Monday, November 15, 2010

Sew what? A second liner and a Giveaway!

Well folks, I managed to finish my second sewing project for the laundry room re-do. 

But before I show it to you, let me just give a special thanks to everyone who commented on my first laundry bin liner.  (click on photo below to read about that project)


Angie, from Sew it yourself slipcovers, was so pleased with my results and subsequent comments about the Quick-Pleater tool that she has very generously offered to GIVE a set of quick-pleaters to one of my very lucky readers!

How’s that for a big thank you?

The set of 4 sells for $29.95, which, in my humble opinion, is a small price to pay for the ability to do something very simply that would normally be a big pain to do. 

Know what I mean? 

To enter, simply leave a comment on this post telling me what you would make with the Quick Pleater set if you win.

Don’t forget to leave an e-mail address for me to contact you!

Entries will close at Midnight on Saturday, Nov. 20.  Drawing will be held on Sunday, Nov. 21. 

Got that?  Good!

Now let me show you the newest liner, for this very old, rickety, rusty, much used, shopping cart.

laundry 029-2

Love the traces of original blue paint still clinging to it for dear life.


This cart is to be used for sorting clothes in my laundry room.  It will hold sheets and towels, while the larger 2 compartment factory bin will hold whites and darks.

I used the one inch pleater tool this time, looking for smaller pleats as this cart is considerably smaller than the bin was.  I was afraid the 2” would be too large.

I had to approach the construction differently to make this liner work.  The rounded hoops at the top edge gave me pause.  How would I get the liner to sit right with those in the way? 

Ties maybe? 

Velcro tabs?


I decided to attach the ruffle to the liner from the top, rather than underneath like I did the last one. (see how I did the first one, below?)


It would mean the tops of the pleats would show, but I couldn’t think of another way to do this.

I left a gap for each of the hoops to fit through.

laundry 076

It worked!  The liner stays perfectly in place with no ties necessary.

laundry 047


Not quite kosher, but it works for me.

 laundry 074

   laundry 034-1

A view of the inside.  Getting the bottom piece of the bag to fit was interesting to say the least. 

The way this thing is shaped made it tough to figure out how big to make it. 

It never occurred to me to trace the outline of the cart on a piece of cloth.  Gail mentioned that tip to me after I was done.  Duh!

So I cut a square of the drop cloth to approx the shape and size, rounded the corners with the scissors and started attaching. 

I got half way around before I figured out that I would have too much fabric left at the end.  At that point I cut some more off the part that hadn’t yet been attached, and continued the rest of the way around, adding a couple tucks along the way to keep it the right size. 

 laundry 046

Don’t laugh, it totally worked out ok. 

Oh sure, it won’t win any sewing contests,  but then again, it’s only for holding my dirty clothes for Pete's sake!

Let’s compare the 2.

First laundry bin pleats done with the 2” pleater tool;


Now the shopping cart liner pleats,  made using the 1” pleater. 

Totally different, aren’t they?

laundry 072

I’ve put the old blue monster of a sewing machine away at last.  I’ve had my fill of sewing!

laundry 038-1

Don’t forget to leave a comment to win your very own set of Quick Pleaters!


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  1. I'd LOVE a set of these. I'd love to put them to use first by trying to make a pleated cushion.

    I love your sewing style. I always think that this kind of try-and-see method allows for more freedom and creativity.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!


  2. I'd love the pleater tools. You liners are beautiful and I love how the hoops peek out the top. I think that makes it very interesting.

  3. Your basket liner is absolutely beautiful I think and so is the basket itself too. I love anything old like that. Sounds like a nifty tool the pleat maker and it would have been fun to try it on some of my projects.

  4. I love your new liner! Wow! The pleater tools sound amazing. If I won them I might try to make a pillow or just give them to my daughter who sews.

  5. I have a cart similar to that...i think it's so cute. I could see using those pleater tools for making pillows, cushions for stools, lots of wonderful things.
    Hope your week is a good one.

  6. i always see these at the flea market now i need 1 and i need you to make the dressing for it!! great job....i would make a bed skirt with the tool

  7. Oh my gosh rose! that is gorgeous! I love your cart and now you gave it such a wonderful new outfit to make it even prettier!
    You did such a fabulous job sewing this liner. I'm so impressed the way you made it stay in place without ties. genius! pure and simple!
    what would I make? I would make adorable box pleats for my kitchen chairs. :)

  8. You really rocked that one too... I am so impressed with your sewing skills, I think you should go on the

    I want those pleaters... there are so many things you could use them for... ruffle for around Mya's bonnets that I want to make her... bedskirt for my bed... cushion ruffles... pillowcase ruffles... I really want to make a cover for a bench and ruffle the bottom... oh the projects are endless, now just to find the time to do it all is another challenge... do you have any suggestions for

    Great job my friend, I can't wait to see this all in place... between you and Gail you are killing me with curiousity. You know patience is not one of my stronger traits. Get with it will ya???... hahaha

    Have a great week...

    Hugs, Deb

  9. I love how they turned out. I would love to win a set. I'm about ready to make a slipcover for a ottoman, and I think that pleating tool would be perfect!

  10. I would love, LOVE, a set of the pleaters. I want to make a new bed skirt. Oh and I have an ottoman that really needs a slip cover too.

    Love your new liner. And it going over the little hoops is genius!

  11. I love that little shopping basket. I think the liner is perfect and the way you let the little rounded ends stick up looks great. You'll get so much use from that little cart. :)

    I would use the pleater tool to make a bedskirt for our bed. I know how to make pleats and have made hundreds over the years but the tools would make it much easier and quicker.

  12. Okay...I'm so in love with your pleats...your laundry bin and cart turned out so great. You asked what I would make with the Quick Pleater...I would pleat basket liners...woven basket liners...a tablecloth...I could go on and on. Thanks so much for the chance ;o)

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Cute little basket and I love the pleats! I would make pillows, tablecloth, bedskirt, table runner, slipcovers for my barstools, and more! I also have a little cart that needs a liner!

  15. I Love both your cart~liners for the laundry room! I would use the pleater for many projects around our home.

  16. I just love the way you reuse things...things that over people would turn their noses up at. You take these items and turn them into useful and attractive things!

    Love it!

    Very inspiring too, BTW!


  17. You did a wonderful job, it looks great, and I love that cart with a passion! I have one also, which holds my ironing! It very rarely gets emptied,lol!
    Ive never heard of those pleaters before, but would be very interested to try!

  18. Awesome liners! And I've had my eye on those pleaters....would love to have a chance to win a set as I'll be making a slipcover this winter for my sectional. I want to make a pleated ruffle around the bottom.

    So glad you could Mi4M :)

  19. Hi Rose,
    I need to know where you bought your white drop cloth...i am here in CA so I hope I can find that color :)


  20. Fabulous job! I love the pleats and would love to learn how to do that.

    Carla -

  21. You did such a fantastic job! :)

    The Quick-Pleater Tool is totally on Christmas list because of your recent posts, but it would be super fantastic to get it early so I can use it on my Christmas gifts...I'm making pleated flower accessories. Currently I'm doing pleats the old fashioned way...measuring and pinning (so time consuming).

    Jenna H.
    ArtisticEdition {at}

  22. id love these! I'm going to make slip covers for my antique chairs and this would help out sooo much!

  23. If I won I would finally make the bed skirt with beautiful pleats (that I have been putting off - because frankly I'm not so good with pleats). Thanks for the chance to win. Cindy

  24. Rose, I envy your laundry area. You really are doing such a beautiful job. It's so pretty ...

    ~ Deanna

  25. wow,I never knew such a tool existed! I would use it to put ruffles on dresses, skirts, pillows, curtains....the possibilities could go on for a long time!


    they are both winners!!! love them!!!


  27. I love your projects! And I'd love to try the pleater! Some pleated curtains would be really cool!

  28. Love what you've done, I have my drool bucket out waiting for you to show the rest of the laundry room.

    If I won the pleater I would be able to make some cute little girl things for my youngest niece. I might be able to say yes when my sister-in-law asks me to make a canopy for her childhood bed....oh the possiblilities are endless!

  29. Love it! Can't wait to see the rest. I would love to have the pleater. I am sure that it would be a great help on dresses and skirts for my girls. I would also use it to make a bed skirt for a doll bed. Christmas presents in the making.

  30. What fantastic liners! My sewing repetoire consists of basic curtains and pillows. I didn't know a pleating tool existed but if I won it, I'd be adding pleats to my curtains and pillows!

  31. Great job! I would really enjoy experimenting with the pleater tools. Hope I win.

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. You did a beautiful job on your latest liner, great solution working around the hoops! I'd love to win a set of these. I'm not good at pleating by hand.
    sucor_2 at

  34. ~*~*Im still amazed that you made those!!! They are soo adorable!! Iwould love to win a pleater to try to make a liner too!!! Hugs, RAchel~*~*

  35. Your liners look so good, Rose!

    I'd use those tools to make a slipcover for the ottoman in our tv room.

  36. just love your liners! I would use them to help put a cushion with pleats on a stool I will be getting in a few days!!

  37. I'd use them for a Christmas gift for my daughter!

  38. Beautiful! Link it up on Friday. :) I'd love to win the quick pleats. I have a white slipcover for a HUGE sofa to make before December 19th. These would be so very handy!


  39. So great! I am starting to think that sewing is in my future. No more pre-made slipcovers. This would be so cool!

  40. You are just making me so jealous of your cute laundry storage stuff! I'd love to try to make some little bins for my craft room.

  41. That is awesome! I would love for you to come link up at the Strut your Stuff Party!

  42. Rose lovin' those pleats. And what an ingenious way to handle the hoops at the top. Not sure if I would have thought of that.

    It is very interesting to see how the pleater would be used. Gives me some great ideas for sample projects. So stay tuned to my site for project ideas.

    Good luck everyone.

  43. I love tools that make sewing easier. My favorite sewing tool is my rotary cutter. I cut everything with that thing, even patterns! I would love a set of the pleater tools!!! I would use them to make linen pillows with a pleated trim for my couch. I would also use it to make pleats on my girls' clothing. What a great giveaway! Thanks!

  44. I'd love to try the pleater tool. I'd make basket liners (I love yours), pillow cases, totebags...the ideas are endless! Thank you!

  45. I would love to win the set of Quick Pleaters. I just found out about them yesterday. What a find! I think I would make a pillow first. I love to make pillows!

  46. Oh, I sooo hope I win. I have been wanting a set since the first time I laid eyes on them. I would be a sewing fool then!

  47. Love- Love- Love the quick pleater! I'd love to make... new chair covers for my kitchen chairs, skirt on my wing back chair, a laundry basket cover, a dress with a cute pleated bottom edge... even a shower curtain with a pleated upper edge... FUN!

  48. I would love the quick pleater! I need it NOW for a skirt that peaks out from under the bottom of a valance I'm working on, slipcover skirts, pillows, oh I could go on and on...

  49. Well you did a fantastic job! I didn't realize there was something to make pleats. Learn something new every day.

  50. OMG! I'm in love with the Quick Pleater. They would be perfect for the thousands of ideas I have pleated plans for!


  51. ...LOVE THIS!!! So happy I popped over from Freckled Laundry Friday to see your cart liner! ~ and maybe win a pleater? BONUS!!
    I have a ruffler but now I am Imagining what I could do with this!!
    Pleated ruffles for the front of my laundry room sink!!
    xo, Rosemary

  52. Beautiful work on your laundry baskets. Now I want to go out and find an old one to re-do.

    I've got 8 dining chairs to slipcover and was not going to do pleats (too intimidating) but I think I could handle it with the Quick Pleater. I think I would start looking for other "potential pleating projects" if I had the tool: )

  53. You did such a nice job on that liner! I like how it slips right over those loops! I might try my hand at a liner like this if I were to win the quick pleater!


  54. I love your liners. The pleater tool sounds wonderful. I'd make some curtains w/pleats along the top or the bottom. Thank for the chance!

  55. I am getting ready to sew covers for my dining room chairs - they are desperately needed. I have never heard of a pleater before, but I am very willing to learn to use one! Thanks for the opportunity.

  56. Hi Rose - Pleats are so time consuming but so darn cute! I have three chairs to slip cover (I'm looking at two right now with sheets over them!) - The pleater tool would definitely help me stop procrastinating!

  57. You know those four kitchen chairs of mine that scream to be covered? That's only the beginning of my plans for the pleater tool.

  58. Oh holy smokes... I think I would pleat everything I could get my hands on if I won! Thanks for such a generous giveaway!


  59. I love how both of your liners turned out. I have two carts waiting for liners. I found both a yard sales within the last couple of months. I definitely want those liners to have pleats. They just wouldn't look the same without it.

    I also want to make a few burlap table runners... with pleated drop cloth at the ends. If I won those ingenious pleating tools, I would think I'd died and gone to heaven!!! I'm crossing my fingers and toes in hopes of winning!

  60. Really beautiful!! I love your carts and bins...sooo unique and interesting! Thanks for linking this up to SFS! -shaunna :)

  61. These projects are just so cute. Nice job of improvising the patterns. Love the slits on the top of the liner so the loops can show. I would love to do some pleated chair covers from drop cloths.

  62. Oh my, what wouldn't I make with the use of quick pleaters? I have sewn all the curtains in my house and need to make some for my daughters room. A quick pleater would be handy for that. I love making pillows, a quick pleater would me handy for that...imagine, pleated ruffles on the pillows...all the rage. I need to make a new dust ruffle for our new king size bed, a quick pleater would be handy for that too! See I need it and also adore your pleated cover for the wheeled basket! I may have to use your idea! Thanks for sharing, Terry

  63. Oh yea, my email for you to contact

  64. Love this! I would either make the pleated cuff on my daughters' Christmas stockings, or a skirt to hide our utility sink. Thanks for the giveaway.

  65. I would make a slip for this cool leather(I think) ottoman I got at SA for $1.99! If I won, of course..


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