Monday, January 24, 2011

The Final Curtain Call

 (Edited to add: I’m resurrecting this post to join in on Donna’s Saturday Night Special Non-Traditional Window Treatments link up.)

Yes, I said FINAL!  At this point I’m so tired of curtains I don’t even want to think about them ever again. 

So….if you really don’t like this one, please don’t tell me, ‘K? (just kidding. well… maybe not)


If you missed the great kitchen curtain debate last week, you can catch up here and then here.


In a nutshell, I had slapped some burlap pieces up on a rope with clothespins and called it done for the kitchen. 

Only Mike didn’t like it at all.

And most of you weighed in on Mike’s side.

Almost unanimously.

Heck, I even had one of your husbands chiming in!

So with my tail between my legs, sniffling back my ‘woe is me' tears, I set out Saturday morning to remove the offending curtains and start over.

Ok, I know I’m not supposed to share this, but in the spirit of my blog name (you know, the confessions part?)…can I just say that I hated you all just a little bit for a moment there?

(it must have been that wench that Suzanne from Meridian Road was talking about in this recent post.  )

Don’t worry, I’m over it now. 

And really, I’m glad I made the change after all.

‘Cause you were right. 

And so was Mike.

I took my pal Deb’s advice and went for a treatment that matched the style of the dining room Pottery Barn inspired curtains I made last week. 

See the dining room curtain?


Don’t ask me why I just didn’t do that in the first place!  For some unknown reason I keep treating the kitchen window like it’s in a whole different house, instead of open to the dining room.

This one is another no-sew window treatment.  (if it turns out anyone likes it I’ll post a tutorial)

edited to add- I posted the tutorial here for those who would like to try this.

043-2 073 

I had a tough time getting photos, the sun was so bright.






I even went back and made the dining room curtains more permanent by sewing the ties to the top of the panels and getting rid of the cafe rings.

There’re a lot more strips on it now, so it looks a lot fuller.


Then I finished the job by adding some ties to the bump out window curtains too.


Now they all match. 



As much as anything ever will in my house.


So now that they’re all done I’m calling it quits on curtains for a good long while.

Oh, and in case you were wondering….

Mike doesn’t hate them.


That’s good enough for me.

Gotta go….

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  1. Now that is more like it... I LOVE THEM... looks so much nicer... the little tags are such a cute addition. Sorry sweetie that we upset you... and you got over

    I like the dining room ones better now too... great job my friend. Everything looks fabulous.

    Have a great day Rose.

    Hugs, Deb

  2. I really do like them! You are amazingly creative. I really like the tags. So cute! I'm glad Mike is finally on board. Your double window is huge compared to my tiny little kitchen window. (I'm jealous)
    I didn't realize the dining room window's relationship to THIS window. I suppose it's better that they match. Great addtion to the DR curtains also.
    but, I have to say I sill LOVE the look of the coffee sacks! You MUST use that somewhere else.

  3. I love them!! I think you will find lots of bloggy love for these and I do like how it matches the DR curtains. The little tags are so cute!! Ya done good girl! hugs, Linda

  4. Love them! Was trying to recreate the intial ones (the long ones) I was wanting to make a shower curtain out of it.... But I was having hard time figuring out how you cut the strips and got them on the cafe clips?? Any suggestions or info would be great!

  5. Love these!! Tutorial please.....thank you!

  6. I love them and would love a tutorial!! Gotta love no-sew projects! (PS I also liked the burlap...sorry for not commenting!)

  7. I like this so much better than before. You did a great job, I am inspired to try this for my den.

    BTW thank you for bringing it to my attention about my email not being linked to my blog, I had it set up to be linked when I started the blog and I am unsure how or when it changed.

  8. Nothing but LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! Now let us know how you did em, so that WEEEEEE can do them! YAY!

  9. I really like them, Rose! I'm glad you kept the tags. They do look nice when you see the windows together, too.

    That wench does get around!

  10. Rose!
    Super curtains! I like that they match/compliment the dining curtains and that little bump-out window.
    Super cool that Mike like's them!
    Super Super Cool-- that you don't hate us anymore-- even a little bit!

    You're such a creative Curbshopper!


  11. Just visiting from Jami's party. First of all, I LOVE the burlap. Sorry I wasn't around to defend them. Can't husbands be a bummer sometimes? I do, however, like the new curtains also.

  12. I like them both.My favorite is the burlap! I made a curtain for a video cabinet with burlap and buttons.Some people just don't get us! Hah!

  13. Love the texture and simplicity of both of these! Thanks so much for linking up to Beyond the Picket Fence.

  14. I am a new follower and I must say I am totally in LOVE with your curtains. What a fantastic idea. Oh I so hope you post a tutorial. My dining room is the only room without curtains because I couldn't find anything I liked. I would definitely make these for that room!
    Genius! (o;

  15. Love it, Rose! (Although I didn't mind the first set either.) Thank you for sharing with air your laundry Friday!


  16. Actually it wasn't really a "set." Valance shmalance. You know what I mean! Ha!

  17. Rose, just found your fun blog. I actually liked the first "curtain" in your kitchen. But I'm kind of weird like that! However, I really, really love the final one and want to try that soon so if you have time to do a tutorial, that would be awesome. If I was as creative as you are, I wouldn't need one but sorry to say, I'm not that creative! So help is needed. Can't wait to see what else you've been doing. And I absolutely love picking up stuff from the curb. Free is good!

  18. So glad you posted this!! Pinned it! :)

  19. This is one of my all time fav projects to date. Just LOVE the raggamuffin look!

    Shared on FJI Facebook for SNS 101. :)


  20. Chiming in really late - found you on a quest for burlap curtain images! I like BOTH of these ideas! I think the first ones would be really fun for Christmas time if you have a rustic decor theme, as I do! I am totally going to try this this year! Thanks for the inspiration!


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