Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Laundry Room Start plus the Master Plan

So sorry about the tease yesterday.  One of my good  friends who will remain nameless (I won’t even think to mention that it’s Deb) teased us all unmercifully last week with one of her reveals, so I had teasing on the brain.

That thought was coupled with technical issues with my camera which wouldn’t upload to my computer (grrrr)  My solution was to upload the photos to my work computer and email them to myself to get them onto my home computer.  I’m sure there must be another way, but I sure as heck didn’t know what that was! 

Anyway, while I was grumbling at the fact that I had to open each one and save it to my computer I saw that there was an option to blog it while it was open.


I gave it a try.

And since I have never used Picasa or Blogger to post to my blog it was weird and I didn’t think it would work. 

The picture was just a red x on the draft.

That’s why it was such a short post.

OK, so those who are still speaking to me probably want to see what that photo was of, right?


Before:  These were used outside as a privacy screen for the past few years.


Enter a problem area in the laundry room.  Years ago I had hung a piece of pegboard on the back of this very old homemade shelf unit in the basement and called it good.

laundry 007

What was I thinking?

Behind it is the area underneath the basement stairs, which includes the sump pit.  (shudder)  This sump pit is not like any I have ever seen before, it is square and HUGE!  And deep!  I’m deathly afraid of it. Seriously we  almost did not buy this house because of my aversion to it.

I made a cover for the pit a couple years ago just because I couldn’t stand that it was so, well, open.

 laundry 004

See my pretty new washer and dryer in the background?  LOVE!

Anyway, back to the very rustic shelf unit.

I contemplated taking it out and starting over, for about one second.

The lumber is very old, rough sawn, and well, appealing to me in a sick twisted way.  That and the fact someone put that together many years ago, probably from scrap pieces of lumber they had laying around, never dreaming some sicko like me would decide it was beautiful.

So I applied a coat of polyurethane to the wood to bring out the texture and deepen the naturally aged color.

That’s what I showed you in the teaser photo yesterday.

laundry 020-1

Then I applied a light coat of white spray-paint to the green shutters, sanded it back, and hung them along the back of the shelving where  the pegboard once was.


Of course, the lighting is terrible down there, and trying to get photos without a flash is extremely difficult.

laundry 017

But I took these few close ups to show you what the shutters look like now.

This next photo shows a ladder section that I applied a coat of polyurethane to while I was at it.  This piece will be used in another area of the laundry room.

laundry 030

And let me just say I am nowhere near done!

I can’t show you the whole shelf area yet because it’s still a work in progress.  But at least this is a bit less of a tease, right?

So that’s that, now here is my plan, subject to change at a moment’s notice.  I’ll try to give a brief rundown on what I want to do in this room.

  1. Left end exterior wall,  build a storage closet using doors for interior wall.
  2. Right side, interior adjacent to stairs, refurbish and close off rustic shelf unit.  Add shelves as needed. (this is what I started this weekend.  Poly is done, shutters added, needs a bit more work to be complete)
  3. Floor, paint area rug onto floor in front of washer/dryer, and a runner from bottom of stairway to laundry area.  This little throw rug is my inspiration pattern.100_2218
  4. Coal door, cover up insulation with old window.
  5. Green factory bin, make divided liner from drop cloth for sorting laundry.015
  6. Ladder, hang from upper floor joists to hang clothes on hangers after removing from dryer.069 
  7. Antique shopping cart: Line with drop cloth fabric to use as clothes bin.  laundry 029-1
  8. Crates:  add liners to make into laundry baskets.
  9. Behind washer dryer; hang some kind of bulletin board to tack up misc. Possibly crib springs?
  10. Paint chimney wall at bottom of stairs
  11. Make signs.
  12. Improve lighting (maybe a chandelier?)
  13. Decorate and Accessorize!

So that’s what the plan is and it’s safe to say it will take me a while to complete.  (which is why I’m breaking it down into sections to keep it from being overwhelming)

I sure hope you’ll stick with me through it, despite the teasing. 



  1. So far I am loving it... love the wood textures and the shutters. I especially love the ladder idea, hmmm you are giving me an idea for my own laundry room.

    Oh I can't wait to see this one finished. You are going to be a busy girl for awhile but it will be so worth it in the end.

    BTW your one pic under the one you showed yesterday is just a red x...

    Glad you didn't torment us too long with the big plan, unlike what some "other" people would do making you wait so long...hahaha

    Hugs, Deb

  2. I think it looks great so far. You are doing a wonderful job!

  3. Love all the elements. Can't wait to see it all come together!

  4. I agree with Sharon! Love all the stuff you are going to use! It is going to be awesome! I'm sooo jealous! I don't know if I will ever get around to my laundry area in the dungeon.
    Take your time, but keep us updated along the way!

  5. Love all the treasures you will be using to spiff up the laundry area, it will have so much personality. Be sure to take lots of photos when you make the storage closet, I have been wanting one for awhile now and I have been tempted to buy one, but I can't bring myself to spend the money when I could make a better one for less!

  6. Your laundry room is going to be great. If you have to spend time in there, it might as well be a nice place to spend that time. You always put such a personal, unique touch on the things you do. Can't wait to see the reveal of the different stages.

  7. Shut Up!! You have a factory bin?? Where did you nab that? I love that cart too. It's going to look so good when you are done. Hurry up!

  8. I don't know if I can stand it! I can't believe that you have been hiding that awesome factory bin and antique shopping cart. I am jealous of those! I love every aspect of your plan. The ladder from the ceiling to hang clothes..genius. This is gonna be good!

  9. I swapped out the bad picture for a good one, hope it is visible to everyone now. So funny that to me the photo shows perfectly, yet everyone else sees a red x!
    I believe the problem was that I copied and pasted that one photo, rather than exporting it to a folder. Sorry about that!

  10. I already have green shutters, a beautiful old green screen door, and a ladder haning from the ceiling in my laundry room, which is about the size of a large closet. We must be separated at birth!!! I love your blog!!!


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