Thursday, December 30, 2010

I’m in Hibernation

I have a confession to make.

I went out the other night after work and bought myself a Christmas present. 


Something I really wanted and didn’t get from Santa.

I had some Kohl’s cash (they love to give $10 for every $50 spent just so you have a reason to go back and spend even more money the following week) so I decided to be selfish and use it on myself.

I went shopping armed with my funny money and came home with this…..

001  002     

A pair of flannel PJ’s!

It’s funny, but I always buy flannel pj’s for my husband and kids for Christmas, and I have yet to get a pair for myself.  It’s been years since I got new jammies, and even then they weren’t flannel.

So I spent the last 2 nights slipping into my nice soft and warm pj’s as soon as I got home from work and curling up on the couch with this…


My favorite Christmas gift.

A Kindle reader.

First book I downloaded into it?


Stephen King’s  “Under the Dome”

No contest, as Mike and I are both avid Stephen King fans.  And we’re a bit behind on our reading. 

Under the Dome is last year’s book. Somehow we never added it to our collection. (we have an entire bookcase filled with our Stephen King books, some in duplicate because we both had our own copies when we met)


I’m in heaven. 

Can’t remember the last time I read a book.

And when I’m done? (if you look at the bottom bar on the screen, it shows I’m 35% of the way through the book already.


Why, it takes only seconds to download another book and keep reading.  There’s a new Stephen King book out, just published this fall,  “Full Dark, No Stars”, a collection of 4 very scary short stories. 

You may not hear from me again before winter is over.  I do believe I’m officially in hibernation mode.

Yes, this must be heaven!




  1. Yay for flannel jammies and a good book! :)
    That cover is so pretty!
    You derserve to be spoiled too, so glad you're getting some r&r after work!

  2. I love those flannel pj's! I love to read but I'm being old fashioned and sticking to paper books at this time. Enjoy your hibernation!

  3. I got a Kindle, too! I love it! I was surprised to see how many free books there are.

    Your cute pj's match your Kindle cover. :)

  4. Good for you! I cozy up in my oversized sweatpants/sweatshirt and hibernate with my laptop. It's so much fun so I can relate. By the way, we have that same bookshelf too. My husband is an avid Stephen King fan as well as Clive Barker. Me, not so much.

  5. Ha, I am a Stephen King freak too. I also read them well after they are released. Enjoy your pj's and hibernation!

  6. Who knew that is all it took to make you slow down and relax... now all you need is a big mug of hot chocolate and you are as good as it gets.

    Love the pj's... flannel is the only way to go. I own nothing else, even in the summer.

    Enjoy your little piece of heaven Rose, it is well deserved.

    Have a Happy New Year in case I don't talk to you before hand.

    Hugs, Deb

  7. Love hibernating! Good for you!!!


  8. Flannel jammers are the best. It's about time you pampered yourself. Enjoy.

  9. Good for you--sounds like a perfect hibernation! thanks for your sweet blog comments--made me smile!


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