Thursday, September 30, 2010

St. Deb to the Rescue – Yet Again

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All right already!  I’ve been goaded prodded into posting this story by my good buddy Deb, from Proper Prim, also known in these parts as Saint Deb.  You’ll see why in a minute…..

Some of our mutual buddies already know that I had a visit from Deb and Dennis last weekend.  They came in their motor home and parked it in the driveway on Friday afternoon. 008

We sat at the bar in the outdoor kitchen and ate, drank and were very merry until the wee hours of the morning.  What a great time we had catching up with each other!

  030-1 112  119 

Saturday; it was noon before the camper door opened up.  I was raring to get to work on something fun.  The possibilities were endless with that magic bag she carries with her.  She had already shown me her Purdy paintbrush. 

Maybe we could paint the stripes around the garage to the breezeway today…….

Oh, I had big plans for her, I truly did.

But by noon the weather was iffy, windy and cloudy, rain seemed imminent.  Hmm, painting was not such a good idea at that point.  Now what? 

We pulled out the big plywood circle I had curbed months ago with the intention of making it a clock. 


Oh yeah, this would be a great project to work on.  We looked around and found some suitable “hands” for the clock, and even the center piece. (what’s that called?)

Then I opened up the garage to get something out. 

Deb took one look and scolds me;  ” Rose!  I thought you got that cleaned out a couple weeks ago!!!” 


Uh-oh, did I really give you all that impression? 

Me, “I did get rid of a lot of stuff, but I mostly worked on stuff from around the yard, I haven’t had a chance to get back to it.”

Before you know it, we both have our sleeves rolled up and are pulling out stuff right and left from Mike’s side of the garage.  Holy cow, I thought I was almost done a couple weeks ago, but there was a lot more in there than I thought.

The conversation started to go something like this;

Deb: “What are you going to do with this?”  (holds up twin size head and footboard)

Me: “I wanted to make a bench out of it”

Deb: “Ah, these are a dime a dozen, get rid of it.”

Me:  “But….. (heavy sigh) OK”

Down to the curb it goes.  Dennis and Mike sprang to action.  Anything released was promptly whisked away, no time for second thoughts!

Window frame, old storm door, bifold doors, crib ends, table tops, table bases, plant pots, gone, gone, gone.



Meanwhile traffic at the curb was brisk.  People were stopping right and left to shop the goodies out there. 

The car side of the garage was finally clear, but did Deb call it done?  No way!  Now she wants to organize everything that’s left so I can get to it.


I built a bin for all the ash hardwood flooring pieces I had rescued in July. 


After……They all fit neatly into it with room to spare for some of the other trim pieces I kept.  Much better!


Deb decides my tools need to all be hanging so I can  see what I have and grab them as I need them.  She strategically sets an old bookcase in the area between the 2 garage doors, using the back and sides to hang tools from, and the front shelves to hold other goodies. 


It was brilliant of her to make it  accessible from all sides!

We went thru and sorted bins of table legs, feet, trim, lath, and balusters, grouping them neatly so they can be spotted and re-used in future projects.


Oh my goodness.  This was not what I had in mind when I got up that morning!  I bet it wasn’t what Deb and Dennis had in mind when they decided to come for a nice relaxing weekend either!

However, it was actually fun to see it all come together.  The sorting and tossing  part was therapeutic, if you can believe that.  All that junk that was cluttering up my workspace, GONE!  Wow, it was great to get down to just the special pieces I truly cared about working on and using.  All the “maybe someday I might use it” stuff was gone.

This desk is a treasure I’ve been wanting to get to.  Now I can!


001 You should have seen Mike’s face when he pulled the convertible into the garage!


004 Priceless!

So that, my friends, is why my good pal Deb will forever be known as Saint Deb in this household. 

No fun crafty stuff this time, but this turned out to be so much better.  And it never did rain……..go figure.

And this is all that’s left at the curb.  Not bad.


Thank you again, Saints Deb and Dennis  I promise you will not have to work every time you come! 






  1. Omg, she is a miracle worker! What an amazing job you guys did. You think she would travel around the country in that camper and help us all organize our stuff?

    I didn't enter the giveway since I won over at Gails. Not that I have that much luck but you never know.

  2. Hahahahahaha... I have been called a lot of things in my lifetime, but SAINT wasn't one of them.

    There was method to my madness getting you to purge... now that you mind isn't all cluttered with stuff, you can think up some really good ideas for repurposing all the rest of that inventory (so I can steal them). Now we all expect you to get to them real soon and no more excuses for not posting more... lol.

    BTW, I didn't come out until noon because I was looking at a clock that wasn't working properly and didn't realize it until we headed home... besides I was scared to death what was waiting for me on the other side...hahahahaha

    Anita, notice I only visit Rose every 4 or 5 months, because it takes me that long to rest up between

    So glad to see that Mike got his car in there before you decided to do anymore projects though.

    Have a great weekend Rose... miss ya.

    Hugs, Deb

  3. oh my goodness, you crack me up....and I still wish I lived by you so I could borrow from your curb!! You go girl!!

  4. Great job ladies, I can't wait to see what you create now that you have room!

  5. Great job on the "bin" I know what you used for that!
    Wow! great idea to use BOTH sides of that bookshelf. Love how handy the tools are. (I work out of a toolbox, ohhh DEBBBBB when ya coming to kentucky?)
    Rose and Deb ! ya'll did such a great job. It's amazing how much can be accomplished when people chip in and work together! Way to go!
    ya'll rock!

  6. Oh Rose what a WONDERFUL Friend you have there in Deb.... :o) !!

    I bet it feels so much better to have your space back....I know ALL of us reading your blog have this very SAME thing goin' on in our own garages, workrooms, yards WHATEVER....!!

    Sometimes....When my work area is full to the brim I can't here myself think & it stresses me out....While I was away, Mr SVJ 'pruned' my junk a little & the ideas are flowing freely again....Needless to say, I haven't taken stock of what it is he chucked out....I can only hope it wasn't somethin' I REALLY need....hahahahaha....I guess I can always find it again....!!!

    Cheers for now from 'Down Under',
    Tamarah :o)

  7. Fantastic job! It's incredible how much easier life is when you know where everything is.

    P.S. I am still amazed at the incredible job you did on the outdoor kitchen. It just blows me away!

  8. Great job! She helped you do exactly what needed to be done to move forward with your projects. Saint Deb indeed!

  9. Boo Hoo! Why did I not live next to you? Or at least in your neighbourhood? I will not let my husband see this post. He must not know what is inevitably going to happen to his garage. He thinks my few pieces is bad.,...Oh mY! I wish I had all that stuff...
    lol. Different perspectives..right?
    I guess I should be happy for your husband that he can park his car in his garage now... but what a wste of storage space... :) :) :)

    Can't wait to see what else you give new life next...

  10. I find a bit of irony who curb shops fills up your curb! She is a wonderful friend. ♥O

  11. Wow-wee...looks great! I've been plugging away at mine too. I live in MN and my hubby will need to park in there soon too :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog...I'll be following you too! Take care, Laurel@chippingwithcharm

  12. St. Deb - how appropriate, she does hang with angels, you know. But, I fainted when I got to that picture of the organized garage! Holy smokes. I didn't know a garage could look like that! Mine is a mess and I thought that's how they're supposed to be : )

  13. Sounds like you guys had your work cut out for you :) Too bad I don't live close by. I would have definitely been picking up a lot of the 'junk'.

  14. I need a St. or two around here! Looks great...I took stuff to Goodwill today, but made the mistake of going in and brought some stuff home, too, lol, Always a battle! Lezlee


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