Friday, July 30, 2010

Remember the Window?

outdoor kitchen 001

You know, the window I took out of the back of the garage.  The one that overlooks the outdoor kitchen.

Yeah, that’s it, the window I totally teased you about with a picture of it missing and no explanation about what it was for.


outdoor kitchen 009073

That was oh, ‘bout 2, maybe 3 weeks ago?  (I just checked, it was a full 3 weeks! )

My bad.

Then I went and teased you more about it the following week.  That was 2 weeks ago.

Then……… nothing.

Is there anyone out there still speaking to me?

I’ve just got to stop pulling stunts like that.

Well, life got in the way and it’s still not done but I’ll at least give you a peek at what it is now.

Ready?  You, my readers, will probably not appreciate this one as much as your husbands will.


That is a 40 inch TV screen you are viewing thru the glass protected enclosure built into the (former) window opening.

So now Mike can watch his favorite TV shows  and  sporting events while cooking outdoors.

This is what it looks like at night.


See the outdoor speakers?  Mike hooked them up on Sunday.


He is sooo loving this!


Ok, ladies, send the husbands away and gather close.  We need to keep this quiet.


Including something like this in a project scores me big points, and keeps things on an even keel around here even when his side of the garage looks like this….


instead of this…..


and a certain convertible cannot possibly fit inside it these days.


Got it?  (Let it be our little secret)

The bottom section will be enclosed storage.


This weekend I will paint it and put the backing  (a pegboard door) on the back (inside garage) side of the TV cabinet, add a shelf below and some doors to the lower section.  This section will hold items we want to keep away from weather.

And then maybe, just maybe, I will clean out the garage. 

Not that anyone is complaining about the condition of the garage anymore….




  1. You are too funny! Don't feel bad about how long before you get back to us on a project, I can think of a few I still haven't posted about yet! Have a great weekend.

  2. That is amazing!!!! I love your whole outdoor area, extends the living space of your house for sure. You must live in a sunny place where you can enjoy the outdoors alot. Your secret is safe with me, and I'm keeping your tv idea a secret so my husband doesn't think he needs one. Thanks for shairng!

  3. Wow, I'm a new follower, and I didn't realize you had an outdoor kitchen! Is it okay to say I am soooo jealous? Cause I am!!!! By the way, kudos on the neat garage! You should see ours, it might put your hubby's side to shame. :)

  4. Whoa, that looks awesome! I don't even have a tv that nice in my house. ;-)
    It's going to be such a great outdoor living space!
    I'm anxious to see it all come together. You're almost there!

  5. I say whatever makes the man happy and lets you have more time to curbshop and store junk works for me!! Good job!!

  6. That is so neat. Bet the neighbors will be rubberneckin over the fence to watch y'alls tv. lol

  7. Oh my gosh! That is so cool! I can't show that to my husband~I'd lose my only kitchen window.

  8. I did not see that coming. You can have some amazing parties out there now. I see barbecuing and watching sporting events. How awesome!

  9. Well I never even thought it may be for a TV!! That is a pretty neat idea and now you're going to have all the guys hanging in your backyard for the rest of the Summer :)

  10. You know, I will so NOT tellin' my hubby about this one. He is a college football freak and he would kill for this one. :)

  11. FINALLY... Mike must be thrilled to death with it done. Oh he is going to have every guy in the neighbourhood in your backyard, sitting around the bar watching sports, drinking all HIS beer... you may have created a monster... or you may have some really happy wifes... lol

    Great job Rose, really... you had a vision and I am so proud of you for taking it to the end. Good for you.

    Big Hugs, Deb

  12. ROSE!!!!! I swear everytime I think you can't possible top yourself- YOU DO!!!!! EVEN I can appreciate a little outdoor t.v. time!! This is THE COOLEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN!!

  13. What guy wouldn't love that, ingenious!
    Snaps to you! ~Brooke

  14. Just showed the hubs and he is IN LOVE! ;)

  15. All I am going to say is thank goodness my DH wasn't anywhere near me when I check out your site tonight!

  16. Too funny! Our neighbors behind us did the same thing, only using two smaller ones.


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