Friday, September 24, 2010

Outdoor Kitchen Reveal- Finally!


Once upon a time my backyard patio looked like this.


Now you may be saying, hmm, that’s not so bad at all.

But for us, the space was just a walk thru area, we used it only for grilling and a couple family parties here and there.  The table was a dust catcher that was never used, and the bricks became overgrown with weeds.  It soon stopped looking like that photo.

The area started came to look like this…..



It needed a major intervention.  I would just die of embarrassment every time someone went out there to keep Mike company while he was grilling.

Over the winter I made a plan to convert the space.

I took a week off from work to tackle the project.  This was back in June, so some of you may not have seen the in-progress posts.  You can catch up or review (it WAS a long time ago) by reading this post at the beginning of my vacation, or here where I realized it was a huge project, then here when I made the barstools, or where I put the bar top together, and when I made the corbels or you can just click on Outdoor Kitchen Project in the sidebar and go thru all the posts that way, since I just realized there are way too many to include here!

This was the space when I cleared it to begin.  My goal was to use many of the items I had on hand from my curbshopping habit.  outdoor kitchen 028 

Well, big surprise,that one week was not enough time to finish the job, and I’ve been slowly working out the details since then.  I’ve promised a reveal time and time again, but never felt done enough.

This week  not just one, but 2! of my blog buddies have revealed their awesome room makeovers, rooms they started AFTER I began this.  Anita from Going a Little Coastal and Gina from Three Ring Cottage have shamed inspired me to get off my butt and show the darn thing finally. (Make sure you check out their amazing reveals.)

So, at long last, may I present……..

Mike’s Outdoor Kitchen.



Curb found doors and shutters were used as the siding.


The countertop was topped with extra tile that was being tossed at work.

The stainless steel gas grill was the major purchase in this renovation.  It was well worth the expense!   We re-used the Weber charcoal grill we already had by cutting a round hole in an old metal cabinet and dropping it in.



Of course, the 40” TV built in to the garage wall where the window used to be was money well spent too.  Just ask Mike!


The bar top was made from old interior panel doors, as was the prep counter on the lower side.  The corbels were made from a curbshopped dining room table.




I used shutters and bi-fold louvered doors as cabinet doors below the counters.  I was short one, but decided I like having an open area for display anyway.


The red market umbrella helps cut the glare from the sun and can be moved to wherever it’s needed.  Someday I will add a pergola to this space.  Someday.

The ladder barstools are my favorite, but be warned, they are a bit wobbly!  I need to work on stabilizing them a bit more.


A kitchen sink with running water was a must.


Tiki torches and oil lanterns help keep the mosquitoes at bay during the evening.


The coach lights on the garage and a floodlight on the house give off plenty of light.


I had fun accessorizing with my junk collection too.

Some of the metal baskets I purchased in July came in handy for holding bottles and glassware on the bar.



This rubber stamp holder just needed a minor adjustment to work as a wine glass rack.


All I had to do was unscrew the base and move the wider section to the top!



This antique rolled paper holder became a handy paper towel holder.



Can’t have a kitchen without a scale..


And this is our latest addition to the space, a patio heater to extend the season.  This thing really cranks some heat!  We are getting some chilly weather lately. 


It will probably always be a work in progress, but I’m calling it done for now!

Thanks to all my blog buddies who encouraged me throughout this very long project.  I wouldn’t couldn’t have made it happen without your support.


Edited to add: Several readers were concerned about the TV during the cold winter, we do plan on bringing it into the house to overwinter.  Mike has a spot all picked out for it!

Another question was about the security of the area.  Our yard is fully fenced and the kitchen is not even visible to passersby or neighbors.

We also plan to take the wooden bar top off to store indoors for the winter.  The remaining structure will be protected by tarps.




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  1. Rose,
    Now this is one AWESOME outdoor space...let's call it "PARTY CENTRAL"!!!! Please come by next week and SHOW IT OFF at my NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS party...I want everyone to see how THRIFTY you put this all together. Love your TV idea!


  2. It all looks great. I knew you could do it. Now I can't wait to hear what Deb has to say about it when she visits this weekend.

  3. That is just flat out FANTASTIC! From the way you built the cabinets and counters to the bar stools to the TV in the wall! Just fantastic! I swore to myself I wouldn't show my husband (he's going to want a TV in the wall!), but I think I have to.

  4. Pure genius! Congratulations on awesome job!

  5. VERY nice! What a clever idea to put the TV in the garage window. And I still like those stripes! Bravo on your project!

  6. I love, love, love Mike's outdoor kitchen. If I were there, I'd be hanging out with him watching football!!! go giants!
    I really love the little touches you have added to make it special. Love the corbels and the ladder stools!
    Love the paper towel holder and that awesome wine glass holder, and the tool caddy (mike's kitchen)
    You have really worked hard on this girl! Pat yourself on the back and enjoy it this weekend with friends!

  7. It looks fabulous!! Great work...

  8. Looks great, have fun enjoying it with Deb this weekend. I am with Granny, can't wait to see what you two will be up to for projects this weekend or what treasures you find :0)

  9. WOW! Just speechless! You did an amazing job! WOW

  10. Fantastic!!!
    I think you will find you may have to make a kitchen closed sign, for the guests who wont leave!!
    Love it, though I wonder about security, and any critters coming to visit....
    You did a fab job, you should be proud!

  11. Wow! Girl that is just awesome! You did a great job and I am ready to join you for a glass of wine anytime! Love it and the TV in the Garage wall...priceless!

  12. Wonderful!! hope you two have many happy hours out there!

  13. I have a Mike for a husband too, and he would die for a outdoor area like this! Such a wonderful job, I bet you stay out there alot! Thanks for sharing.

  14. It has been so much fun to watch this project, it is just amazing!!! I hope it gets published somewhere!

  15. This is a fabulous project, full of all kinds of fun ideas! I know you get so much use from this!!

  16. Rose!!! I feel like I haven't talked to you in forever!!!! The outdoor kitchen looks FANTASTIC!!!!

  17. Wow! I'm impressed! What a great outdoor space!

  18. Rose, that's an amazing transformation. And all the unique details are too many to name but they are all awesome. I had to show my hubby the tv. I should have let him write this comment cuz he had a fit over it! Enjoy your new outdoor kitchen!

  19. It looks amazing Rose!! Great job on it and what a fun outdoor place it turned out to be :) Love what you did!! Lots of fun memories will be made there.

    Have a great weekend!

  20. It is really very great idea about the outdoor kitchen. But I assume that Weather is also sufficient for outdoor kitchen. I am also curious to enjoy outdoor kitchen , So I will enjoy it in this weekend.

  21. Bravo Rose, Bravo!! I just love what you have done. Reusing all those old door was just wonderful. Gives it that old pub feel. I don't think I ever saw the old towel holder. That is so cool. The corbels you made and the ladder stools turned out great. Blame the wobble on the bricks! I also love all those old windows on the fence. I need to do something like that myself.

    Thanks so much for mentioning my bathroom project. Glad to inspire you to show off your kitchen! I'm going to have to give in and show my hubby also. Even the tv!

  22. Even though I've been following this project step by step, it is still mind-boggling to see the final product. It's just amazing and so much work that went into it. I just love every detail of it (noticed the vintage bottle opener mounted there). It's a show piece yet it feels like just a great place to hang out...right in time for football season! (thanks for the mention of my project although it was way less labor intensive than yours!)

  23. It turned out Fabulous! Can't believe you built that whole thing... so awesome!

  24. I love this!!! I'm going to show it to my hubby as soon as he gets home. You did an awesome job!!

  25. You're done already? Wow! Really, I don't think all that work took very long at all, I'd still be at it. I must add that is the coolest, most awesome, original, perfect, well equipped outdoor kitchen in the world! Great job - I'm so in love with it!

  26. What an incredible job! I really love it

  27. This is amazing! I love your curb-found treasures! What a great space....I don't think it will be un-used now!

  28. Rose, This is fabulous! That you used found objects to build it is remarkable. Great job.
    Hugs, Sherry

  29. Wow! WOW! What an amazing transformation. It's so unique!

  30. Sending a sweet hello from Frog Hollow Farm and popping over from Metamorphosis Monday! It was so nice of you to take the time and pop over to my post about making tomato sauce! Your project is just unbelieveable - I think it's the most impressive thing I've ever seen - with the way you reused and utilized things especially! Congratulations on a job well done! It was nice visiting! Ciao, bella!

  31. WOW Rose...just WOW! I gotta admit, when I saw your first posts on how you were putting this together...I was thinking a little Sanford & Son LOL! But you pulled it off and it looks fantastic! Enjoy it before winter hits!

  32. So that you have the Master Bedroom all to yourself...what will you be doing to it? (since your hubby has moved outside!)

    OH MY!!! That space is amazing! I want one!!!

    And where did you say you lived???

    Oh who cares, we'd use it here in the winter too!

    I love the door as the counter and shutters as doors! Brilliant!

    No more being embarrassed as folks walk out back!

    It's wonderful! And kudos to you for getting it done!!!! Can you rub some of that on me?


  33. You did a great job -- I would SO party there!

  34. Cool, Cool, Cool! I am so happy I found you. I too love to find free stuff that I paint up and make nifty thrifty!
    Excellent job! You should be so proud of yourself!

  35. I will have to hide this post from my husband:)
    He would never come back into the house.
    That looks like such a fun place to hang out. You guys really out did yourselves!

  36. You are truly an amazing lady. I, too, love doors and curbshopping and have a collection started in a storage facility a mile from my house. I am hoping to open a store in the near future and making all the displays out of doors and windows...Almost everyone thinks I am crazy, but now I feel better! Thanks for sharing! This bar is fantastic!

  37. Very impressive. Question: How does the bar top (made from old interior panel doors) hold up to the weather?


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