Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Coffee Table update, need your help


This is what the wicker crate coffee table looks like today.

Scratch that, I didn’t get to post this yesterday, so today it looks like this.


The girls continued to work on it all week  They’re having a ball.


They’re admiring their work here.



I think they were pretty proud of their accomplishments!

Don’t let the innocent look fool you, this one here is the real culprit!


On the weekend I had to head over to my storage space to look for the new coffee table.


After quite a bit of finagling I was able to get it out from under.


That thing is very heavy!  Lot’s of solid wood there.

I didn’t get too far yet in the makeover,

as a matter of fact I need some help deciding what to do.

So far I have found the perfect door to use as the top, and cut it down to size. 

That’s it!


The entire front is veneer, and it’s missing pieces at the bottom.

The  veneer on the bottom drawer is very loose but mostly intact.

The back of the piece is just rough wood, as it was meant to be against a wall.

020-6 018-4

So, this is what I’m thinking…..

Stain the top (door) dark walnut.

Keep the drawer fronts natural (add a little stain to darken the wood but not cover the beautiful wood grain.)

Fill in where the veneer is missing on the bottom.

Paint the body of the piece off-white and glaze it.

What do you think?

Thoughts, ideas?

This is one of those times I’m afraid to make that first cut.

It just feels like a one of a kind piece to me, you know?

Thanks for your help!

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  1. I'm still chuckling at those sweet innocent faces. Now how do you think they're gonna get the drawers open to get their blankets out? ;)

    Now on to your question. I would just sand the back to make it smooth, then stain the top and paint the rest the way you described. However you do it will be wonderful. I love that piece.

  2. Love the use of the door on top! I think your plan sounds perfect...can't wait to see the finished piece :) Laurel

  3. think this will be a beautiful coffee table....are you sure you don't want a flat top? i find that when i put a drink down or anything else i just put it down no need to look for uneven areas. And i am always displaying things on my table...just a thought

  4. I love walnut and dark together. Not so sure about walnut, white and the light colored front drawers. Hard to imagine for my tired, old brain.
    I love the look of this piece! It's like a mini dresser! I like the door for the top. I'd start painting the part you want to paint, staining the top (door) then put the drawers in as they are and step back and take a look. Let them "speak" to you. :)
    but hey... I'm thinking! that old piece is still salvagable. Think luan type face plates, or inserts. ;)
    those precious faces! How could they do such a thing? Are you sure that Mike isn't doing it and letting the dogs take the blame for it? j/k mike!

  5. I,too, have an alternative. Rather than doing a completely new table, why don't you take out all the damaged wicker on the sides and use baskets in there instead? The old one has such character.

  6. Go for it, it will look great when you are finished. One way to look at was in your "stash" waiting for the day you would need it, now it will get a face lift and have a place in your home!

  7. What an amazing piece of furniture, and I love the door idea. My lab is bored with this weather, yours may be feeling the same way! Too funny!!! And oh how I wish I had a stash like that to go thru.

  8. I'm all for the idea of staining the top and painting the bottom. I just refinished a dresser with a stain on top and slate with glaze on body of it. I love it! I would however, change out the knobs. For some reason, I just don't like the chunky wood knobs. It kinda dates the piece. Either way, I'm anxious to see what you do with it. I am always impressed with your skills!

  9. The first thing came to mind was the dark Briwax... it would bring that right back to life... sand the back to remove the roughness and use Briwax on it too... the wood grain is so beautiful I just couldn't cover that up... love the idea with the door on top with your trays if they fit or a piece of glass.

    Rose, I am sure you can find that wax at Home Depot or Lowes if not you can order it on Ebay.

    I am with Gail on this one... I am not liking the light paint idea. Here I go again, sorry sweetie. I can see it done in my minds eye and it looks gorgeous. lol

    I am sure whatever you do, it will look fabulous though.

    Hugs, Deb

  10. I love that plan! I like that you don't want to cover up the wood grain on the drawers, but I think if the top and the drawers were more the same color it would look good. However! It's your house, and your coffee table, and if you want two different colors of wood, then do it!

    That is such a great piece. I never would have thought to cut a door down for the top!

  11. I see they're continuing to help mom decorate, lol. I LOVE that as a coffee table. If it were me, and it's not, but if it were I would paint/distress & glaze the bottom and leave the top wood. I LOVE it. Great idea to use a door, btw. You're a genius. : )

    ~ Deanna

  12. Rose- I love this piece in fact I have a couple of pieces stored that are similar in style to this.

    I love the door on top. I can't add much as far as painting vs. dark or light staining... Because I'm INDECISIVE ...REMEMBER?
    BUT! I was thinking if the back bugs you being plain you could add one of those scrolly ornamental pieces to it... OR NOT.

    Can't wait to see it. Anything YOU do will look fabulous!


  13. Oh my that is going to be a good one, I can tell. But I am afraid I don't have any advice, I can't quite see 'through it' like you can.
    BTW I think you have a Dutch picture as blog background, could that be true?

  14. Still like the crate but Im the one with the chicken coupe in my living room. You have to do something with that great piece..replace wicker with chicken wire??
    The wood piece is fabulous too. I have a similiar piece in my daughters room, it is painted white with rub through and it is gorgeous. I love the glazing idea. Can's wait to see what you do :) HAVE FUN
    ~ Molly

  15. I think it would look great painted with a stained top. By why not a accent color. If the back bothers you why not a coupe of tin ceiling tiles attached to the back and pinted the same color as the piece.

  16. GASP! Your poor wicker table! Oh no. I love the idea of the stained top but because you asked, I'm not sure about the drawers being stained with the off-white everything else. What about painting the drawers the off-white, too? Or are you afraid to cover that veneer? You can get an off-white stain to enhance that veneer that I think would look gorgeous...OR stain the drawer fronts the same as the top. Don't listen to me though, it's yours. lol LOVE the table. Whatever you do will look beautiful.

  17. I would stain the drawer fronts first and then try to stain the door top to match up. You can probably go with the darker tone of the drawer front. Otherwise you might have too much going on.

    Oh and BAD DOGS!

  18. I love your idea...I think it is best with keeping the integrity of the piece. What a nice looking piece. You are going to have fun!

  19. That is such a cool piece. And I like the idea of the door on the top. Did you ever think of putting a piece of glass on top of the door and then you could put items under the glass in the spaces where the door panes are lower. Sort of like a little display area. I can't help you on the paint/stain debate. I'm not doing well on deciding that for the dresser staring at me here in the living room right now.


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