Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Memory Lane Curbshopping #2

This curb shopping expedition down memory lane is a bit challenging for me.

Mostly, because I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t repurposed ANY of it yet!

This was all picked up from the curb after a garage sale.  You can see some of the items are still tagged.


I do use the doggie bowls. 

They get used whenever my grand-dogs are over for a visit. 

My own dogs are too big to use these.



These photos are hard to see.  It seems I took a lot of different angles though.

See the clock?  I kinda like that.

The wrestling figure I gave to my grown son who still watches that stuff. (I just don’t get it)

010 011

The nails have been added to my hardware collection, but honestly, I use screws for all my fastening. 

But the carriage bolts may come in handy someday.


I thought the metal waste can with the step on lid was the coolest thing ever. 



It’s in my garage right now. 



It used to be under my work counter in the garage.


I loved that space, where the heck did it go?

It has to be out there somewhere…under everything else.  Hmmm, I should probably clean it out and get back to this lovely workspace come spring.


And the cowboy boots!  I so want to make a couple birdhouses out of those.  I’ve seen it done on the Gardenjunk Forum.

Wouldn’t that be neat?

With license plates for the roofs?


This bike is waiting to be spray painted white to replace my old leaning bike.  

I threw the old one away last spring because it was just too rusted out.  (Shhh…Don’t tell Donna I said that, ok?)

This one is waiting behind the shed to step in as a replacement.  All I need to do is strip off the wires and spray paint.

I have a metal basket for the handlebar, and a very old child’s seat to attach to the back.  Won’t that look cool with flowers added?


This a a picture of the first bike long before I threw it away. It leaned against that tree by the driveway for at least 3 years.




Thanks for taking a walk down memory lane with me this morning!

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  1. I don't remember that great working area????...

    Some great finds there... loving that garbage can, that is so cool.

    Hope you are having a great week so far...

    Hugs, Deb

  2. Rose maybe looking at your stuff will inspire you to re-purpose some of it. I love the cowboy boots as bird houses...please show me how! That clock in the box is darling...does it work? Ok, now I'm inspired to get to work on some of my junk. hugs, Linda

  3. I love these posts! :) I hope that you inspire me to get a work space in my garage! lol
    Your's is awesome... I know it's there somewhere!

    Would love to see the boots turned into bird houses.


  4. I LOVE that garbage can! LOVE IT!
    The bike will be really cute. I have one in my garage, but it's not for decorative purposes, I'm told. It's going to be RESTORED. :)

  5. My sis in law has a boot bird house and it is adorable...and the birds do use it! I have some of those aluminum pots.Any ideas for the double boiler? I'm coveting that light fixture...I have a project going on with one right now that I hope to show off by the end of the week. Every time I see that type of fixture at the thrift store, I grab it...I sure hope my porject turns out the way Iplanned or I will be opening a used lighting store! lol

  6. A boot birdhouse? That I would love to see! I love the metal waste can!

    ~ Tracy

  7. I picked out the bowls, the pans, love that bucket--gotta have that bicycle for the garden--wow--you have talent; I want to find some stuff like that! Love that white bicycle!

  8. Wow! Awesome treasures! I can't wait for spring/warm temps and garage sales again! For now it's the thrift stores and I haven't been very lucky lately...but this is inspiring to at least start cleaning to get ready! ;)

    Have a great week!

  9. I have a garbage can fetish too! I'm ready for Spring so I can put them to good use again. I like the white bike! I have a couple old bikes sitting around - never thought to paint them. Wow. What a great idea!

  10. I really love the leaning bike - what a cool idea with the flowers in the basket! And I love your workspace, Im trying to set one up in my garage and get organized, thats my goal for March :)

    Heather @ A Table for Ten, Please


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