Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ottoman Slipcover and a Sneak Peek

I’ve had the sewing machine out again.  That monstrosity has been getting quite a workout these last few months.
This ottoman was a curb find that had good bones, and I reupholstered it with burlap last year.
It didn’t come out so great. 

I think it's the ribbon around the bottom edge that just didn't work  for me.  Or it could be that Mike is just not thrilled with any of my burlap projects in general.  He just doesn't get it.
burlap covered ottoman 001 burlap covered ottoman 002  It was done long before I started blogging and I never blogged about it.
(this ottoman has a "sister" too, someday I'll get around to showing her)
I’ve lived with it a while now, and was ready for a change.
I decided to put a drop cloth slipcover on it to hide my bad job.
I like it better this way! 
So now that I’m on a roll with little slipcovers, I decided to go for it with something much bigger.
Remember my poor chewed up wing back chairs?
I have a matching set.
Sandy has had her way with them.
She especially likes piping.
And corners.
Mike has been wanting me to get rid of them (the chairs, not the dogs) and buy new ones for a while now.
I personally think that’s a bad idea, if the new ones got chewed it would be hard to take, know what I mean?
So I’ve been studying everyone’s slipcovers in blogland for a while now. 
And finally decided to try my hand at it.
I’ve cut and pinned all the pieces together on the chair.
Yes, I actually bought myself some real straight pins!
Big splurge, $3.99!
So far all the pieces are sewn together and I added the pleated ruffle at the bottom last night. 
I still need to attach ties to close the back, iron, and take pictures.
Hopefully that will all happen soon!
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  1. I loved the burlap cover on the ottoman. But then I'm a burlap kind of gal. lol The slipcover with the pleats looks great. Can't wait to see the slipcover. The white will look fresh and springy.

    How is Katy doing? Hope she wan't too upset being left by her humans yesterday when you went to work.

  2. Fantastic reformation! Love it! Will you come do my wing chairs, too? :0

  3. Looks great Rose, love the ottoman... you teaser, can't wait to see the chairs. You are a brave soul to tackle that one. Can't wait to see the outcome.

    Have a great day.

    Hugs, Deb

  4. Good morning and hello!! I wanted to drop by this AM and introduce myself as a memember if the Circle of Bliss :0) Look forawrd to following you here!!

  5. Rose, You had a circle of bliss visitor! How cool is that!
    I am dying to see the end result of this (these) chairs!
    Ohhh so envious! I need to tackle a love seat and a chair.... someday...
    You now own STRAIGHT pins! wooohooo!
    don't make us wait too long for the "after" pics, k?

  6. The ottoman looks great! I am excited for you about the chairs! Can't wait to see the photos.

  7. Well, why didn't you blog about it?
    I would have said... CUTE!
    But since you didn't, I can tell you now, that I like the little slip and ruffle, too!

    ...AND! aren't you so lucky? you can have it both ways now...

    Good luck with your chairs. I think they'll look great. Not to mention, look at all the money you saved.


  8. I love the stool, I even liked the burlap, I thought it looked good, but I really like it with the new cover! All of your things turn out so good, and especially with it being something you picked up for free!!

  9. Howdy Rose, Love the stool and your chair is coming out beautifully. Gotta tell ya, I tried to slipcover a chair recently (my second chair slipcover) and boy is it BAD!!! The first one didn't turn out so bad so I thought I might try another. I think I might have to take it off and repurpose it as pillow covers, then start all over : ( Guess I need practice. You're an inspiration to keep me from getting discouraged, thank you ~ Deanna

  10. The slipcover is really cute. But I don't know why you didn't like the burlap. I thought it turned out cute as well. Good luck with the chair. I am not sure I could tackle that. Can't wait to see it.

  11. I am in the process of slip covering my wingback as well- looks like yours is a bit neater than mine.

    anyways, new follower form circle of bliss. Looking forward to seeing more.

  12. Hi, stopping by from Funky Junk's SNS. You are off to a great start! The tie back is a great idea. Looking forward to seeing the completed chairs when you get a chance.

  13. I think its very cute, can't wait to see the finished chairs!


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