Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It’s a Jungle Out There…


Were you around waaaaay back in May when I moved the vegetable garden to this sunnier site next to the garage?


And do you remember when I built a raised bed to keep the dogs from running through it?


I made it from reclaimed lumber, and showed it off here.


The popular vote was to not paint it, so I didn’t.

outdoor kitchen 005


In order to maximize the space, I very carefully planted my cucumbers so they would grow up a trellis made from crib springs, and the zucchini and summer squash were planted in a seat frame from an old kitchen bench.

The idea was to have the frame create the “hill” recommended for planting zucchini on.

Then I planted cabbage and peppers toward the front, so they could get the most sun.

So far so good.  I then bought a 6 pack of cherry tomato plants even though I only wanted 2 to plant in the earth box. 

The rest were going to go to my daughter and son-in-law for their garden.

Only they didn’t come to get them.  So to keep them alive I stuck them in my veggie garden, next to the cabbage.   God forbid I should waste those perfectly good plants, know what I mean?

outdoor kitchen 003

Look how neat it is!!   outdoor kitchen 008

Then Deb and I decorated it 4th of July weekend.  It looked so pretty!



That was then, now take a look at what it looks like today.



The zucchini plants are trying to get out and take over the yard…..



And the extra cherry tomato plants are sky high and growing over the top of everything.

Cabbage, what cabbage?

I can’t find it anymore.

I think the zucchini ate it.




It really is a jungle out there.

Especially when I’m “going in” to harvest the cukes, which, by the way, are the most plentiful I’ve ever grown.


So much for my nice neat raised vegetable garden!   

Maybe next year I won’t overplant……



  1. The entire time I was reading everything you were planting in this area, I kept thinking, "hmmm...wonder if she knows how much space those plants will take up?"
    I too am an over planter and every.single.year I do it. It starts out looking awesome and then it just goes nuts. Definitely not a Better Homes' Garden, but it gets a high yield.
    Love what you did with the raised beds. I've been begging my husband to make me a few.

  2. Over-planting is so easy to do. I didn't plant a thing this year. I intended to fix all the messes in my yard. So far it hasn't happened. Time for it in fall, right?

  3. You did great! I went to a Fall lawn care lecture, here in Ga., on Saturday and pretty much all the veggies burned up in our heat. I do not grow veggies only flowers but I love your raised bed. This guy said tomatoes really do better in large containers and your bed is certainly that. hugs♥olive

  4. Too funny! Yep you did just fine with you raised bed garden! Enjoy your harvest!!

  5. I think it looks perfect! :) But then again, I have never planted a garden of any sort!
    Better to have too much than not enough. Bad zucchini. I'm sure it's just holding the cabbage hostage!
    hope you're having a good week,

  6. Oh gosh, I tend to do that all the time. I have been known to plant two Big Boy tomato plants in one five gallon bucket. With me it's every plant for itself. Hope you find the cucumbers.

  7. Don't ya just love it!!! I planted the variety of Armenian cucs this bats, that is what are!

  8. Wow, it's still so impressive! I so want to do a garden but don't know the first thing about it. You are very inspiring to me to get out there and learn!

  9. Our garden went up in weeds this year. I keep saying "next year..." Course I say that every year... :)

  10. Hahahaha Rose... pay the ransom and free those cukes... at least you got them to grow... I tried once and they all died. Wow, is all I could think of when I saw the final pic... lol.

    Look at the bright side you are still an excellent Enjoy your harvest.

    Hugs, Deb

  11. Sure wish I had started a garden this perfect summer. Swarms of grass hoppers were predicted but it rained early and killed hatching eggs! Maybe next year. Yours is so wonderfull!

  12. Bwahahahahaha! I love it! I have garden aspirations, but every single garden I've planted I have had to move before I could harvest it. I finally decided that gardening=moving. However, I'd love to start again. Zucchini will take over the world if given the chance.

    At least you know you have a good spot.

  13. No one can say anything about your green thumb, at least you planted a garden. Next year we should have a spot on the side of the house, we will see!!

  14. the raised garden is so nice! i love your recycled trelis!

    and about the jungle, at least there are plenty of fresh cucumbers!

  15. I was around waaaay back then. Oh my goodness, that would be a great photo before and after for Miraclegro or something even though you didn't use it :)

  16. Hi Rose:

    I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I love your blog and Gail's blog at My Repurposed Life. You both have motivated me so much. Thank you for you all you do.



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