Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Latest Curbfinds


Just a few odds and ends from the past week.  Not much.

Honestly, I have been really good about not picking up everything I see at the curb.  I’ve passed by tables, chairs, entertainment centers, desks, a workbench, even windows lately.

My home, yard, garage, storage shed and basement are all bursting at the seams with junk.  It’s the age old dilemma, got junk but no time to use it!

I’ve even been contemplating having my own junk sale to clear out some of the excess. 


This chair was sitting at the curb just like this.  Broken piece sitting on the seat.  Speaking of seat, the caning is in perfect condition!


All it needs is a little bit of that Gorilla Glue that my pal Gail is giving away right now. 


Then this little beaut will be as good as new!  I kid you not, this chair is super sturdy and otherwise perfect. 

How sad that the owner didn’t know about gluing and clamping.

These rustic wooden pieces caught my eye as I was driving into a small town yesterday.  They were sitting at the curb along with a few other odds and ends.

I almost didn’t go back and check it out.

There were 2 boxes with taped up handles, and a wooden bowl.

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I’m in love with these, even though I have no idea what I’ll do with them!

This oval oak snack table was in perfect condition.  I like this shape so much better than the tables I have now.


Wonder what happened to the rest of the set?


I have a thing for picnic baskets.



This will be used for storage on a shelf somewhere.

OK, I know this step stool is really rough.  I hesitated a long time (almost 3 full seconds) before putting it in the car.



I just couldn’t stop myself.  

I love the darned things.  Especially the wooden ones.

It goes back to childhood memories of fighting with my sisters over who got to sit on the kitchen stepstool when we visited my Grandpa’s house after church every Sunday. 

Since there were 6 of us, and only one stool we had plenty of fights over it.

After my Grandpa passed and the house was cleared out we all got to pick one thing to keep.

Guess what I picked?  Yup, the stepstool.  Sadly,  that one is long gone, but they still hold a special place in my heart. 

Gotta go now, it’s trash day somewhere….



Linking this up to Linda’s Nifty Thrifty Tuesday party.  Go check out all the neat stuff over there!


  1. Great finds, Rose! How could someone abandon that beautiful chair?! I love rustic stuff too and that picnic basket is awesome...Hey Boo-Boo- what ya got in that pic-a-nic basket? Sorry, couldn't resist....keep up the good work!

  2. That's a lot of great stuff! Nice chair! Love those rustic (primitive) pieces! I'm sure I would have scooped up all this good stuff!
    Nice story about the step stool. As soon as I hear a childhood story like that, my special stories POP right into my mind! :) thanks for sharing.
    cool here today! wooohooo errands then outside!

  3. Great finds Rose! We had a wooden step stool at my grandparents house too! It used to pinch our fingers if we weren't careful unfolding it. (I can only imagine the DNA we left in that thing!)

    And also like you...I had to sort through and get rid of some of my finds. I took them to Goodwill after much deliberation :-(

    I hope you have a great week!

  4. Rose you found some beauties there... love those prim pieces... I know exactly what you can do with them, save them for me... lol

    Love the stool and the story, I couldn't have resisted that one... and that chair,that would look awesome painted black.

    Glad to see you are refraining yourself... it is hard sometimes. I feel your pain.

    Hugs, Deb

  5. Oooooh - the wooden bowl - and the chair you picked up perfect!!

  6. Those are all great finds but the rustic items and the step stool are my favorites. Like Gail, I love stories behind what people collect.

  7. Great stuff Rose. How does someone not know about glueing! It is a great little chair. I love the old bowl and even the step stool. I'm sure you'll do something great with it. But I spied a great looking red stool in the background too that I love.

  8. What a great find in the chair, even I could fix that, you need something much more challenging, LOL. The square boxes w/handles remind me of the carriers used to put quart containers in for strawberry picking?? Love the other goodies, too.

  9. That chair is gorgeous. So glad you rescued it. I love the picnic basket and the step stool!!! Oh I love all of it, you found some wonderful items. I just never see stuff on the side of the road, maybe I need some new roads to travel!

  10. I just love seeing your recent finds! :) I too have more projects then time. Bummer!

  11. Great ideas! Also a great idea to have a sale that way you'll have more money for junk! lol

  12. Great stuff! The wooden basket thing with the taped handle is awesome and I like the ladder too.

  13. Great finds Rose! I had to laugh when I read about your stepstool. My brothers and I always used to fight about who was going to sit on my grandma's stool too! Here's wasn't as cool and rustic as yours though!

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  15. Great stuff!! I haven't found anything since i've gone to work :(

  16. You have such GOOD LUCK finding lots of neat treasures!!! Hop over and enter my GIVEAWAY…I think you will like it!


  17. Oh Rose....I have a LUMP in my throat & a TEAR in my eye....Thank you thank you THANK YOU for introducing yourself....I flew into your blog faster than you can say "JUNK" & after reading this first post I'm BESOTTED....Are you going to Junk Bonanza....?? It would be SO FUN to meet a fellow curbside junker....!!!

    Well I'm going off to save your blog to my lists, rustle up a glass of wine & come back to read back to the start....!!

    Take care,
    Tamarah :o)

  18. If everyone knew the ease of Gorilla glue and clamps, what fun would the rest of us have?


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