Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Shopping Spree with Deb (aka The Binge)

edited to add: I’m linking this up to Donna’s Saturday Night Special featuring Rust party.  In looking for rusty photos I realized that most of what I bought on this trip had rust on it, so I decided to submit this post to join the party.

Saturday morning (truth be told it was noon by the time I got there)  I met Deb and Dennis in Bouckville to spend the day together and hopefully find some treasures.

But even before that I did a little treasure shopping. 


This wine rack was found just as is at the curb.  Looks like someone started spray painting it and lost interest.  All the leaves are still taped off (I did peek, they are green underneath the paper.)  I found that piece on the way to get this load…..


That pile of wood in the back of the van was a kitchen floor at one time.  My kitchen floor.

My ex husband was ripping out the old wide plank ash hardwoods from the kitchen of the house we used to live in together way back when we were married.  He still lives there and is beginning to change things around.

I had picked that flooring out myself eons ago (we’re talking country decor 80’s here) and we had installed it together, along with chair rail on the walls and beams on the ceiling.

I sanded and finished that floor all by myself.  That kitchen was my pride and joy back then.

So when my kids saw that he was taking it out and looking for someone to cart it away, they both immediately said Mom will take it. :)

I just love my kids!


So I made arrangements to go over to pick it up early Saturday morning and he very happily helped load up the van. I even got some of the cupboard doors.


Anyway, I digress, now where was I? 

Oh yes, meeting up with Deb down in Bouckville, which conveniently is approx 1/2 way between my house and her campsite.

We were looking forward to a fun filled day of shopping in all the antique shops down there.

I had only been to Bouckville during the Antique Festival in August, it’s the biggest antique event in the state and I never miss it.

Unfortunately, during the show I never get to go into any of the shops.  There is just too much going on outdoors.  

Let’s just say my antiquing taste has changed over the years.  I suffered from sticker shock at some of these shop prices.  After all the curbshopping, thrifting, and garage saling I’ve been doing the last few years I just cannot bring myself to pay some of the hefty prices that I used to pay without blinking twice.

When I do see something unusual or that I really love I will buy it if within reason.  Both Deb  and I  were having a tough time finding any reasonably cheap priced goodies to buy, but we did buy a few cool little things.


I got this wire spinning display rack to use in the outdoor kitchen.  It will be perfect for holding glasses, or something like that out on the bar.



And this rubber stamp holder, I just love the ornate design.  I have a re-purpose in mind for this piece too.


This wind up train was just too darling to pass up.  I love toys, and the key is so cool.


This tool box called to me.


I love the way it opens.


And the hardware on it was great, it even had metal corners on the box.


Last, a small vintage iron to add to my iron and ironing board collection.  Love the wooden handle!

Even so, with all that, nothing was really making us drool.  If you’ve ever experienced the drool factor when you go shopping, then you must know that it’s addictive, is it not?

Then Deb suggests we go down to this antique/gift shop  she had stopped at on the way to meet me in Bouckville.  It was down the road a few miles past town on Rt. 20 in Sangerfield.  

(If you ever get the chance, you just have to stop there and tell Lucille that Deb and Rose sent you.)


Notice the etc. in the name of the shop?

Well, when we pulled in and I saw the overflowing garage and driveway filled with “junk” aka etc. I knew  for sure this was my kind of place!

Lucille welcomed Deb back with a big hug and “I told you so” remark, having mentioned to Deb when she was there in the morning that she would take one look at the prices in town and come back.

LOL, she’s a prophet for sure!

While Deb was chatting it up with Lucille I headed straight to the garage and started rummaging around.  Pulling out this and that and checking it out.  Not much was pre-priced in there, but Lucille was happy to find the prices.  And let me tell you, they were super reasonable!

She called her husband on some of them as the garage was mostly his stuff.

I started a pile and went from there. I was like a kid in a candy store. 

And drool factor?  Oh yes, there was lots of drooling going on. 


I loved the red bracket with the little hook on the end.


And this game board is really big and colorful!


This large enamelware pan will be perfect with some ice and cold drinks placed in it for parties outside.


And this milk box was just too perfectly weathered to pass up.013

Yay!  Rust!


A large Victorian style hook.019

This blue oil can holder will be repurposed for sure.


As will this white tool carrier.  029

Lots of wire baskets, all good for use in the new outdoor kitchen. 

Handles are a must, as we will be going back and forth to the house with stuff.



The rusty patina is perfect on this milk crate.


How cool is this piece?  Red and Rusty.


And look what was inside!  I see some great garden junk here….


Insulators, these will be great hose guides.


I picked up 3 old door handles. 

Deb gave me the tiny shopping cart you see in the bin.  I see a new home for the ketchup and mustard bottles for outdoor dining.


Speaking of bins….


I fell hard for these industrial metal bins.


Lucille explained they came out of a factory and were used to hold parts.


I bought the last three she had.

Blue, green and natural rust.

Which is your favorite color?


I think this humidor box will work in the outdoor kitchen for storage.  The metal lining should keep critters out.


Now if you read Deb’s post about our shopping trip, she tries to tell you how I made her buy this little stool.

(btw, she didn’t show you the best part of it in the photo, it had metal cross bars underneath!)

Well, this next piece is what she made me buy! 


Never having paid money for a ladder before I was very hesitant to start now.

But this little ladder is more like stairs than a ladder. 

It is hand made, and doesn’t fold.


Wonder what this metal bracket is meant to hold?046

And look how wide the steps are.043   

It will get used outside in the outdoor kitchen.

Thanks for talking me into it Deb.  You’re a real pal!

Now after all these great finds I still had not even gone into the actual shop!  After a debate lasting about a nanosecond, we went indoors.  Just to see.  After all, I had more than I ever dreamed of outside in my pile.


Then I spotted this cutie.  Did I mention my love for irons?


Had to have it.


This jar with the topper was way too cool to pass up.  Mike can use it in the kitchen for storing sea salt near the stove for cooking.


I love red, and enamel, so these had to go home with me.


The green metal lunch box,  take a look inside.


I know that it will be good to store stuff in under the bar.


This wire hanging basket will get hung outdoors too.


Last but not least, an ash pan.  This is perfect for sliding under the charcoal grill in the outdoor kitchen to catch, what else, the ashes! 

The bucket I was trying to use for that purpose was a tad too tall.  As you can see, we’ve already tested this one out and it worked like a charm.

After we cleaned out Lucille’s shop,   Mike met up with the three of us in the village of Cazenovia for a nice dinner together, then Deb and I parted ways once again. 


She’s promised to come help arrange all my new goodies in August. 

Or should I say re-arrange?

Gotta go now, it’s trash day somewhere….



  1. Oh, my gosh! I'm DROOLING! I love all of it.

    That blue toolbox, though. I'd consider breaking the law for that one.

    You scored some fantastic stuff, Rose!

  2. This is so much more my style than what I have posted today. Down and dirty digging! Love it.
    If ever I get up your way you have to share your favorite spots to treasure hunt.
    Of course I will have to read Deb's version of the trip.
    You do have me wondering about that bracket. Too low for a pail.

  3. All great finds but I'd have had to fight you for the enamelware pan with the handles on the end. :)

    Glad you had a good shopping trip with Deb. I enjoy digging through to find things, not the displays in antique stores.

  4. Oh Rose I am definitely drooling over all of these!! I just love them all! The toolbox is so darn cute! Glad you listened to Deb on your shopping trip. Good job!! Have a great day! ~ Laura

  5. Oh My Gosh! So much stuff! I don't know where to begin!
    I love the insulators, and that cute tool box.
    Blue on the bins for me!
    ohhh and the flooring! So much to do with flooring. Maybe you could do something for the kids with it! :)
    where on earth have you put all this stuff?
    Not that you asked, but I think you've gotten a whole summer's worth in one weekend!
    lots of good stuff!

  6. Hi Rose,
    Deb mentioned that you were wondering why I told you that you looked tired, glad you realized that I was joking! But it worked, you went shopping with Deb.

    I really like the step ladder, could it be hung or set on top of something and the steps be shelves, not sure how far it would stick out, etc.?? Love the milk box, it reminds me of the one we had when I was growing up and we had milk delivery. I can actually say that I have been to Cazenovia for a wedding about 26 years ago, I think it was at the Cazenovia Inn on the lake, beautiful little town. Have a great day.

  7. Wow!!!! You found some awesome stuff!!!! I'm lovin the red brackets!!!

  8. Great stuff! I like all the wire baskets and tool boxes and just about everything! You scored at that place.

  9. You girls really hit the jack pot! Oh my,there isn't a thing on there I wouldn't be able to pass up either. Lucky you! Can't wait to see what they all become.

  10. Wow!!

    My favorite those is the iron butter dish...

  11. Rose, I just found you on Suzanne's blog roll. I love all the metal stuff you found. I too get sticker shock when I shop retail. I buy from thrift and yard sales all the time. ♦olive

    p.s. I follow you now.

  12. Hi Rose
    What a great job you have done picturing all your goodies..they look much better in your pictures than they did here at my shop..can't wait ot see what you do with it all..see you in August for the Madison Bouckville show

  13. This was such a good haul of stuff! I am really itching for some wire baskets now. I love the blue oil caddy and the stamp holder. Very cool.


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