Tuesday, July 6, 2010

To the Rescue-A True Friend


Look who came to my rescue this weekend! 


Deb from Proper Prim and her sweetie Dennis!


Deb heard my distress call all the way from Canada that I sent out when I was trying to pull the outdoor kitchen project together.  She came to the rescue, bringing reinforcements with her.  Isn’t she the best?

Actually, I think she thought she was just going to check out the new bar.

But I had other plans for her.

She took one look at this mess…..

outdoor kitchen 033

And waved her magic wand (actually it was a very well stocked  tool bag)

And turned it to this inviting space, just using what I had on hand.

009014 (Someday I’ll get around to making that plywood circle into a clock.)


And this Plain Jane shed that is such an eyesore…


Became this lovely display.


No surface went undecorated, no way!



And even when I challenged her with this horrible lamp….


And threw in this old curb find…..075

Why, she just laughed and waved her magic bag and Voila!


It’s a solar light!031

Remember this ugly side of the garage that faces the outdoor kitchen?  Mike was able to get some pea gravel placed, but it was really bare looking.


And here’s my pitiful attempt to hang something, anything on the garage wall.


Well Deb came and took what I had and once again,

barstools 003

Created magic!



She totally took a plain chalkboard painted window and prettied it up.


Look at the chalk holder!042


Even the wall fountain got some of her special treatment!


Look how she placed some birds just so!047

Then she moved on to my bare wall behind the raised vegetable planter,

outdoor kitchen 008

And made it look like this!


I had painted that old sunburst black last year and never did anything with it, just left it laying around in the garage.

All I did was show it to Deb and she works her magic tricks on it to make it into a faux garden clock.026

Isn’t that precious?

A few touches on the bar to make it more festive for the upcoming 4th of July party.


And even Dennis got into the act, helping Mike get the grill operating and the wall fountain hung up.


This is Mike raising a toast to Dennis. 

See how drunk happy he is?


We were instant friends, it was like we had grown up together.  001-1

And I know in my heart Deb is a true friend.  One of these…..


Bye friends,


We will miss you!




  1. She is amamzing! Wow is al I can say. Such a vision for junk and turning it into such gorgeous garden art! A true friend indeed. Wonderful post! Inspiring!

  2. How lucky you are to have had these friends come and redo your yard into a paradise!

  3. Sounds like you had a whirlwind of a weekend! Did you know there's an antique show and a Lavendar fest in Skaneateles this weekend?
    Just thought I'd let you know...:-)
    Junk on! **Tami

  4. Sounds like you had a whirlwind of a weekend! Did you know there's an Antique show and a Lavendar Fest in Skaneateles this weekend? Just thought you'd want to know...
    Junk On! **Tami

  5. Wow what a wonderful, sweet visit! Truly good people coming together can make magic. Hope your 4th was as wonderful as your outdoor space looks now!

  6. Rose, all I can say is WOW!! What a beautiful job Deb did. You will now be able to totally enjoy your new outside bar and the beautiful landscaping that was done. I absolutely LOVE it!! Great job Deb!! Have a great week!

  7. well your friend sure did have a magic want and some great talent looks really nice

  8. Awww that's awesome!!!! LOVE what she did! Esp with the lamp!?!? Brilliant!! You 2 should be in business together! ;)

  9. I'm glad you had a fun visit. Looks like Deb was one busy gal. Deb did a fantastic job. Now if only she would swing by our place on the way home. It's not really that far, about 500 miles, give or take a few hundred.

    Your place looks fantastic. That would have taken me a month to finish all the decorating and she did it in a few hours.

  10. Dang girl!!! Smashing!! Can you tell Deb she has an open invite to Tennessee?? LOL

  11. Aww man!!! I love everything!

  12. what a great story and a great friend. everything looks wonderful, and unique, and definitely has personal touches. great job done by all!

  13. WOW! I told her she could stop by if she was in Maine and I would not put her to work, that was before I had a chance to see what her magic wand did at your house! Should have gone to your blog first, LOL. Nice that you two became fast friends.

  14. All that in less than a weekend? Oh my gosh! It's awesome...every bit of it. I have to say, my favorite thing is the clever little chalkholder. I would have never thought of that and I love it. I'll have to copy that for sure. Looks amazing!

  15. Oh wow... I have been trying to get on here all day... you all are way too kind.

    Rose, now tell the truth to all these nice people, you were as much a part of that as I was... you are giving me way too much credit. Our two heads were so well connected.

    I am so happy you love it all... I told you I come well stocked but I lied about not leaving a trail... lol

    I can't wait until our next visit. Start digging out those special treasures.

    Next time you have to promise I get to shower before you plaster my pic all over blog land, if they only knew how dirty we but it was such great dirt.

    You are a special friend my dear and truly a lifer.

    Thanks sweetie for such a great time. We had a blast.

    Love Deb xo

  16. What great talent! and great junk too!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Wow,she must have just about cleared out your stash. Nice to have friends, that get "it".

  18. Wow!! You were seriously blessed. So much to love in what she did!!

  19. What a precious story! You two are truly most blessedly talented. I believe it's a divine connection. Thanks for sharing all this awesomeness.

  20. Hi Rose
    Remember me? Well I will never forget you and Deb..I checked over both your blogs and I have to say I can truly see why you both were so excited about visiting my shop..I can see already what you will do with all your newly found treasures..I thanks you both for visiting me and I hope I get to see you again soon..Happy picking!! Lucille..Hannah Leigh Antiques Etc, Sangerfield N Y


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