Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Attention Span of a Flea

Seriously, a flea probably has a longer attention span than I do these days.  I’ve been all over the place with my projects lately.  Seems I just don’t know what I want to accomplish first!  I mean, I really want to keep moving on my laundry room makeover, but yet all the Christmassy stuff is getting in my way.

So I do a little Christmas decorating, then I work on some of the laundry room stuff, then I start cleaning out the rest of the basement, then off to Christmas shop.

My tree sat in the middle of the living room for 4 days.


I finally got it all fluffed and situated.

Then it sat for a few more days, waiting for lights.  I finally got them on last night. 


Wonder how long it will sit waiting for ornaments?  Will this be another of those years I throw the ornaments up on Christmas Eve? ( oh yes, I have done that before)

I just don’t seem to know where to start or stop.

So I have nothing actually done, just a lot of stuff in progress.

I sit down to write a blog post, and I can’t finish!  Why?  Because I have nothing finished to write about!  You should see my drafts folder, it’s full of incomplete posts.  Kind of like my house.

How about you?  Are you focused?

What’s your secret?

I’m just going to show you some of the stuff I worked on this week.  Not finished, of course.

Repainted the laundry room wall white behind the washer/dryer


Turned  this shelf unit around so the back is now facing the laundry room (After everything on it was transferred to the new storage room.)


Then I primed and painted the back of the shelf units (there are 2 now side by side facing the workbench area).


Made some shelves from old boards, trim, and side rails from beds I had in my stash.


Then added some shelf brackets to hold some accessories such as my collection of antique and toy irons.  (not done yet, still trying to figure out what I want on them, and the bottom platform isn’t done either)


This is a before shot of this same area back in October before I started this project;


Cut some boughs from the huge evergreens in the yard.


Dug out some metal rings salvaged from an old wine barrel.


And a spool of fishing line.


Wrapped the boughs around the ring with the fishing line.


Made 3 of these wreaths that way.  They still need bows.

I have 2 more big rings, but they were outside when the snowstorm hit last week.  Now I can’t find them!


Threw one up on the skis leaning against the tree by the driveway.


Added a garage sale metal bow to the white sled…


Got some light colored burlap and started the curtains for the laundry room.


Hung the new curtains….


Decided to paint these huge popcorn tins from many Christmas’ ago.


With this hammered silver paint from my paint stash.


So far so good.


Then I decided to paint a chalkboard square on each for labeling.  Only I couldn’t find my painter’s tape.

I improvised with duct tape.

Word to the wise----DON’T!


That was a really dumb move!


See?  Like a flea, hopping every which way.

Only 9 more days ‘til Christmas,  must focus! 

But on what?????




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  1. ohh wow! so much to respond to. Yay, your tree is up (mine is still in the basement)
    your wreaths turned out super! I trimmed all my trees back in the summer, I don't have any boughs to spare.
    yay for curtains! The room needs some softness. Love, love, love the shelf with all the irons and such. very cute!
    big oops on the tape snafu. :( I am equally as impatient. I'm thinking you could have used some "press-n-wrap", or something from the kitchen.
    ohh, and love the sled and the skis!

  2. Well Rose, from what I see you have accomplished to get a whole lot of stuff done.

    So the tree is bare, Santa will Make it a new tradition this the kids and tell them you are having a tree trimming party...make it fun and get them to do the work... worth a try anyway.

    The laundry room is looking great, love your display of all your vintage irons and accessories... great job.

    Now don't stress my friend, it will all get done in due time... enjoy the season, the laundry room can wait. The season is too short to sweat the small things.

    I put up my tree and a few Christmas things around the house and that was it, done... I was determined not to get stressed this year and it worked. I am actually excited this year for it to happen not for it to be over, like I usually am.

    I have faith in you, it will all come together.

    Hugs, Deb

  3. love the outdoor decorations- the sled, skis, and wreath- all very nice!

    I'm like you when it comes to being all over the place-- I've been that way lately too. At least you have your tree up!

    oh and I love how the laundry area is coming, I like your new curtains and your iron collection-antique and toy.

    Good work even if it is random!

  4. I can so relate. I need to make a list of the things I have done this week. Your list shows that you were very productive. What will my list reveal. I especially like the comment about blog drafts.

  5. Rose, you just described my life! It's the reason I stopped shopping early for Christmas! I couldn't stay focused and I'd lose at least one thing I bought early. So now I do it all in the last week and I refuse to feel bad about it.

    The decorations you do have up look great. :)

    Your laundry room is also looking great! What a transformation!It's good to know that duct tape doesn't work as painters tape. Sorry you had to learn the hard way, but thanks~now I don't have to!

  6. Rose, Looks great to me...I finally have lights on my tree and that's it, I haven't even put down the tree skirt! Love what you already have done in the basement, I agree with Deb the laundry room can wait until after Christmas. BTW I love the ladder next to your tree especially all the quilts :0)

  7. I think we all set our expectations of ourselves way too high. Relax lovey. I should be baking or cleaning or driving to the pharmacy but I would really rather be blogging so I am. You still manange an awful lot Rose and the wreaths and sled are gorgeous. merry♥O

  8. Back in the day.....well, maybe in England when it was a monarchy? No. No. Actually it happened here in the US too. Families had servants. You see the reason you can't focus is because there were servants to take care of a given category in and around the home. Honestly. Stay with me here. I've discussed this with other women. We do E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. This is not to complain or put down our men. But WE DO. e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. We are running wild like chickens without heads. Now, seriously, if you don't even have a head, Rose, how COULD you focus?? Think about it. oh sorry.

    There was a cook. A gardener. A groundsman. A man. (besides the husband or the older boys in the home). A lady. (besides the woman of the house and her daughters). A Carriage Driver. A Kitchen Manager. House Manager. Housekeepers. Need I go on???

    So, this is why NONE of US has a FOCUS. Someone else was cooking, cleaning, decorating, feeding the children, playing with the children, teaching the children, shoveling, hanging shelves, painting basement walls.....

    Times have changed. A lot.

    So do what you can. And either way, Dec. 25th gets here and stays for 24 hours and then IT'S ALL OVER!!!

    Love ya!

  9. Well the wreath is done and that was a very inspiring idea. I think January may be the time for me to finish all this halfway done stuff I have around here. Or February. Or March.

  10. You're two steps ahead of me on the Christmas tree. Mine is still in the box in the closet. I love those popcorn tins painted silver. That's a great idea. Your laundry room is looking great.

  11. Man. That post kicked my ADD into gear! Ha! You have been quite productive and your laundry room is looking fabulous! Just stopping in for a Merry Christmas!


  12. I loved the wreath and the ski's they look so cute. Have a happy holiday.

  13. Girl you got to breathe!!!:-)
    You have really accomplish more than you are giving yourself credit those shelves.
    I invite my entire family to come each year the weekend before Christmas...I pull out everything, start new projects, and have things all over the place for attention span is like yours. But because they are coming, I have a direction to go in and I get it all done! There has to be chaos before the calm for me. When it's all finished I sit back should too! Merry Christmas you multitasker you! Best, Vicki

  14. Wow, this is all so amazing. I just love the ideas. I am definitely going to try it next Christmas. Thanks for sharing such a useful piece.


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