Monday, January 10, 2011

After the weekend – Day 1 - a progress report

Here I sit once again at 5 am, only this time it’s  Monday morning, instead of Saturday.   There’s a whole different feel to Mondays. 

I’m feeling a lot less energetic than I did just 2 days ago, rather sore and beat up actually.

When last I wrote I was all in a tizzy about getting the house in order for our upcoming playoff party. 

This  morning when I finally got back to the computer, I was very touched by all the comments you made.  A lot of you said that I shouldn’t worry about it, nobody will notice if something’s not right. 

Some had great suggestions for pulling things together, like Granny J with her drop cloth draped slipcover idea for the wing chairs…

And Gina with her “We’re in the process of choosing new furniture and remodeling”  shtick.  (only problem is I DID use that one last year).

Or Deb, “Just keep them fed and the TV screen clean, they won’t see anything else anyway”  How true!

And I couldn’t agree more with Suzanne from Meridian Road….

”Oh, you are so ambitious! But this is the real reason people have parties, I'm convinced of it. You get the house super clean, and all the things on your to-do list have a much better chance of getting done.
Just don't stress over it too much, or you won't enjoy the party. (and I've never met anyone yet who isn't totally intrigued by junk style.)”

She’s so right, I do my best work under impending party pressure.

But lets go back to Saturday morning, shall we?  As  I contemplated what most needed to be done, it became clear that I was really ok with my decor for the most part.

Oh sure, a little tweaking here and there is always needed, and as for the mantel,  why heck, I have lots of stuff I can use there.  I can arrange some junk elements and be happy with it. 

As for the office, it took me maybe an hour to de-clutter the office down to where it wouldn’t be the end of the world if someone saw it.

While clearing that out I unearthed an old kids desk in the office that I painted and couldn’t find a use for.

 Jan 2010 home 002-2

Remember that  end table?  Yeah, I can paint it in a hurry,  but no need, that desk works perfectly there for now.

That brought me to the area that was the real trouble spot for me: 

the kitchen.

The back story:  I had remodeled our kitchen 7 years ago, taking out the wall between the dining room and kitchen, reworking the entire layout, adding granite tile counters, bead board to the walls, crown molding and brackets to the cabinets, and finally painting the very dark 70’s cabinets a clean white.

Back in those days I didn’t even own a camera, so no pics were taken. 

At the time I put a black and white checkerboard pattern on the floor with inexpensive commercial grade vinyl tile.

For $60 worth of tile I had a brand new floor that I loved.

Problem is, 7 years later the white in the checkerboard had turned to a dingy yellowed white.  I simply could not get it back to it’s original color, no matter what I tried.  I suspect I used a cleaning product at one time that caused the yellowing.

Jan 2010 home 013

And the cabinets were showing wear around the knobs where the paint had started coming off, and the bead board desperately needed to be re-painted, the window had NEVER been painted  (just the outer frame) and the crown on the cabinets was not entirely finished. 

I know, 7 years….

What can I say?  I ran out of steam and that’s that.

And it was my first kitchen remodel. 

Boy have I learned a lot since then….

So we’ve established that these days the kitchen is looking old, tired, and slightly unfinished.  It needs some sprucing up to make it look like something I would be proud to claim as my work.

This is the place I decided needed all my attention this weekend. 

If I felt better about the kitchen, I just know I would be cool with the party.

So I set to work.

Just last winter I had painted the living room and dining room walls and stopped at the kitchen line.  I had fully intended to continue later. 

Well my friends, later is finally here!

I needed to paint that bead board in a bad way.

Jan 2010 home 014

Job one, wash and prep the walls and cabinets for paint. 


Had to wear gloves with this stuff.  It’s super strong.


We all know that kitchens are the worst places to paint, because of all the cooking grease that ends up clinging to everything.

So I washed with a strong prep solution and rinsed away all the greasy film.  This took hours!  I was so tempted to skimp on this step, but that would have been foolhardy.  Paint just does not stick well to dirty surfaces!

Then finally out came the oops paint….I had several shades I liked.

I narrowed it down to 3 and tried them all in a little patch to see what would look ok with the dining room paint colors.


I chose the golden tone, it just seemed to work with the greens of the dining room best.  And it was a semi gloss finish, which I wish I had used in the first place.

It would have been so much easier to clean!

After a ton of stirring it darkened up to the green/gold color splotch on the lid.

041 039

I began to paint….have you ever painted bead board?


Not easy I tell ya. 

I would highly recommend spraying it.


But I couldn’t. 

So I painted it all with a small roller,  a small paint brush, and a foam brush to push the paint into the grooves.

What a pain!

It needed 2 coats all the way around.



004-8 006-3

Took me until 11:30 pm to finish the last bit. 

I went to bed Saturday night tired, but very happy.

One day down, one whole day left.  We’ll save that one for tomorrow.

Gotta go get ready for work.


I’m linking up to Cindy’s Make it for Monday @ Cottage Instincts  Go check out how busy everyone has been!


  1. wow! you jumped in with both feet. Painting? that's a biggie. And yes, I have painted bead board. Well, tongue and groove in the kitchen. I have NO idea how many coats I did on that wall. It still needs some touch-up. That was a huge job you took on girl! It looks fabulous.
    great idea to use the school desk in place of the table.
    Can't wait to see what you have to show us tomorrow.

  2. Love the choice you made in paint... can't wait to see the whole reveal.

    Yes, I have painted that stuff and it is a royal pain, not a quick or easy fix.

    Great job Rose.

  3. I too love your paint! It looks wonderful and really contrasts well with the white! You are brave to do it so close to your party! Oh, and you are not alone in the whole inviting people over so you get stuff done scenario. I invite weekend company so that I will have a larger motivation to do deep cleaning, not just the normal keep the house picked up and mostly clean. When my family comes to visit, I get a whole ton of projects finished that I've been putting off. Why is that? I don't know, except that it is great motivation.

  4. I have painted beadboard and I cursed all the way through the first wall. Then I grabbed one of Grampy's long napped paint rollers and used it. That helped to spred more paint in the grooves. I followed it with a good brush and called it done.

    I love the color you chose. It looks very warm and inviting.

    If you served enough liquor, people won't notice much of anything else. ;)

  5. So far I'm liking the fruits of your labor pains - and definitely have empathy for the unfinished kitchen. Mine's a nightmare and my solution to date is to invite no one outside the family! That, and I really don't know what I'm doing, so I'll wait until something pops out at me somewhere. Kudos for you for getting yours done!

  6. Good choice and I can tell it looks great already! Yes I think you are making the right choices.

  7. Yes, painting bead board is not fun. But it looks great and I love the color. It look so good next to the white trim. Now, don't hate me but I think you should paint that wooden piece on the bottom too!

  8. Bead board is a total pain in the buttocks to paint. But it looks great! I'd love to see some pictures of your kitchen when you're done. Those brackets and shelves under the cabinets are sweet!

  9. You are a champ. I have painted bead board in our 160 year old (approx.) house and it took us a very long time and multiple costs to finish. I would not do it again, I think. I am eager for part two. ♥O

  10. Looks WONDERFUL!! I wish I could paint my kitchen, but then again, maybe not. It's all brick & I am NOT painting that! People won't notice any flaws, only the great way it looks & the effort you put into it!

    We did a small kitchen project on Sat. too. Mainly the hubby. We have a corner cabinet that has a dead spot that can't be gotten to & not lazy susan acceptable. We decided to put a cabinet door on the back bar side of the cabinet. So as to not look out of place, we added 3 more doors across it. We got lucky & found all 4 doors at the Habitat Restore for $4 ea. & they matched perfect - oh & the hinges too for 75 cents! This project forced me to clean out all those lower cabinets. I feel good too. ;)

    Can't wait to hear the rest of the story....

  11. Great color choice. Would the golden tone make the yellowy tinged floors look planned? Until you said something, I thought the floors were a burlap color and black and looked kind of cool. Love those little old windows hanging inside the larger windows. We did that with one window.

  12. OK, I'd say that was some serious progress! I hate to paint. Walls or otherwise.

    I LOVE the color and it really makes the white cupboards POP! They look so clean. Were you worried they weren't clean or was that the floor?

    Speaking of the floor, have you tried Kaboom? Denise over at Living Life Creatively swears by the stuff. You should see the b4s and aftas of her bathroom tile. I tried it here too, with great results. I can't do chemical smells otherwise my house would be sparkling. Ehem.

    Good luck with the rest. I'm in a major shifting/overall frame of mind these days. My house is currently in disaster mode...not the kind of disaster where there's just a pile here and there...NO. I can't find any more floor space to put this junk. That's right, no line through that word. Junk is junk.

    Give us some tips while you're moving along. I don't know, it could help me!!!

    Love ya,

  13. Well, I love day one, the paint looks fabulous - I would say that was all in a GOOD days work! Bring on day 2!!!!!!

  14. It's looking great! Can't wait to see what's next!

  15. LOVE the color you chose! Yummy! Painting beadboard is a pain, I agree, but it just looks so fab! Makes all the white really glad you could Mi4m!


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