Thursday, August 26, 2010

More Stuff- or Just What I Didn’t Need


I was so excited by my newel post find yesterday that I totally forgot to show you the rest of my finds for the week. 

Now be advised, I am trying hard to cut back on acquisitions due to lack of time to work on stuff, and also lack of space to store it. 

These days you will see me picking up smaller items and less of them. But I’m still a curbshopaholic, so sometimes I have a slip.

Kind of like this wicker chair.  As you can see it is definitely not a small item!  Oops!  Broke my new rule in under 5 seconds.

Do I need it?



Do I love it?

Let me ask you this, who doesn’t love wicker furniture?  Something about it….

This was found on the same street as the newel post from yesterday, just a few houses further down.

It’s in good shape, but I figure it must have gotten wet at some point.  Still seems sturdy to sit on, but time will tell.

The great thing about old wicker once you can’t sit on it anymore…

It becomes a perfect garden accent, just add a plant on the seat and you’re good to go.



And if I change my mind and put it out to the curb it will be gone in less than an hour.  

Believe me, I’ve tested that theory with worse looking wicker pieces.  Gone every time.

This next item was found last week along with a louvered bifold door.  No photo of the bifold, it’s already been cut in half and painted black.  I’ve been enclosing the shelves in my outdoor kitchen with shutters and louvered doors.  The open look was just not working for me.  The found bifold was a very exciting find, as I had just exhausted my supply and was short one set. 

I’ll show you that soon.



Anyway, this birdhouse planter was a bonus find at that stop.  Isn’t it cute?  Now to find a plant to put in it.


And even though I really didn’t need a thing, I could not keep myself from following an Estate Sale sign the other day.  I swear the car turned all by itself!

I spent $4 there.

This very dirty frog was free.  I think they thought I was a little nutty when I asked about it.



But I think he will look great in the rainbow garden with the rest of my critters.  Don’t you?



See?  He looks like he can’t wait to get to his new home.


In case you haven’t already guessed, his “lily pad” is my newest step stool.  I paid $2 for it.



This one doesn’t remind me of Grandpa’s house, but I liked the shape of the seat and the petite size.  A girl can never have too many step stools, right?


I spied the round glass top metal stands in the living room.

They were marked $1 each.



I bought them both.  They are already cleaned up and in use out in the gazebo next to the chairs.  I was needing something in there to set drinks on, and these fit the bill perfectly!


No picture of them in place yet, but they are next to these 2 chairs now.


Lastly, I bought this mail box at a garage sale for 50c.  I’ve got just the perfect re-purpose planned for it in the outdoor kitchen.


That’s all I’ve got this time.  See, I AM getting better!

Gotta go now, it’s trash day somewhere….




  1. I love the birdhouse planter! Great score on the tables!
    That chair is awesome! Cute stool... not comment on the frog! :) although yes, I think he will feel right at home in the garden.
    off to mow, then work in the "shop"
    hope you have a great day!

  2. I think you did a great job, most of the stuff you picked up you already knew what you were going to do with it, so it won't get stored, LOL.

    Great job.

  3. Wow, it's so much fun checking out your blog. Love your finds!!!!!!!
    Wish i had found the frog, and wicker chair. :-) Antique Rose

  4. HAHAHAHA... that's ALL you got... looks like a good haul to me.

    I love it all... I wouldn't have passed up one of those pieces. I think Froggie is meant for a pond fountain, look at the piece in his mouth. Too cute. It will look perfect in the garden.

    The first thing popped in my head with I saw those glass tables was OMG they will be perfect in your gazebo...great minds think

    You take care Rose and put those blinders back on before Mike locks you out of his side of the garage. lol

    Hugs, Deb

  5. good finds.....$1 for the

  6. Love the bird house planter and wicker chair. olive♥

  7. i love wicker chairs turned into plant holders! your finds are great...i wish the trash was this nice in my neighborhood!

  8. Great stuff!! That birdhouse planter is really cute and different! Love the wicker chair of course. What's in the frog's mouth? Was it squirting water at some point like a sprinkler or part of a fountain?

  9. Much better! I love the finds and I would so have picked up that wicker chair. Like you said, if it's not good to sit on it's perfect for the garden with a plant. My fav is the step stool. Love this one a lot!

  10. Great finds, I can't wait to see what you do with the mailbox!

  11. thanks for visiting....I have no idea what a no reply blogger comment thingy is???? I tried to find it in settings, could you tell me how to fix that please. challenged here! thanks for letting me know though. I very much enjoy your blog and all your wonderful finds!

  12. that's so strange that my name won't show up...sorry! hopefully i will learn to fix it, you can tell i'm a new blogger!

  13. thanks so much for giving me a step-by-step on how to fix that! you're so sweet!

  14. Lots of COOL stuff you found!! And I LOVE wicker too! I still have a wicker chair in the corner of our dining room that I found about 35 yrs. ago - keep repainting and recovering the seat cushion I made for it - can't part with that chair!! :)))


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