Wednesday, January 26, 2011

CSN Stores

Guess what? 

I’m going to get to review something from one of CSN’s over 200 online stores! 

They have so many stores to choose from, like the All Bar Stools store where I fell in love with several of their counter height stools like this bayberry colored one that caught my fancy.

Loving the color!

So I get $35 to spend on anything I want. 

That is, of course, if I can ever make a decision about which thing I want.

Have you ever visited their site?

You can (and believe me, I did exactly that last weekend) spend a whole day shopping around and finding  more things you want than you ever dreamed of, and more!

I first checked out their counter height stools, mostly because my pal Gail from My Repurposed Life had recently reviewed some she got from there and she is so happy with them. 

Then I went to kitchen clocks and picked out oh, about 10 clocks I simply must have…

Like this morning birds clock, the bird on the bottom is actually a pendulum!  So sweet!

Then to tools, where I became convinced I absolutely need this pretty red 3 drawer tool box…..

And in the pet store I found some really comfy looking beds that I’m sure my dogs would fight over…

Although I have given away CSN gift certificates a couple of different times on my blog I have never been fortunate enough to win one for myself.

This time I will be able to tell you exactly what my shopping experience was like. 

That is, if I ever decide what I will buy!

Meanwhile, let me ask you this..

What would you buy? 

Have you ever purchased from CSN Stores? 

If so, which one was your favorite?

And last but not least;

How on earth did you choose!?!




  1. believe me! I have spent a fair amount of time wandering around CSN Stores! SO much stuff! I find it very difficult to choose also!
    I think you should get something personal! JUST for rose! think slippers, a new sweater, a scarf, or mittens to keep you warm in the frigid temps!
    good luck!

  2. I have no idea what I would buy. I hate shopping, even on the internet. I agree with Gail though, you should get something personal.

  3. I love CSN and have given away gift cards and won a couple myself! It takes me forever to choose something. I bought a play yard for my soon to be here Grandchild and once a wonderful paninni pan! Enjoy the shopping!

  4. I Christmas shopped there. I bought my son cases for his drumset so they don't get banged up when he travels with them. Not exciting I know but he loved them! I wish they would work on their search filters though. I some times have a hard time with that.

  5. I'm going to get something from CSN stores this week1 I won a giveaway and it expires this month. I'm getting something for my sister, so it hasn't been as hard to choose.

    I hope you'll show us what you decide to get.


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