Sunday, January 30, 2011

Finally Got My Daughters Media Center Done!

Somewhere buried in the outer edges of my blog is a pending project list I started last spring.
I thought for sure if I put that list on my blog that I would be better about achieving my goals.
Well it didn’t really work that way.
And every time I tweaked my layout I moved the dreaded list further down the page.  I was tired of it mocking me every time I looked at my blog.
So now it exists near the bottom,  below the feedjit list.
When Marianne from Songbird took over the Gitter Done! party this month I decided to get something off that list that’s been pending since last spring. 
You see, I had promised my daughter a new TV media stand to go with the new 50” big screen TV she won last year.
Her old TV stand I had made for her and blogged about it in this post called a Repurpose Repurposed.
This little stand was wayyyy too small for the new TV.  Here it’s shown with her old one, and it was just the right size for tucking in the corner.
I wish we had thought to get a picture of the huge new TV perched on top of this stand.
Anyway, I had the perfect piece to use for the new media center and told her “Oh no, don’t buy one, I’ll make it for you, it’ll be easy.”  You know, those dreaded DIY words. 
I suspect she cringed a bit when I said it, probably knowing full well it wouldn’t happen anytime soon.
This is a before photo of the dresser I had in mind for the new media center. 
No, your eyes aren’t messed up, it was stored on end when I took the picture so I just rotated it so you could get a better idea.
test pics 011-1
It was just a very cheaply made wood dresser I found at the curb minus a few drawers.
I actually started working on it in the spring, pulling out one of the support pieces and adding shelves, priming it, and then spray painting it black.
storage 001
You can see here I used all different scraps to make the shelves.
I even got so far as spraying a clear coat finish.
But I didn’t finish. 
I was so close!
They say the devil’s in the details.
Alas, this proved too true for me.
The backs of the shelves needed to be supported and I had to figure out how to add some trim to the front to disguise the edges of the new shelves.
The drawers still needed to be lined and knobs needed to be added.
All little details.
I can’t remember why, but I stopped working on it.
The piece actually got moved into the guest room sometime over the summer and promptly covered with stuff.
barstools 023
Then two weeks ago I uncovered it and moved it to the basement to tackle it once more. 
Because I needed to finish it for my very patiently waiting daughter, and because Marianne was giving us a great push to finally Gitter Done!
Some recent in progress photos.
I can now happily report that it was delivered to my daughter’s house Friday night.
She was super excited to have it.
(don’t tell her I posted this picture, she’ll kill me ‘cause I didn’t give her a chance to clean up!)

It was pretty dark in her living room, so I couldn’t get a very good pic.  Even with the flash on there wasn’t enough light.
This still needs a bit of tweaking to get it right; there was one more hole needed for the power cords to feed through….grrrr
And of course I didn’t think to bring my drill.
So I have to make a quick trip back to make the hole and help rearrange the components.
Once she gets it situated the way she wants it I’ll add an updated photo.
But I’m calling it done anyway!
Thanks Marianne, for giving me some extra motivation  to Gitter Done!
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  1. That looks great. With the big outdoor kitchen project and your work schedule I'm always amazed at what you accomplish. I'd never have thought of repurposing a drawer for a big TV stand. Great idea!

  2. The fact that you get all you get done amazes me, I don't have the same ambition when it comes to wood, I feel much more comfortable with fabric!

  3. Wow, I'm just in awe - I have not yet jumped that deep into the transforming pool, and would have only been able to paint this, not change it up that much!! So, because YOU got inspired to finish, you have inpsired ME to play with my new Christmas toys, and figure out this scrap and wood stuff! It's cool how that chain works, huh? :)

  4. Looks fabulous Rose... I bet you are glad to see the tail end of that. Your daughter must be thrilled it is finally done.

    Great job buddy.

    Hugs, Deb

  5. Great job! A beautiful piece. I just love reviving those old curb-side finds!

    Stop by and enter my giveaway if you have time...

  6. so glad you gotter done! It looks fab! that tv is HUGE! :)
    dont' think I would have noticed the dust. ;)
    Glad you rescued this and found a new home for it!
    One more thing checked off your list! wooohooo!
    I'm off to go play outside. (although it looks windy) brrrrr

  7. You're just too clever. It turned out great! I bet she's really pleased with it.
    And yes, I did feel a little weirded out seeing the first before photo of the dresser sideways ;o)
    Megs :)

  8. I would never point and yell "DUST"! Simply because I have so much in my own house.

    That turned out to be such a cool piece, Rose! Your daughter is lucky to have such a handy mom. And you got it done!

  9. Your daughter must be so happy with you! That is one awesome media station. You really are a genius in seeing the potential in eveything. I would have discarded that thing in the blink of an eye. (and sorry for commenting only now, I did read your post right away).


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