Friday, February 11, 2011

New Look for the Counter Stools


Marianne is hosting another Gitter Done link party, so I tackled this long overdue fix.

Recently  I was shopping at CSN Stores for something to buy to review,  I was really attracted to some of the bar stools. 

This bayberry colored stool was on clearance for just $36!

Well, $35 at CSN was not going to get me more than one stool, so I gave up on replacing mine with new.

I’m so tired of the counter stools I have; 2 cheapo natural wood color stools and a dark green one that I picked up at the curb. (not pictured)


When I first got them, I had the pillow cushions on them.  They did not work very well as they kept slipping off!

Pretty blah aren’t they?  Not only did they not match,

but my Sandy dog had her way with one of the legs when I foolishly placed the stools on the couch to keep her from sleeping up there while we were away.


She just pushed the stools aside, got up on the couch, and proceeded to snack on one of the upturned legs.


That was years ago and we’ve still been using that counter stool.  The chewing didn’t hurt the function, just the looks.

I kept meaning to repair or replace it, but never got around to it.


(for the record, I thought long and hard about whether or not to show the hairy leg of the stool.  I didn’t even notice how bad it looked until I downloaded the photos, but by then I had already added spackle to the leg.  I decided to go ahead; in the spirit of just keeping it real.)


So instead of buying new I took them down to the basement and washed them really well, treated them with a deglosser and did a little sanding for good measure.


The chewed up leg got sanded as smooth as I could get it and then treated to a bit of spackle to fill in the low spots

I wasn’t going for perfection, just disguise.


I taped off the edges of the seat with Scotch Blue edgelock tape and sprayed away. 



Yes, I know, spraying indoors is not the best thing to do.

Luckily we live in a very drafty house so it didn’t affect indoor air quality for long.

(Plus I opened a basement window while I was painting.) 

After the spray paint dried I added a couple coats of mahogany stain with poly to the seats to darken them.


Now they look all new again, and I can live with them a while longer.


If you look for it, you can tell the fixed leg doesn’t match the others, but you really have to look.


The darker seats actually go better with the counter trim and the dining room table than the original natural color.


That’s my gitter done inspired project for this round. 

One more annoying thing fixed and off the list!

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  1. Rose great fix! They really look new! I love the leg with the hair...hey we have animals we have hair on our floors! Keeping it real is one of the reasons I love ya so much! hugs, Linda

  2. Super job girl! I love the two-toned look a lot!
    That silly girl (sandy) outsmarted you didn't she?
    I think the fuzzy leg happened ONLY because of the rough texture. Don't worry friend, we pet lovers all know how the hair factor can sneak into pictures when we least expect it! :)
    Your "new" bar stools look great!
    ps your masking tape?? Scotch Blue Painter's tape. (lizzy's a good friend of mine, so I just had to point that out)

  3. The stools look great. Love the color combination of natural and charcoal. You can't have a pet and not have hairy furniture.

  4. Those look great! I love the darker wood tops. They looks most substantial now.
    I wouldn't be embarrassed about posting a picture of a hairy leg~unless it was my leg!

  5. That was hilarious Suzanne! I have dog hair everywhere around here and it's amazing how you don't see it until you take pictures. I think your repair job was great. The color combo looks so good! Here's to knocking something off your list!

  6. Great job! I love that you re-used what you had and made it look great. I have the same pet fur problem, it's a never ending battle isn't it?

    Suzy xxx

  7. Rose -- Outstanding!! (I've never used that expression in a blog comment before, or in real life for that matter, but it just seemed right.)

  8. WOW...Rose I am impressed...those stools look fantastic.

  9. They look so good Rose and much better with the stained seat and black legs than if thay were stained all over.

  10. Ha! you make me laugh, Rose!
    thanks for showing us your hairy legs...
    they (barstools) look much better now.

    Now get those poor dogs a bone!

  11. Yeah for showing that chewed up leg! I love it. I love the makeover even more. Wow, they really look like totally different stools now. Must feel great to have one more project under your belt.
    Thanks for being such a faithful GD poster!

  12. Hi Rose, I found you at Gails...I fell in LOVE with your Potting table from the door! I HAVE to make on of those...I've wanted a potting table for years...and the door is just awesome! I came over to say "Hi" and noticed that we have a few other things in common...the stools, which I am about to paint the same way you did yours, and mine are chewed too! We also both have red wainscoting! I'll be back to visit, I'm your newest follower!

  13. That is a great tranformation! I have 4 of those exact same stools, and I really can't stand them! I am now inspired to fix them up. Thanks!!

    Heather @ A Table for Ten, Please


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