Saturday, July 10, 2010

K.I.S.S. More Garden Gallery Birdhouses and Glassware

Happy “Keep it Short Saturday”!  This one is short on words, but not on photos.

I’m off to meet up with Deb from Proper Prim to do some antiquing today in Bouckville.

Here are a few more photos from the Garden Gallery Show and Sale I attended last month.  All creations are by the super talented Bobbi and Sandy.

Today I will feature the birdhouses, plate flowers, and totems.


garden gallery 005 garden gallery 086garden gallery 085garden gallery 034garden gallery 062

 garden gallery 097 garden gallery 060garden gallery 064 garden gallery 067garden gallery 108

That last one wasn’t for sale, but I just loved it anyway.



And then there were the Plate Flowers….garden gallery 091garden gallery 006

garden gallery 053

garden gallery 078

garden gallery 128

garden gallery 124

And Totems…..

garden gallery 008 garden gallery 010


  garden gallery 088

 garden gallery 122



  Some were lamp bases made into birdbaths!garden gallery 114  garden gallery 172

garden gallery 117 garden gallery 119

My friend Linda could not resist all the pretty totems. 

She went home with these 2 beauties.

garden gallery 178


 garden gallery 177


Gotta go now, it’s trash day somewhere…..



  1. everything is so pretty.... I love birdhouses and totems. I think I could have them all over my yard!
    The plate flowers are very pretty also, even I couldn't kill those! :)
    have fun with Deb! Sounds like it's going to be a great day!

  2. What wonderful ideas! So pretty. Have fun today!

  3. There is not one picture on your post that I didn't oooohhhhh and ahhhh over! Everything is so pretty!

    Have fun shopping today :-)

  4. I love everything they make! Just gorgeous. The birdhouses are so bright and cute and the glass totems wonderful. Love those plate flowers. I am going back to look and drool again!

    Enjoy your day!

  5. I absolutely must make that bench with the 2 white chair backs for the sides!! I love it and think I may already have the pieces I need in the basement!!!

  6. i love all this wonderful "stuff". wish i could have been there. do they have a website. do you have any idea how the attached the plate flowers. love those and would like to use some old plates my mom had. thanks for sharing these pics and all your creations.


  7. The pictures are great, Now I will be on the lookout for treasures "outside" the box for my gardens.

    Enjoy your day.

  8. Rose, thanks again for highlighting our show in your blog. We are now doing the shoppng and buying for next year. Yikes,only 11 months away!


  9. I like the plate flowers. Great idea! Hope your having fun in Bouckville!

  10. The plate flowers and totems are pretty but I like the birdhouses best. Thanks for sharing.

  11. love the plate flowers and all the bird houses are so much fun! Lezlee

  12. That bench is adorable, I have 6 of those music chairs, I want to make that!!!


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