Saturday, January 8, 2011

Here we go again, a weekend full of possibilities…

As I sit here at my computer at 5:30 this fine Saturday morning, I’m contemplating what I want to do this weekend, the first one of the new year that isn’t filled with parties and places to go.

2 whole days with no commitments! Could a weekend be any better than this?

This morning at 5 am my eyes popped wide open,  it’s the weekend!  I’m too excited to go back to sleep, so I get up and wander the dark and still rooms of my house, a cup of freshly made coffee in hand. 

This is by far my favorite time of the day.

Mike is still fast asleep, and even the dogs don’t stir when I get up. 



THEY know it’s the weekend…when normal folks sleep in a little bit.  But I’m not normal, we’ve already figured that out a long time ago, haven’t we?

I grab an envelope out of the recycle bin and start jotting down things I want to do.

Before I know it the envelope is covered, front and back, with projects consisting of what would basically qualify as a whole house makeover.  It would take me years to get this list done, much less one lone weekend!

It’s the darned lure of the weekend, once again capturing my imagination and making me dizzy with thoughts of all the possibilities it holds.  2 whole days! What bliss…..

Then I come down to earth with a


2 days…that’s all. 

And we’re having a party at our house next Saturday.  A football playoff party no less.  With lots of couples coming who have never been to our house.  People who don’t “get” junk decorating.

A feeling of panic starts to creep into my magical morning. 

I look at my list, then walk back through the living room, dining room and kitchen. 

Can I manage to get the bead board walls in the kitchen repainted?  They don’t match the adjoining walls to the dining room anymore since I painted that last year.  And I wasn’t very neat with my stop line.

Jan 2010 home 014

What about that darned floor, how long will it take to swap the dingy white linoleum tiles out for  new blue ones instead?

Jan 2010 home 013

And I really wanted to paint the upper cabinets a different shade than the white they have been for years…is it possible to fit that in?

In the living room I note that end table I brought up from the basement to use at Christmas really needs to be painted.  (and it’s missing part of the drawer pull)

Jan 2010 home 007

I already gave away the one that was there before to one of my DIL’s friends.  No going back now.

And the mantel is almost bare since I took down the Christmas village.  I didn’t want to put all the old stuff back as it was.

Do I have time to make something cool to put up there?Jan 2010 home 005

What about the wingback chairs?  Just last week Mike said we really need to go buy new ones.  He is convinced these are just too far gone to save.  The duct taped together arms are really starting to bother him.  I, of course,  insist I can fix them by making slipcovers.  Can I get it done by next weekend? 

I don’t WANT new chairs, I like these just fine.


As I’m typing all this out,  a horrible thought occurs as I look up from my computer…

Oh gosh, what if someone accidentally walks into the office while looking for the bathroom?  I sit here typing surrounded by a disaster zone of extra chairs, a couple partially completed makeovers, 2 extra TV's that have been displaced, piles of magazines I’ve been meaning to organize and put on the book shelves and just lots of stuff I haven’t found homes for. 

Jan 2010 home 002

Clutter with a capital C.

Jan 2010 home 003

Maybe I can just put a padlock on the door……

By now  Mike is up and ready to leave for work. (he works until noon on Saturday)

He stops to give me a kiss goodbye and ask what my plans are for the day….I start babbling about all the stuff I have to do to be ready for next weekend and he stops me.

“Honey, you know you always tend to bite off more than you can chew.  Let’s keep it real, ok?  Don’t even think of making over that kitchen or any other remodels for that matter!”

Gulp, “OK Mike, I won’t…..” as my fingers  quickly cross behind my back, and my toes are crossing too for good measure.

Now it’s 8 am and time’s a-wasting. 

I’ll try to remember to take a few pictures along the way.

2 whole days…… we go again!

Catch you all later,




  1. oh my gosh! you make me feel so lazy. Here it is almost 10:30 and here I sit. I have already made the bed and tidied up the bathroom and kitchen. That leaves me the entire day to work/clean/organize, etc.
    Right now the plumbers are here installing a new water heater, so I am guarding the "beast" to make sure he behaves. I'm sure as soon as they leave I'll be up and moving.... who are we kidding? I have over 100 items in my google reader.
    clutter? Ohhh how I should have taken a picture yesterday before I worked on that "blue" room. Your office looks spic and span compared to that.
    I can NOT wait to hear and see what you do this weekend.
    ps sorry for rambling

  2. We are quite the same well except for that I actually went back to bed again when I found myself to overwhelmed with everything this morning. I was up again at 6 and so far my paper is read and I am starting on preparing dinner for tonight. Filled Bellpeppers mmm... I hope it turns out good since I am experimenting filling them with leftover wildrice stuffing from Thanksgiving.
    I wish you good luck with all your projects this weekend. I am off to get some projects done too that I have procrastinated with all to long. Please babygirl upstairs, please sleep in long today...

  3. Go Rose Go!! I know you can do 'some' of it! Can't wait to see what you decided to do! Ok, now I need to get going and get off this computer!

  4. It is nice to know I am not the only person that wakes up early just to enjoy the peace and quiet! Then reality slowly creeps in... one project at a time!

  5. Good morning "Springy"... you are bouncing all over the place, you already tired me out just reading this.

    Hey, I always say if people don't get my house then they shouldn't come here. It is who I am and you may be more than surprised to know that people don't really look that closely.

    I never saw your duct tape chair, but then again I didn't dare move that hummungous barracade you had at the front door either... hahahaha... okay just kidding.

    Just make sure the TV screen is clean because that is probably all they will be looking at.

    Keep lots of food on the table to keep their hands and eyes busy and keep the beer flowing and they won't be able to see that crocked line anyway. Most importantly be sure to tell them to arrive 5 minutes before the game starts, no time to give house tours closing time is 5 minutes after the game is over... there solved all your problems. Now stay in your PJ's and dig out the Kindle and RELAX!!!! ENJOY your weekend and have some fun.

    In the meantime I will be happy to take that HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE rocker that is taking up SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much of your office's valuable floor space off your hands... lol. What kind of a friend would I be if I didn't at least try and help you out just a little bit. hahahaha

    Can't wait to see what you come up with... listen to Mike, he is right,(don't tell him I said that k?)baby steps and no killing yourself trying to rebuild the house.

    Whatever you do will it will all look spectacular.
    Hugs, Deb xo

  6. Okay, it's 10:30 here and all I've managed to do is clean the kitchen and have a cup of coffee. Yikes I'm a slug. I wish you luck on this two day journey of yours. You'd better start chewing now, you have a lot on that list of yours. And how on earth will you get out just the white tiles? I'm going to jump in the shower in hope that it will get my butt moving a bit.

  7. I have a very hard time staying with a project until completion. My whole house looks much like your office. We call it Craft Central. I must get to work.

  8. Get two of those dropcloths, tuck them into the wingback chairs, pin a ribbon to each side, pull them to the back and tie in a pretty bow. There ya go, slipcovers. If you serve enough alcohol no one will notice the floor in the kitchen. lol Rose, if I were lucky enough to come to meet you I wouldn't care if you lived in a teepee with a dirt floor.

    Now stick a couple of stamps on those chairs and send them my way. I'll keep them for you. ;)

  9. Good luck! If you don't get it all done, just do what I do. I say "excuse the clutter and furniture issues, we are in the process of remodeling and buying new furniture and just haven't decided what we want to do." It's a little embarrassing when they come over a year later and I have to repeat myself.

  10. i just had to say how much i love your blog! i come here a lottttt to get inspiration for all the junk i collect lol thanks for being my muse!

  11. Rose as a former psych nurse normal people scare me. Your joy for the weekend is wonderful. Have fun! ♥O

  12. STOP!!! Choose just one or two things, and serve great food. People are coming for the socializing, and you'll be a better hostess if you're not worn out and frazzled by next weekend.

    That said, I once spent a week crawling around on the kitchen floor, pulling up linoleum to get the house ready for a party. It turned out to be a bear of a job, and there was another layer underneath. Couldn't pull up the sub-floor because they extended underneath the base cabinets. I worked for hours every day, scraping and, well, possibly cursing. On the day of the party, I still had junks of ugly adhesive sticking to yet another layer of stained linoleum.... So awful. And then life got in the way, and I didn't get the floors finished until I needed to do it to sell that house....

    Good luck!

  13. Oh, you are so ambitious! But this is the real reason people have parties, I'm convinced of it. You get the house super clean, and all the things on your to-do list have a much better chance of getting done.
    Just don't stress over it too much, or you won't enjoy the party. (and I've never met anyone yet who isn't totally intrigued by junk style.)


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