of upholstery strapping embellishing it.


I had two of those pillows, so I made covers for both.

While looking for something else, I found a brand new flour bag I had forgotten about.


Another chewed up pillow went inside the sack and I sewed the ends to make a quick pillow cover.


Now I just need to keep them safe from the doggies!

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Since this qualifies as a textile post, I get to link it up to Jami’s Air your Laundry Friday party over at Freckled Laundry. 

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  1. I'm so glad you got tips to salvage the wicker trunk. That deserves to be doctored up and used again. Can't wait to see what you decide to do with the new coffee table. It has amazing potential. Love the pillows; makes me wish I could sew. Good luck with your project at work!

  2. The ideas for the wicker trunk are great, especially the one for using chicken wire. No ideas on how to keep the doggies from sampling the pillows thouhg. Maybe you need to send them to doggie daycare so they won't be lonely? ;)

  3. Good luck on the new coffee table. I know it's going to look great. I mean... it's such a gorgeous piece already!
    I love the two drop cloth pillows... and that flour sack? LOVE the ends on it! it looks awesome.
    good luck at work!

  4. Love the cushions and that flour sack... love it.

    The table is such a great piece, I am sure whatever you decide is going to look fabulous.

    Can't wait to see it done.

    Hugs, Deb

  5. Love the idea for the chicken wire. I was going to mention the crate and completely forgot. The thing I'm using for a coffee table, which I think is a pie cooling cabinet, has screened in sides. So, I can picture yours with either! It will look great.

  6. Rose, I told you this morning my lab is pretty laid back. I have a confession.... she LOVES to chew off corners of pillows, it's her "thing"

  7. Rose, you made me feel so special...what an honor. Thank you for mentioning me in your post. Be sure to check out my chicken coup post. Can you send me the link to blogger help again? I obviously need a little assistance :) Have a blessed day! ~ MOlly

  8. I'm lovin' those cute drop cloth pillows!


  9. Ooh, cute pillows! I have some flour sacks somewhere...
    I'm normally a "paint it all!" kind of person, but I'm glad you're going to keep some of that wood grain. It really is pretty.

  10. And you don't sew? (I remember you saying that a couple months ago!) Love these!

    Thanks for linking to my party, Rose!



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