Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Newel Post Makeover

You may remember a couple weeks back when I found this newel post just after reading my pal Gail’s blog post about making her own very cute red post.


I was so excited to find one already basically done for me!  All I had to do was add some square cut 2x8 and 2x10 boards to the bottom to make the base, stain it, distress, and add a hook.



As I said, I was so excited about this project, when I finished and proudly showed it to my husband this is what he said; 

“Nice, but what’s it FOR?”

Me: ‘What do you mean what’s it for?  It’s a post!’

Mike: “But what purpose does it have?”

Me: “Well………it can hold a plant on top, and a wreath or a sign or something on the hook!  That’s what!”

Mike:  “But you don’t have a wreath or sign, and last I saw all your plants were dead.”

Me:  “They’re not ALL dead, some of them just need a little watering…. and I can make a wreath or sign for this too.”

Mike: (Rolling eyes) “Yeah, sure you will.”

003 004  

So the newel post sat a couple days with no real purpose while I pondered what to adorn it with.  “So much for being done”,  I grumbled to myself every time I went by it.

Then yesterday morning while getting ready to leave for work I poured my usual cup of coffee to go, then went to set it by the door with my purse while I gathered up my laptop and computer bag…..and it just so happened the post was sitting by the door, patiently awaiting it’s new purpose in life.

Aha! A light bulb moment…….I set my cup of coffee on top, and hung my purse from the hook…..

and voila! 


My post suddenly had it’s new mission in life.

So I’m calling it done and that’s that!

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  1. I think it looks great. It would make a great candleholder also. Put a stamp on it and send it to my house. I'll find a use for it. lol

    Good to see a post from you.

  2. Nothing like being challenged in your own home, lol. It turned out great. It would be pretty with a lamp on it too. Tell your husband there are just too many possibilities and you need time to narrow your options. It is pretty just on its own. Have a great day! Connie

  3. You made me laugh out loud! That's so funny, and my hubby is the same..They just dont get it, I mean who knew it was a coffee stand and bag holder? That's cute!

  4. I love it... it would gorgeous with a nice autumn wreath on it sitting by your entry... Mike is just being cranky, he knows golfing season is coming to an don't let him discourage you, it looks fabulous just the way it is.

    Hugs, Deb

  5. Rose, it is perfect! It is one of those lovely pieces that finds a new purpose as you go along! Great job!

  6. Well I love it and as a coffee/purse stand it is perfect and absolutely the best one I've ever seen! So there!! :) Men, what can ya say!

  7. Men! Always have to have a purpose. Some things just are and will fall into place. As did your post. Mine is in our tiny somewhat of a foyer with a candle thingy on top. Sans hook. But I'm loving that hook you used!

  8. Rose,
    Love it and thanks for showing it off at NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS!!!!


  9. I don't know if you meant this as a joke or not, but I think it's a great idea! I need to make one of these just for my purse/totes! I always carry a purse and a big tote bag full of everything that won't fit in my purse LOL! I just plunk them on the floor by my buffet, which really doesn't look to cool. This would be perfect!

    I could just plunk them on a couple of hooks. I think I would put hooks on three sides. I carry different totes for homeschool group, church, and just out and about. Crazy, I know, but I need different things for different places, and I hate having to change what's in the bag every day.

  10. My purse would pull that puppy right over! LOL Really like the way the staining came out. Nice!

  11. I think it's great! Purpose, shmurpose. What is it with guys? Can't something just hang around looking pretty? They used to love it when we did that.

    It is a great place to hang your purse, though. :)

  12. I'm laughing at Suzanne's comment. :) darn right!
    Rose... love you post about this post! I think you did a great job with the stain. It looks like it's been meant to hold that purse and coffee for years! :) way to go. What's great about a piece like this is how it can evolve. I'm sure you will find many more purposes for it by this time next year!
    great job friend!

  13. I have one that is just sitting least yours has a purpose now!!~ Men...I think I will reserve my comment on them..........

  14. Darling one what does dear hubby know? This I say in my head often and with a sly smile on my face but without malice. The post is eight kinds of awesome and I get it. hugs♥olive

  15. Wow, that turned out great! Love the hook. We've had similar conversations around here with a few rolling eyes at things I bring home or plan to do. When I first saw the finished post, I could see it on a front porch with the cutest welcome sign hanging from it.

  16. This is fantastic, I am laughing so hard that my eyes are tearing up. Seriously I look to my entrance and I see I need one too as everything is just thrown on the floor or hanging on door nobs.

  17. Typical man conversation... but .. even my husband thought it was funny..RRR... I love it ..I think it's just marvy.. and I'll be looking for a purse holder of my very own..

  18. I think it's great! I'm always trying to figure out what to do with my purse!

  19. Perfect - I saw that one coming from a million miles away.

  20. Some men are clueless about decorating and that includes my own husband. I just love it when I go out to garage sales and find a great treasure to bring home. When I show it to my husband and tell him how much...or little I paid for it I get the same rolling of the eyes. And don't you just love the question? " WHAT IS IT " Clueless, I tell you, clueless. By the way I love the post and I'm looking for one.

  21. One with our form of addition or should I say ability, never worries about purpose, it unfolds every day... it is a great piece and it would move around my house performing many tasks... or just look pretty as it is... love the banter... I hear it at my shop home my hubbie sees possibilities as I... maybe good or ... too many projects.

  22. I have a man like that! This is the title to his theme song " WHATTA YA GONNA DO WITH THAT?"
    Never you mind what your hubby says, you just keep on junkin! And I love the newel post!

  23. Ohhh, I love this. It would be wonderful on a front porch. You did a beautiful job.

  24. Hi there,

    New follower from New Friend Fridays. Great job here. I wish I was half as crafty as that. :)

    Great blog you have here.

    The Things We Find Inside

  25. Absolutely love it! madea typo in my first comment, so I deleted it...
    Great Job!

  26. thanks for linking up your wonderful post to my first ever link party!
    ps hope you're having a great weekend!


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