Friday, October 22, 2010

Doors and Porches; My A-Bay Favs

Early this month when Mike and I went to Alexandria Bay for our anniversary I took a bunch of photos while walking around town.

While vacationing I love to look at the houses and pick out my favorite features.  Once I got home and started reviewing the photos it was obvious I’m fascinated with doors and porches.  I thought I would share some of them with you.

This screen door in a empty storefront was so attractive.  I love both the color and the style.  I dreamt that night that I rented this space and opened my own shop.  :)


Ok, now don’t panic, I’m not crazy….really.

But…..I would have loved to find the double front doors from this run down house at the curb.   Maybe I should have knocked to see if they were planning to replace them soon?


This little cottage  had a great wooden storm door on it. 


Loved the curb appeal of this next house.  The stone and round columns are awesome.  Love the color too!


Ok, another crazy moment…..the color of this porch transported me back in time to my grandparents’ house.  Their house trim was the exact same shade!


Do you think this home is owned by a fellow Junker? 


I was itching  to walk up on that porch and ring that bell.

Alas, I only admired from afar. 

Check out that ladder leaning against the wall!


I’m in love!


This round double decker wrap-around porch was stunning. 

The roof looks like a witches hat in this photo.161-1

And I can’t leave out the porch at Boldt Castle.  See that great bench peeking out behind the stone pillar?


Hope you enjoyed the little photo tour of A-Bay through my eyes. 

I wonder what you would notice if you were there.  Are you like me?  Do you check out the houses when on vacation?




  1. welcome back! :) I love all of these houses! I only wish I had such a house with a big porch. The junker house? HOW did you keep from knocking on that door... ohhh I know! Mike was pulling you back in the car by the shirt tail! hhehehe
    thanks for sharing these pics!

  2. oh, what lovely porches, I do always notice them because here in ND big porches are not too common, I so want to be a Southern belle sitting on my big...double porch(thanks for that now) and sippin tea fussing it is cold because it is 30 degrees, rather than sittin in the house at -30 degrees!

  3. I'm always checking out houses, even those close by. I like looking at doors and windows and paint colors. On that house with the big porch, I noticed that ladder first thing.

  4. Hello stranger... glad to see you back... I missed you loads... it just isn't a complete day without one of your posts... Gail is doing a great job though filling that void.

    Love the porches, I am so bad, now Dennis is the one picking them out for me... my dream is to have a house with a wrap around porch... hey a girl can always dream.

    I love all those wooden screen doors, but you didn't check if they slam when they close... they have to slam shut to make it

    I have been busy working away on curb appeal 2... got the first step done today... step 2 tomorrow... I can' wait to see it done... I just hope it turns out as nice in reality as it is in my mind. Stay tuned... Sunday it should be completed.

    Talk to you soon buddy... hope all is well and things have slowed down a bit for you.

    Hugs, Deb

  5. I love the red doors. I cant wait to paint my door red. Also I am a new follower of your blog. I started a garbage picking blog myself, and I just stumbled upon your blog the other day. I too see a lot of "gems" at the curb. I hope you dont mind if I use some of your ideas. I especially love the stuff you do with chairs. I love the garden chair ( April) post I think. I would love to make that for my mom. I am not a creative on my own. Your stuff is awesome !!


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