Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Storage to the Max, part Deux


I’m back almost as promised with the continuing saga of shelf building in the new storage space.

We left off yesterday 2 days ago with me incarcerated for a full day in that teeny tiny space.  I made 4 shelves across the left end of the space, then made some little shelves for spray paint storage.  (see part 1 here in case you missed it)

I was released for good behavior overnight but had to report back first thing in the morning to finish my time.

The rest of  this little space  has the water main shutoffs on the wall under the window, and  a water tank and pump in the right corner from an old well system.

Now the smart thing to do would have been to disconnect and remove the pump and tank, but alas, that was not in my skill set, and I wasn’t about to wait for someone to come along and help me.  That just isn’t my style. 

So I sacrificed some space by leaving them in place and built around them.

Oh, and let’s not forget the pit in the floor where the offending pieces are mounted.  This basement is really old and strange.  There are 3 different pit areas in it, the other two being the huge sump pit and one under the furnace and water heater. 


This time I painted the walls before I started framing!

Ok, so a simple shelf across the water tank created a platform for storage bins. 


Too bad I only have one bin right now.

A small piece of pallet fit underneath and created a level floor over the pit area very simply.  I used a couple bricks on end to support the overhanging part. 


This little platform now holds the old golf bags and clubs that Mike just can’t part with yet.

Over the actual pump I built another platform to support more boxes or bins.


None of it is pretty, but it at least gives me a way to use the heretofore dead space.

Let’s look at the before shots again….



After putting up the wall of doors and piling everything back in:



Now it looks like this:


Much happier!

Now for the back wall, under the window.


This is what you see when looking through the screen door.

The main water line juts out about 10 inches from the wall here.

I didn't want to waste the space!

Looking at it I realize there is just enough room for storing gallon paint cans if I can only figure out a way to make shelves to span this wall.

More deep thinking and a couple more 2x4’s get me the basic frame.

Now for some long boards that are sturdy enough to span 53” without bowing under the weight of paint.

I’m running low on 2x4’s at this point, and they aren’t wide enough anyways for what I need. 

Back to the wood stash I spot some long pieces that look wide enough.  6 inches, will that hold a paint can without falling off?  I check and it works, just an inch hanging over.  There’s plenty of surface to support the can safely.

I find 4 of these “boards”, they’re plenty long enough too.

Know what they were?003-5

Old wooden bed frame mattress rails.  The style that used to support the wooden bed slats that the mattress rested on.   The older ones are made from real solid boards. 

Newer ones are usually veneered.

Modern frames use metal rails.  I never pick them up.  Just the wooden ones.

The bonus in this application is they have the extra lip on the edge for holding the slats.  This is just enough to stabilize the board so it doesn’t sag when used as a weight bearing shelf.

And let’s not forget they were free!

Ok, so you wanna see?

This is that wall before:


And this is the after:



After I added some of the many cans of paint (it will hold 36 gallons all told).


And yes, I do have at least that many!  In case I haven’t mentioned this before,  I’m also hopelessly addicted to collecting Oops paint from Home Depot and Lowes for $5 a gallon, $1 a quart.

There’s just one more dead space to utilize in this storage closet…..See this space next to the door opening?


The framing here will be the support for more shelves.  This side of the doorway is 24” wide.  It will become my spot for the quart and smaller paint cans.

It will look something like the spray paint side, only lots more shelves since the cans are much shorter.


But that will have to wait until the weekend.

Now that I’m about done with the storage space I can move onto the next phase of the laundry room area!

It’s finally starting to come together….I’m doing a happy dance right now.




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  1. Good job!
    Since we seem to have the same situation... Can you tell me why i have so many shades and lamps?
    I just love lamps.

  2. Wow Rose you really utilized that space nicely... it is coming along nicely my friend... great job.

    Love that you used some of your stash for the shelves that worked out perfectly.

    Can't wait to see the end result... and what is this that Mike won't part with those clubs... hmmmmmmmmmmmm... after all the "stuff" you had to get rid of... lol... am I going to have to give him the "talk" next... hahaha

    Have a great day... I am so happy for you that things are coming together for you.

    Hugs, Deb

  3. I am joining you in the happy dance! That space is awesome!
    I find it odd that the water line is not against the wall??? Maybe to help it keep from freezing?
    You made great use of all of your space.
    I sort of liked the tank wearing the stained glass hat though. ;)
    Great job! I'm glad you've found an "indoor" project to keep you busy this winter.

  4. You have been a busy little bee. Look at what that new washer and dryer started! Trouble makers they are. You sure do have lots of storage now though. So, you should thank them.

  5. Love the shelves under the window. I always check out the OOPs paint first thing when I go into those stores. Boy I feel lazy now blogging in my pj'a at 10:25am while you build things.

  6. I love how your customizing this just for specific things, like quarts and gallons of paint. And using all the stuff you already had. It's looking really good!

  7. Great job, I love how everything is coming together and it's even nicer when you can use your stash.

  8. What a great job you have done! I love shelves and more shelves!! Thanks for joining JFF! hugs, Linda

  9. You could come to my house anytime to organize! I need some shelves too. I came over from Linda's. Junkin finds use to be my party, then I took a break and wanted Linda to take over the party, which I am so glad she did. She loves this stuff too, and does a great job hosting. Nice to meet another junkin thriftin friend.

  10. Wow! It's shaping up. Keep up the good work. Susan

  11. Great organizing and even more impressive building skills! Good job repurposing a heretofore dead space and the bed slats!

  12. I need to do this as well, great job. I have a ton of oops too.

  13. Doesn't it feel good to get organized???? I made a conscious decision this week to put all the fall decorating in boxes and label them before I put them away. I'll take that chandy off your hands any day!!!

  14. Wow, what a difference! I thought I had a lot of spray paint! I'll tell my husband it's not true and he should stop complaining. Great job organizing!
    Hope you can join my giveaway from Cutting Edge Stencils going on now!


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