Monday, December 27, 2010

Curbshopped Christmas Trees

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends.  We really enjoyed our holiday this year, it was amazingly calm and I was totally ahead of the game!

Skipping the all nighter and actually getting some sleep certainly made all the difference in the world.

Did I ever tell you about my curbshopped Christmas trees?

A couple of years ago I was at my curbshopping peak.  There was nothing I wouldn’t pick up if I thought it might be useful.

Including Christmas trees.

I’ve cut back a lot on curbshopping this year, mostly because I HAVE NO MORE ROOM!  Purging has become my theme of late, as most of you have noticed. 

And I’m also sticking to my use it or lose it rule.

Well, I had 3 curbshopped Christmas trees in my stash.

I’ve always had a live Christmas tree,  this year I decided to use my found trees instead.

The biggest of the lot was a fold down tree, in 3 sections. 

It must have been a pre-lit tree, as there were multi colored lights wound tightly around every branch.  They didn’t work.

But this was really full and thick. 

So I cut the lights off.




It was actually very nice!

Back up to earlier this month.  I was cleaning out the basement and found my old wedding gown, circa 1980.


It had never been cleaned and the lace along the edges was dirty.   It needed to go, after all, that marriage was long over.  Then I stopped,  and wondered if I could use it for a tree skirt.  I’ve seen that done (can’t remember where) and thought it was pretty.

So I threw it in the washer after spraying the dirty parts with Shout (what the heck, can’t get any worse than it is already, right?)

And then the dryer…..

And it came out great! Edges were clean and white.

christmas 10 002

I simply unzipped the bodice and inserted the tree in the opening, zipped it back up and tucked the bodice and arms under the skirt.

I now had a pretty tree skirt!

christmas 10 005

christmas 10 014

My pal Deb at Proper Prim reminded me I still had these blown glass crystals off a chandelier I had found.  The chandelier was ugly, but I kept the glass.

I gave Deb a few when she was visiting.  She used them on her tree. 

Aha!  I decided to copy and pulled out the bucket and washed them all off.





christmas 10 010

There were so many and they looked so sparkly on the tree, I decided to go with a glass, silver and white theme right then and there.

christmas 10 016

Somehow a little bit of red snuck in.

christmas 10 026 christmas 10 039

My gold star tree topper didn’t fit the theme.  It needed a bit of spray-paint to make it work.

001-11 christmas 10 030


christmas 10 017

Of course, I could not have a Christmas tree without my beloved Grinch on it.  It doesn’t matter what color he is, Grinch is a must be.

christmas 10 021

Another of my curb found trees was a little 6 foot tree, still in the original box. 


This tree got set up on the sun porch, where it would be visible from the street and everyone coming in the house would pass by it too.

I call this the kid’s tree, as the handmade ornaments made by the kids all found a home here amongst all my other favorites that didn’t fit in with the white theme in the house.

christmas 10 075

This tree was surrounded with my vintage toy collection.  Many of them curb finds, garage sale finds, and thrift store purchases.

christmas 10 071


 christmas 10 069 christmas 10 121


Some curb found ice skates,

christmas 10 060


This baby’s wooden sled was a curb find too.  One of my dogs chewed on it this year.  See the fresh wood edge in the front?

christmas 10 116

Gotta have a Grinch to go with the tree!

christmas 10 065    christmas 10 072

The third curbed tree was a primitive style skinny down-swept tree with a bark trunk.  The built in stand was loose and the tree wouldn’t stay up, so I nailed a square of plywood to the bottom.

This one got a simple garland of berries wrapped around it.

christmas 10 049

christmas 10 055

Please ignore the extension cords showing.  They are powering my lighted village collection on the mantel.

christmas 10 044

christmas 10 042

I’m going to keep my trees and decorations up until the 2nd.  After all, I had such a late start getting decorated I want to have a little bit of time to enjoy them before embarking on the dreaded task of putting everything away.

How about you?  Do you take yours down immediately, or wait a while?


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  1. I usually wait too! I have company that still isn't here so I don't want to get into the whole mess of putting it all away right now. Your trees look great Rose! Merry Christmas :)

  2. I just can't believe the things you find. It's amazing. Love how used those chandelier drops on the tree. I noticed your bag of children's blocks...we were going through some stuff in our garage and found that exact same bag of blocks. The bag wasn't in good shape but the blocks were great. I guess my mom must have found it junking and stuffed it away since it was in a box of her stuff. We leave stuff up for a few days but take it down before Jan.1. I like to start the new year within everything in order.

  3. Your trees are beautiful, especially the one with the crystals. I love all the kids toys, especially the sled and scooter. Your home looks so pretty I'd leave everything up to enjoy for a while also. I didn't put a tree up this year but in past years I've always left the tree up until New Years day.

  4. Rose it looks absolutely gorgeous... I especially love the memory toy tree, how sweet.

    Don't you just love how the crystals make the tree sparkle. I don't blame you for wanting to leave it up to enjoy awhile longer, that was a lot of work.

    Hope you are having a wonderful holiday my friend... Merry Christmas.

    Love Deb

  5. Rose your trees are so pretty. Love that you found them curbside. Love all the vintage toys also. I keep my trees up until Jan 1st then start taking them down New Year's Day as I watch parades, football and eat! Enjoy!

  6. It all looks fantastic!! That might be the most expensive tree skirt i've ever seen!! ;)

  7. Oh my gosh! I love it all! I really liked the silver tree (LOVE the new star) but when I saw the tree on the porch, it blew me away! I love how you trimmed it out, and oh my! the old toys and such. Fabulous way to trim a tree!
    I got mine put up late too, so I will probably leave it up till the 1st or 2nd.
    Thinking about what I should do with it. 15% of the lights are not working, but I like the tree. I suppose I might try to remove the lights. Was it a lot of trouble?
    Hope ya'll had a great holiday together!

  8. Wow! Rose, three trees? I procrastinated putting just one! ha ha...yours all look so lovely. I love the wedding dress tree skirt. It turned out lovely. I wonder what you'll be doing with it next? The theme for my tree this years was white, glass, sparkly-- and some red too!
    Birds of a feather, huh?

    Happy New Year!

  9. Great job Rose! The tree skirt idea is genius! I love your map in the window (door?) frame on the mantle too!

    Happy Holidays! :)

  10. Your trees look so pretty! And you found them on the curb. Wow! I like the tree skirt~it looks very classy.

    We take all our decorations down on New Years Day. It's about as long as I can stand them.

  11. Rose thanks for linking this post up with JFF! Great finds and love your decorations. Happy New Year! hugs, Linda

  12. Fantastic Trees...all Three! My Fav is the BIG One...A wedding gown skirt and Chandalier Glitz...great re-purposing! I took my tree and decorations down the day after Christmas...very unusual for me. I usually leave them up until after the first! I guess that means I'm done with the old and ready for the new! Happy New Year!

  13. These are WONDERFUL!!! I LOVE the idea of the wedding dress tree skirt! Oh Yes, the grinch MUST STAY!!! I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the little sled(it doesn't matter that it has a little puppy chew on it)he LOVED it too, hehe!!!
    Happy New Year to you,
    Hugs, Donna

  14. thanks so much for linking up and linking back to me! (with my new button)

  15. I LOVE the wedding dress tree skirt. What I have done is every year on my granddaughters birthday I take her picture in her moms wedding dress. She is will be 10 this year. Eventually this will stop..and I think we will continue the use of the dress with your idea of the tree skirt. Then someday she will have it under her tree. What a wonderful idea.


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