Monday, January 17, 2011

My Pottery Barn Inspired Curtains


 I was absolutely smitten when I first saw these curtains in the Pottery Barn catalog. 

Pottery barn curtains


Pottery Barn White tie top curtains

In typical cheapskate fashion, I started thinking “I can make that.”

But I ran out of time when getting ready for our playoff party.

It was Friday night around 10pm when I finally  got around to putting the old drop cloth curtains  back up in the dining room after having taken them down for washing.

Too late to make another set of curtains.

Only I was still haunted by the Pottery Barn image.

How could I get this look?

I took a piece of leftover drop cloth out of the closet. 

And started ripping 2 inch strips across the width of it.

Just ripping.

After a few of these were done I cut each long strip into 4 shorter pieces.


These cafe rings are brass color, and don’t go with anything.  But look at what a deal they were!  I always thought I would spray paint them.

No time to paint them now, but I’m using them anyway.


After slipping the rod through the rings and hanging it up I covered the rings by tying a knot over each with the strips of drop cloth.  If you look closely you can still spot glimpses of the brass rings showing.




It really dressed that window up!




I didn’t think to stop and take a before shot, so this will have to do.  This next photo is how the curtains were hung originally.  (taken of the other window in the room that I didn’t change.)




And this is the new look.


 021-6011-4     019-5 010-9  

Took about half an hour all told, but I’m glad I did it!!

The funny part is this; in the end it doesn’t look anything like the Pottery Barn version, but I like it anyway.

I guess that’s the difference between inspiration and copying!

edited to add:  I’ve since done a tutorial on making these in both a no sew and a sewing version.  You can check it out here.



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  1. Rose, I love them. A perfect look for that window. So relaxed and so you. Great job.

    Hugs, Deb

  2. These look pretty, Rose! You did a great job duplicating the look...I prefer the casual, tattered look of yours to the pottery barn ones! I have the PB voile tie tops. Love 'em.

  3. Rose-great job! I really like the new look. And you KNOW I love drop cloth anything! :) I need to look at pottery barn stuff. Since I don't decorate, I usually stay away from catalogs. again... love the curtains. Are you going to do the others now?

  4. what a great this tattered end result!

  5. very cute!
    I like yours... very flouncy!
    Not to mention CLEVER!

  6. I like yours better. A more relaxed, homey look.

  7. Yours have more texture~!I like them better. I did a similar tie on my master bath curtain.
    Great job! Lezlee

  8. OK, I don't like the PB ones. YOURS??? Gorgeous! I LOVE the texture and the way the edges are all ruffed up!!!

  9. OMG OMG OMG! MWAH MWAH MWAH (those are all the air kisses I'm giving you for inspiring me). You've just given me the most fabulous idea. I've been wanting to change the valance over my kitchen sink recently to something sort of vintage, sort of shabby, sort of French, but very chic.

    Okay, so I almost posted all about my new idea here but I realized it was taking too long and would make a nifty quick blog post. I'm even going to give you credit as my inspiration. If you don't mind, I'd like to add a photo from your blog post here with a link to your blog. xoxo Robyn

  10. OMGoodness Mrs. Rose, I think your brilliant. Now I'm gonna be tying ties to my drop cloth curtains. SO cute : )

  11. How cool are those??? No, not really Pottery Barn, but definitely Rose's house! You did good~and all in a half hour!

  12. I love those! I always make my own curtains and may be borrowing your idea!

  13. Great idea! I actually like your curtains better...they look fantastic!

  14. I do love these, the best part is that you didn't pay Pottery Barn prices.....I love looking at their catalogs and nabbing ideas.

  15. I prefer yours to the PB, the PBs are too manufactured, yours are perfect!

  16. These turned out darling. much cuter than the mass produced ones! so unique!!! xoox


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