Monday, February 14, 2011

Piano Stool

I really haven’t done much in the way of curbshopping or thrifting in the last few months.  I’d like to say I gave it up entirely (actually, Mike would like me to say that) but I’m actually just biding my time, waiting for the weather to change and maybe for my garage to clear out some.
I did, in a very weak moment, stop at the local Salvation Army one afternoon a couple weeks back.  I hadn’t really planned it, I was passing by and suddenly my car turned into the lot! What the heck, while I’m there I may as well go in and look around, right?
As I approached the furniture section I spotted something interesting..
Hmmm, what’s that?
Upon closer inspection it proved to be a swivel stool, probably a piano stool.

It had a most interesting shape to the top, and the cast iron legs instantly won my heart.

A quick look at the price tag;  the date told me it had just been set out, OUCH, it was $24! 
Rather steep for the thrift store, but then again, the prices have been creeping up over there.
I fished through my purse and found a $7 off coupon that hadn’t expired yet.
That clinched it.  I was going to splurge on this piece.
Me, the ultimate cheapskate, the one who wouldn’t even buy new counter stools even though mine were chewed up and didn’t match. 
The one who wouldn’t pay a dime for a new coffee table or new pillows for the couch.
I can’t explain it. 
But I pulled out my wallet, blew out the dust, and bought the piano stool anyway.  It came to just under $19 with tax.
Isn’t it funny, if this were in an antique shop I would have been so happy to pay the price. 
But in a thrift store?  
Oh well, I guess it’s just perception.
I intended to redo the upholstery on it.
But yesterday I had the sewing machine out, along with my drop cloth stash, working on another project (yet to be revealed).
Somehow  looking at the scrap pieces that were leftover I got a vision in my head of that piano stool wearing a pleated slipcover. 
I was supposed to be putting everything away for the night, 
Mike was waiting dinner for me.
Anyway, half an hour later there was a new slipcover on my piano stool!
(And dinner wasn’t too cold to eat)
I just love drop cloths and my quick pleater tools!
I’ll have to go back and take pictures in the light of day.    I
was just so pleased with this I couldn’t wait to show you.
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  1. I LOVE that stool. You really got a deal. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I've never seen a piano stool like that. Interesting shape. Love the cast iron base.

  3. Oh Rose, I am in love... cast iron legs too... oh I am swooning over that.

    You did it proud with your gorgeous slipcover. I have to get me one of those pleaters... I finally got a drop sheet yesterday and I want to make a cover for my bench with the pleats. I might just have to bite the bullet.

    Great job my friend... have a great Valentine's Day.

    Hugs, Deb

  4. We must be on the same wave length. My first thought was, that would look so cute with a short pleated skirt! And look what you did. You made one. I don't think that stool would have lasted to the mark downs. You were smart to grab it with it's cute little iron legs. But what thrift store has coupons? I wish ours did!

  5. OMG! I just went to MY little shop (not thrift) and came home with... a little piano stool just like that - without the padded seat. Holy cow I can't believe how similar they are - but mine is in much worse shape... Am waiting to post mine until after I clean her up a bit. Uncanny!

  6. whoa! that's pricey ! lol not sure I would have coughed up the 19 bucks, but I sure would have thought long and hard about it (and probably regretted it)
    I love the look of this stool! You did a super job covering it! You know how much I love drop cloths!
    super job girl!

  7. What a fantastic piece. Love the drop cloth cover.

  8. That's the cutest thing with that little slipcover! Great deal and yep, you're right. I would have thought 24 was a steal at an antique place but not at a thrift store.

  9. That was a great price on the piano stool and I do understand paying the price...some things are just that unusual that they are worth it.

  10. That's a great piano stool! The slipcover is perfect for it. I've seen those for twice that much at antique stores.

  11. That came out really nice. Did you know that Goodwill has an auction site similar to eBay. I put the link in my post today if you get a chance to check it out. I don't know if Sally & Ann's (my mothers name for the Salvation Army) has one too?

  12. That turned out so cute. I can't wait to try some ruffles of my own.

  13. Rose,
    I'm so happy that you came by with your "COOL" her makeover:)


  14. I'm in love with that stool!! It looks fabulous.


  15. Rose!
    how did I miss this little piece tucked in between the barstools and the bicycle?
    cute! love the little skirt it shows off the little feet! LOL

    great job!

  16. Just beautiful!!! What is the quick pleater tool? I must know because I have a footstool that needs HELP!

  17. Love, love, love! I am so inspired...a slip cover is on my list of to-dos.

  18. You have made a beautiful slip cover!!!! It is lovely! Visiting from Freckled Laundry.
    ~ Julie

  19. Such a pretty lil' transformation, Rose! Thanks for linking up another fab project again!


  20. Love the leg for this bench. What a deal for $19! Your slipcover is lovely!


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