Thursday, January 13, 2011

On Making the First Cut

Remember the vintage wallpaper I showed you last week?  Well I went ahead and finally made a cut in it. 


That’s the hardest part for me, when I find something that is pretty unique like that. 

Making that first cut.  Or first stroke of the paintbrush. Or whatever.


What if I were to think of something after that would have been a cooler use for it? 

Or what if I screw up the cut and render it totally unusable?

It’s not like I can get more of the exact same thing.  I may never see another just like it in my entire lifetime, much less find it at the curb for free.

Worse yet,  what if I finally get around to repurposing something, then someone, somewhere, tells me it was rare and valuable and should have been preserved in it’s original state.  Like on Antique Roadshow when the expert says '”if only you hadn’t painted this piece it would be worth thousands of dollars.  But now that you ruined it, you’ll be lucky to get a hundred bucks for it”.   (shudder)

Let’s make a deal right now. 




tell me that, ok? 

I’d just rather not know.

So am I the only one paralyzed with crazy fears like this? 

To the point that the pieces I deem “special finds”  sit stored away for months (even years) until the day comes I finally muster up the courage to  ruin remake it into the masterpiece I envision it can be. 

Or even just one day come to wonder what I thought was so special about it in the first place, and throw it back to the curb after all  because the moment has passed. 

It no longer speaks to me.

I should have acted on the moment, when I was inspired in the first place.

Regret is a 4 letter word.

Oh quit counting, I didn’t mean it really had 4 letters….

Just, well,  you know.

Most likely this is a classic symptom  of a certified hoarder, a delusional justification for keeping loads of junk piled up everywhere, because it’s precious and irreplaceable.

If it is, please don’t tell me that either. 

I refuse to Google it.

Ok, enough of the deep morning introspection. 

Back to that wallpaper.

Sooooo, on Saturday somewhere between cleaning the office and painting the bead board in the kitchen

I finally made the cut.


It just so happens I had a window without glass that was the perfect size for this paper.

And I had already sanded and sealed the chippy paint ages ago, thinking I was going to hang it somewhere.

But didn’t get to it, and left it sitting in the office.  Along with the 2 rolls of wallpaper.


A piece of wallpaper, and a window,


add a couple pieces of  cardboard,


some Gorilla tape (pure overkill)


and then some regular duct tape when I came to my senses and stopped wasting the really GOOD gorilla tape (which came from this very cool Gorilla kit I won from Gail’s giveaway),

Jan 2010 home 010

The tape secured first the paper to the cardboard, then the cardboard to the back of the window frame.



Put it all together and it becomes this masterpiece……..  


OK, well, not really a masterpiece; I’m not even sure I like it, but the important part is the paralysis is broken and I used that darned paper for SOMETHING.

It’s now hanging in the guest bathroom.


It’s a start.

Oh, and I can’t forget a shout out to my friend Anita, from Going a Little Coastal,  for showing the duct taped framing trick in the first place. 

It really was a breeze to do!

Gotta go now,



  1. I love it. The colors are so pretty and they go perfect with that wall color.

  2. You mean like the stacks of fabulous finds I have which grow dust because I won't use them? The piles of perfect for projects but I won't start because I'm afraid to use them up? Yeah, I get that. I'm right there with you. I find myself using the smalles amount possible because I'm afraid of using it up and never finding it again. Of course it's stupid to buy this stuff to shove it in drawers...Your window looks fab!

  3. Wow! It's amazing how well that paper fits the frame. Looks like the frame was tailor-made for it.

  4. Thanks so much for the shout out! Duct tape is a wonderful thing. I sent my son to college with a roll as sort of a first aid tool for so many things.

    Love how the paper fits the window so well. It looks great. And yes, that first cut is oh so very hard. I do that with fabric. What if I need the bigger piece for a project down the line. And if I had not cut that small amount off then I'd have enough? That's the conversation I have with myself all the time.

  5. I really like it, Rose! The chippy window frame is perfect with it.

    I actually had someone comment that I'd ruined a piece when I made it over. I thought it was pretty snotty of her, actually. So I'll NEVER say that.

  6. Rose it looks great! I like it and the window is wonderful.

  7. Oh Rose, I love it. You're right, that first cut is ALWAYS the hardest for me too. But, I learned to trust my ability and it usually always turns out right : )

  8. That look fabulous Rose... perfect fit. I love that window and now you have two things out of the way. Great job.

    Hugs, Deb

  9. There's Gorilla tape????????????????

    I don't like those conversations either....should I cut, paint, sew...? Oh. I THINK I'LL LEAVE IT ALL HERE IN A HEAP AND NOT DO ANYTHING, how's that for creative!? (that's me saying that, btw)

    You know what? Someday does come, some times. And we actually do use the stuff we pile up.

    I like the way your wallpaper art turned out. I loved that you said you don't even know if you like it! Can I relate to that one!!!

  10. You know I had an idea about this, you can take matte finish mod podge and a brush and brush over the wallpaper following the the strokes of the "painting" and when it dries, it will look like brush strokes and look more like a painting in that window frame than just wallpaper. It looks pretty cute in it I must say. (and yes, I have that paralyzing fear all the time. Blogging has actually helped because if I don't do something, I'll have a blog without posts...which isn't good :)

  11. I too get those moments of fear about a piece! I love the way the wallpaper looks in your chippy window. Great job rose!
    I bet it looks great in that room! I know it looks good hanging on the wall.

  12. Total masterpiece. And I agree - so hard to actually USE a special, coveted material. Very, very hard. You done good, kiddo!

  13. Hi, Rose
    I think the wallpaper looks great in that window.. the chippy paint matches the wallpaper really well. I love it.

  14. Well I know you said you're not sure if you like it,but I think you should LOVE IT!!!!!! How wonderful and relaxing.

    I have that same paralysis with things. I just don't dare refurbish my great grandmother's hutch. I started to sand it once and had to stop.


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