Monday, December 13, 2010

Bringing Back Memories of Christmas’ Past

I finally got to put up my Santa and Reindeer Blow Mold pieces yesterday.

Some finagling needed to be done, front deer was missing his stand so I had to improvise with a pole, the other deer was missing antlers, I guess now he’s a she. ;)

And Santa’s sleigh runners were broken and needed some stabilization.

But, all in all these guys were pretty intact, even down to the red plastic reins!

When I was done and it finally got dark enough out to see them all lit up, Mike decided he liked them after all!


I was inspired by all the wonderful comments I got last week when I asked whether I should keep these curb found goodies.

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But the one that really got me was from Kolein, of  Kitchen Table Productions.


Grab My Button

I just love that lady, she is so fun, living life to the fullest and enjoying every moment.

Check out her reaction when she scored  free boughs from Lowes!

She wrote a very heartfelt comment on the feelings this vintage set evoked. 

It brought tears to my eyes, she said it so well.

Once I read it, there was no question as to whether or not to keep these guys, they had to stay.


I simply had to share Kolein’s comment with the rest of you. 

That display reminds me of a time gone by -when plastic things were NOT in abundance - when kids were outdoors with their dads putting up all the lights and the decorations, while moms were in the house baking, wearing aprons and making the house all festive. ( Ok, she probably had a cigarette hanging out of her mouth, but there was a lot of love in that place.) -when streets were safe and kids went sledding all day and then went over to ANY of their friend's homes to share hot cocoa - when neighbors waved hello and shoveled each other's driveways, just because - when family was nearby or at least a phone call away if you were stuck in the snow -when the celebration of the season had a deep, rich, heart felt expectation - even the cheek pinches from Auntie were a lovely touch of the spirit -when we all bundled up in the car, 13 or 14, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and drove up and down the streets to "ooh and aah" at the Christmas lights in and around town -when we walked hand in hand with our mom or dad or grandma or grandpa to our little downtown area that was over-the-top decorated with holiday fanfare, while Christmas music played on speakers for everyone to enjoy.

And we were safe. Safe from the ills of the world, safe from troubles, safe and protected because LOVE was the format upon which we depended - because there were those who took the time to supplied it for us.

Put that sleigh up. If you don't, I just might cry!


Thank you so much Kolein, could you pass the Kleenex, please?

Do me a favor, drop by Kolein’s and give her some love for that special feeling she just brought you, ok?





Wishing you all an old

fashioned Christmas,



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  1. Kolein said it all... things were so much simpler then. We could all learn a few things from her comment.

    It looks great Rose... you won me over...good for you for sticking to your guns... I am sure it will be the conversation piece of many passers by as it triggers some treasured memories.

    Merry Christmas Buddy...

    Hugs, Deb

  2. Well said, Kolein! I think a lot of that warmth still exists, we just have to fight a little harder for it. There is still a lot of love and kindness in the world. I hopped here from Granny J's blog--she recently made some hats for a homeless shelter!
    I love that Santa and Sleigh! What a great and fun find. I like that you call yourself a 'Curbshopaholic.' In the days before garage sales, my friends and I would go 'garbage picking.' Your name is so much nicer, LOL! But boy, did we find some great stuff when we were kids! I still can't get over what people will throw out.

  3. Love it! The only thing I would change is to put the GIRL in front... since we know girls are the best navigators! LOL

  4. Yay they look so festive. That is the best comment on Christmas past ever.

  5. Yes Kolein,well said. Rose I am glad you put them up and with their lights all aglow they are wonderful.

  6. What a sweet comment from Kolein. And yes, I did start tearing up.

  7. Oh Rose. We are all touched. And yes, @Mom2fur, that warmth does exist!

    It exists right here in blog land with all of you wonderful ladies, who cheer me on, brighten my day, help me create a lovely home and give - always giving to one another! God Bless You!


  8. Anyone who does not click over to Kolein's blog after this and give her some holiday cheer is a grinch.

    Santa does have female members on his team, I just don't recall who was whom. Guess it is time to watch those holiday reruns again.

  9. OK, that did make me tear up. She just described my early childhood.

  10. Kolein does have a way with words doesn't she?! I would love to go back to those times. It all seemed so much easier back then. I miss it. *snif*

  11. It looks great!!!! Great written piece by Kolein. I remember fondly my childhood Christmases and they were similar. Luckily, I live in a neighborhood now that still decorates (sometimes over the top), neighbors wave to each other and give each other homemade treats for Christmas and Dad and the kids put lights outside while moms bake inside. It's very traditional only many of the moms bake in the evening or on weekends since so many of us work outside the home.

  12. Oh how we admired the lawn in our little town that adorned that very sleigh scene when I was a child. We considered them the "rich" people in our little town of 375. I have a feeling many passers by with be smitten by the nostalgia it creates. Talk about a perfect score!

  13. I love that sleigh and reindeer. There's no way I would have considered letting it go. You'll probably cause a traffic jam from people slowing down to get a good look at a priceless treasure from days gone by. Happy holidays.

  14. ohhhh, for the good ole days! Wasn't life grand back then.
    I love your Christmas display. It really is fabulous.
    I'm also glad mike changed his mind!
    stay safe and warm !

  15. Oh yeah, that Kolein is one special lady, isn't she. And yes she said it beautifully. Lets hope the children of this day and age will once look back on our Christmases with equally fond memories. And that sled looks so cute!

  16. I was one of the naysayers (sorry!). So glad you ignored that and followed your heart! Your display does have a very sentimental appeal. And Kolein's words were beautiful.

    p.s. Glad to see such progress since Rudolph's day and to see a woman right along with the boys pulling Santa's sleigh.


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