Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Demise of a Coffee Table-memory lane curbshopping interrupted


So today I was going to write about another memory lane curbshopping  trip.

I even had it all started in my drafts…

But when I got home from work last night I found that my precious pups have decided to change my plans and get me going in a different direction.


Poor Gail, I was on the phone with her when I got home and found this.  

I knew something was up by the little pieces of stuff on the floor…


Uh-oh I said,  what did they get into?

And then I saw…..



Note: the red isn’t blood, in case you were wondering.  I thought the same at first until I looked closer, it was the red cross that was stenciled on that end of the crate.  that was a huge relief!  First thing I did was check their mouths for any injuries. All is well.



Gail may have heard a couple of uncharacteristic expletives pop out before I got control.


I can’t remember.

Oh, I knew it was coming; they had first tasted it a couple months back, but I guess they thought it needed a bit more time.

This was as far as they got back then.


I really loved my shipping crate coffee table.

It used to look like this….


I wrote a post last year about how I curbshopped it from my very own curb.  Check it out here.

wicker chest coffee table

Just loved it! 


I love my dogs more, and they give me so much more joy than any piece of furniture ever could. 

I know that someday I’ll miss having them around to chew up the furniture.

So I’ll continue to simply refuse to waste  money on a nice piece of furniture only to see something like this happen. 

And I won’t cry for my coffee table. 

It was free, after all.


And I did get another year of useful life out of it, so that’s not bad, right?

And it didn’t cost a penny, so that’s not bad either.

And you can bet the next one will be a no-cost piece too.

Just look how sorry Sandy looks about chewing up the table!  How can I be mad at that precious face?

Jan 2010 home 018

And now back to the subject of memory lane curbshopping…

You thought I forgot, didn’t you?

I had to wade through a lot of photos to find this one.

This piece here I picked up from the curb last spring in one of my favorite neighborhoods.


And thank goodness it just happens to be the perfect height for a coffee table!

I’ll have to pull it out and get started this weekend.

Gotta go..



I’m joining the party at A little Knick Knack, and also

Joining Linda’s Junkin’ Finds Friday party, cause both of these pieces were curb finds!


  1. OMG! Been there! I've been lucky with my latest "crew", they don't chew! But my latest Cockatoo DOES! So he is placed very carefully. 8>)

  2. I think before I worked on it, I'd just sit it in front of the sofa to see what reaction I got from the canine members of the house. I'm an avid pet lover but can't begin to think how I'd react if one of my pets chewed up my furniture.

  3. ouch! poor coffee table/trunk. I would leave it there! Give Sandy something to keep her busy, and maybe keep her teeth off of something else in the living room! :) such sweet puppies, they must really get mad at you and mike for leaving them.
    Perhaps she was trying to get to one of the blankets (?) inside? Maybe she nees something with your scent on it while you're away!

  4. Makes me feel a little better about Henry's occasional trash picking. Are they in cahoots or do you think it was a solo job? What a nice find for the replacement. I was thinking it was much taller then it must be.

  5. uh oh. hmmm
    we have come home to doggie surprises too, ours have never been furniture but lots of stolen food, digging in garbage etc. This Thanksgiving it was the whole turkey carcass dug from trash, eaten and thrown up all over....we were out Black Friday shopping.

  6. We have outdoor pets. Pets and furniture don't go together in my experience either.

    That replacement coffee table looks awful tasty-- ur,um... I mean awful pretty! I can't wait to see it finished. I hope the dogs don't like it as much as this one!
    Maybe there was something about the way it smelled--
    feBreeze the next table...
    can't wait to see it.

  7. oh, FYI-- I included your curtains in my last post.

    I loved them btw!

  8. Oh, you are a good dog mommy! I would be very sad about the coffee table. It was so cool! I'm sure the new one will look great, too. It's got an interesting shape.

    Once, two of our dogs got into some sheep and killed 26 of them. I would have rather had them chew up a coffee table!

  9. Oh no! Just glad they didn't hurt themselves! Doggies sure can chew things up. Now I'm excited to see the new coffee table!

  10. Oh No! What a beautiful table...they sure have good taste..pun intended.
    Looking forward to see what you're gonna do to replace it..

  11. Oh Rose... Sandy is a stinker isn't she? I read that dogs chew when they are bored.

    I love the new table... is that the one from the garage? That will be great in the living room... put a little cayenne pepper on it before she gets any ideas.

    Have a great day...

    Hugs, Deb

  12. Oh man .... I've had that same thing happen where my dogs have decided to "restyle" a piece I've worked on. But like you said, it was free. I like the looks of the new piece though. I think you might be a lil happier with it too : ) And poor Sandy ... you can tell she knows she did wrong. Her redesigning is not the same as yours. Poor kid. She has alot of practicing to get as good as Mom : )

  13. lol...i had a dog once that was crazy and ate an entire green couch from the 1960s!!! my dog was part pit and lab and who knows what else and we found him in the woods...starving and abused. we took him in and recognized his nuisances right away after he ate tin cans, shorts, socks, and the green couch. he pooped green vinyl for weeks!!!! what are ya gonna do?? we tried to break him of his chewing habits, but the couch and the dog won!!
    your dogs are super made me laugh.
    love your finds!!! i don't spot good curb side stuff, but when i lived in germany, i totally rocked the trash all the time!!!!! it is fun.

  14. NOOOOOOOO! That chest is beautiful! I had the same problem with my little muttley not long ago ( But they make it hard for us to stay angry at them don't they?
    Megs :)

  15. Bummer! That was a cool coffee table but those dogs are pretty cute too and I guess it's a good reminder that things are just "things" right? I have to remind myself that sometimes when my kiddos break something too...
    Can't wait for the "reveal" of the new piece :) Laurel

  16. Maybe they have cabin fever too....I would be distraught, but it looks like you will another project with the repair of it. Who knows? Maybe the dogs realize you have something even better up your sleeve for it & they're just giving you the excuse you need to do it. LOL!! Animals are instinctive ya know? ;-)

    However, that "new" piece is going to be fabulous, I just know! Can't wait to see it now!

  17. I can't wait to see your new coffee table. I love it already!!!!

  18. Oh my, how I can relate to this! With as many rescued animals that come through my home, I have had a lot of damage to deal with. Some have even come to me because they did what your dogs did and their owners got rid of them because of it. I love your attitude about it! I think I would have cried about that crate though. That was awesome! I cannot wait to see your "new" coffee table!

    ~ Tracy

  19. When my Labradoodle was a puppy he chewed corners off baseboards, gnawed chair rungs, and even chewed sprinkler heads that are at ground level in the backyard. Now that he's grown up his tastes have changed. He eats books instead. He like hardbacks best!

  20. Ahh; those are cute puppies you got there! They look so innocent too!

  21. Oh my gosh I just have to laugh! Yes been there done that too! Only it wasn't a curbside find, it was a favorite sofa....and I came home to winter wonderland with feathers and foam all over my house! I was so angry I slammed my hand down on the arm of the sofa...whilst yelling...ahem gently chiding them for their bad behavior...and broke my hand! Lesson learned the hard way. I still miss that sofa lol! And yes I still have (And love to pieces no pun intended) the dogs *winks* Vanna


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