Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Memory Lane Curbshopping

Wow, I’m really missing my curbshopping these days.

I’ve been taking a trip down memory lane, going through my photo files, which desperately need to be categorized and cleaned out.

I came across this group of photos from June 2008 and decided to share them with you since I had never shown them before.

Some of this stuff I actually still have, some I haven’t even used to date.

Maybe you could be a pal and help me out with some ideas for them?

Let’s start with this. 

See this picture?  What do you think of it?

t2t found items 007

I love looking at it, yet have no idea what to do with it.

t2t found items 008

The blues are a little out of my preferred color range these days.

t2t found items 009

Yet I just love the way every inch of it has more details to see.

t2t found items 010

And the fact that it’s WALLPAPER, not a painting, is pretty cool too.

I found 2 full rolls of this wallpaper at the curb, along with a bunch of other stuff that day.  Looked like someone was clearing out their parent’s home, getting ready to sell.

What would you do with it if it were you? 

Would you install it inside a china cabinet?

Maybe as the backing for an old window?

Or cut it up and put the scenes in picture frames?

What would you do?

t2t found items 011


I had an especially grand time curbshopping that long ago day, going through the boxes and bags at the curb.


t2t found items 001

So far I’ve used these oil cans out in the garden for decor after spray painting them purple, remember my stairway to nowhere?


but I still haven’t used  the lamp or the spikes.

I like the shape of the lamp, and will probably paint it. 

The leaf detail would still show, since it’s raised. 

This wooden chest went back to the curb after sitting around for a year. 

t2t found items 004

It had a very strong odor to it that I just couldn’t get rid of.  This thing spent many days out in the sun after being washed out. 

Too bad, it was cute.


I still have this wicker cat crate.  Isn’t it the coolest thing?  Nope, haven’t done a thing with it other than wash it.  It’s full of old Avon perfume bottles at the moment.

The wooden bowl is long gone, it broke in two and pretty much disintegrated.

t2t found items 006

But I still have the enamel wash pan with the red trim!

Oh, scratch that, I used it in this door potting bench I made in April of 09.


It’s long gone, I sold the potting bench at my garage sale that summer.

Oh well, at least I used it for something, right?

Thanks for joining me for my memory lane curbshopping trip. If you liked it let me know, I have plenty more pictures of past finds to share.

Don’t forget to let me know what you would do with that wallpaper!


 Edited to add:

Looks like this is going to be a regular series….thanks for all the encouragement to keep it going.

Judging by the pictures I have left this should last a good long while!  ;)


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  1. I like the idea of the memory lane. Keep 'em coming!
    wallpaper ??? Maybe you could frame a piece of it and use YOUR silhouette to put a phrase over it? grasping at straws here!

  2. Wow that is cool to see what you did with some of your finds. I would love that lamp painted, I need to add lamps on my list of finds for 2011. I want that potting bench, darn it someone else got it! The wall paper is so cool...I do think in the back of a hutch would be awesome or maybe some framed? I'm hoping more creative minds will have more answers.

  3. I enjoyed your trip down memory lane. I always love seeing what you've found and how you've used things. So very creative and beautiful! Great job!!!

  4. I like the Memory Lane Curb-shopping post and agree with Gail---more.more.more.

    So cool to see what you come up with Rose. You've got an eye for it and...AMBITION!
    As for the wallpaper--line a hutch or you could line some drawers for showcasing on the walls (not in a dresser) ...but you know how they get hung up as art themselves. This would make pretty inserts in some windows too or picture frames made into table tops or trays...
    that's all I got.

    I can't wait to see!

  5. Could you cover three stacking hat boxes with the wall paper?

  6. It might sound like more work than it's worth, but that wallpaper would look so good in a closet. I really love the idea of opening up a closet door to something really pretty. You could also line drawers with it. I like the china cabinet idea, too. And yes~I'd love to see more of your finds!

  7. I like looking at all your finds so keep them coming. Lining drawers or shelves is a great use for the paper. I can see that lamp sprayed high gloss white, even with the raised leaf. It would update with, oh and a drum shade. Do you have any of them in your stash? Hey, cover a shade with the paper! lol, maybe not for that lamp though :)

  8. I just lost a nice long comment...grrr... let's try this again.

    - use for a background in a shelf (like the one I did the burlap on)I know you have one
    - cut out the blue with an exacto knife and glue it to a darker background and make a piece of wall art
    - tea stain it to tone down the blue
    - tear the edges and use distressing ink to antique it and make a wreath (like the sheet music ones)
    - wallpaper the back of your bookcases in your laundry room, would give you something interesting to look at while doing laundry and look good with your vintage irons
    - or just donate it

    Sorry, that is all I can come up with... I hear Mike in the background yelling at,, good thing is, it doesn't take up too much space.

    Can't wait to see some of the other goodies you have stashed away... I found the job for you... I want one of those potting benches... BAD.

    Have a great day...

    Hugs, Deb

  9. I love the ideas on the other comments. If the wallpaper blues are out of your color range as you said, defintely use it in a closet or drawers. That way you are getting your use out of it, but it isn't the vocal point of your room. Maybe keep a small swatch of it that you can frame later. Shame that wooden bowl broke...I love it!! How big is the cat crate? Could you simply use it for organization? Hold magazines, toiletries, etc...? I love this trip down memory lane. It is so awesome to see the befores and afters of what you have done. Keep it up :)

  10. I love your lovelies :) I'd line a small odds and ends drawer with that pretty wall paper and hang it on the wall with something interesting nestled inside. I think my cat would actually enjoy sitting in your cat crate - lol But I wouldn't actually use it for the cat, it's too cool - lol

  11. You've gotten some great ideas for using the wallpaper. I especially like the idea of using it to line drawers or in the back of a hutch.

    I love the trip down memory lane. I remember the stairway to nowhere and love that idea. I saved the picture of your potting bench. I'd love to have one like that and have several graniteware pans I could use.

  12. Love looking at your photos but I get frustrated that I can have the same luck finding stuff. I would love to see more. Wallpaper would look good framed. The blue/brown combo is really popular now. Cottage Instincts even did a linky party recently of just blue/brown. You'll figure something really creative to do with it.

  13. Bring on more! I love seeing your curb shopping finds.

  14. Great finds from the curb! The wallpaper is really fun, but if it isn't your style, you could sell it on etsy or ebay~ people love old wall paper, especially the old paper type (not vinyl)...

  15. Everyone has such good ideas for your great wall paper. How neat it would look on the WALL...a small wall or above Wainscotting. But if it's not your colors and not really your'll think of something! You sure have had some great items in your curb shopping!

  16. Fantastic potting area. And I love the steps leading to the tree with everything on it. Nice job.

  17. Awesome wallpaper...I don't know what you could use it for unless you have a really tiny room!


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