Thursday, July 1, 2010

Inching along- and some help

Now that I’m back to work this week the kitchen project has slowed down a great deal. 

The 4th of July is 3 days away and I am far from ready.

Every evening after work is spent plugging away on wrapping up some details, working outside until it’s too dark to see and the mosquitoes are out in droves.

Time to call for reinforcements.

Last night Mike stayed home from playing golf and pitched in. 

Now, mind you, this type of work is not his thing. He would be perfectly happy living in a condo with no maintenance to do inside or out ever!  When we bought this house together I promised the remodel projects would be all mine.

He grew up in a family that always hired out any repair or remodeling jobs to the experts.  He didn’t even own a drill!

But, wonderful sweetie that he is, he will come to my aid when I dig myself in too deep. (which is fairly regularly)

Why, even my sister Kathy stopped over last night to check things out and pitch in for a couple hours while she was waiting to pick up her son from some lessons.

So, there is some progress is being made.

Remember this weedy strip next to the garage wall?

015  barstools 013

Mike dug up the weeds and got rid of them, added landscape fabric and lots of pea gravel.



And thanks to my sis’s awesome vacuuming skills, all the sawdust is even gone!

Remember the inside of the bar counter?


It now has bottom shelves.


And this corner is closed off.


Now for the sink counter, this is what it looked like before…

Outdoor kitchen project 011-1

Then I stained the frame last week,


Last night I got the plywood and backerboard for the countertop  installed, the sink opening cut out and  am ready to start setting the tile tonight after work.

I had several boxes of almond 6x6 wall tile in the basement (given to me free) and a few odd tiles too.

They will be the work area counter surfaces.


A dry run layout. 

Can you tell it was dark outside when I was working on this?


I’m liking the black stripe here..


Remember the cooking part of the kitchen?

Well that part is the most challenging to me, as it involves having to frame with non combustible materials to keep it safe.

I had first planned to frame it with metal studs.

outdoor kitchen 004

Then found out they are not supportive enough. (for non load bearing walls only)

So I worked around it all last week, until Sunday.

I finally came up with a plan and started to frame the cooking counter.

Here it is covered up.


And here’s the new gas grill, also covered up.


Somehow I have to get these 2 together, and soon!

This is Mike’s current charcoal grill.

outdoor kitchen 031

I wanted it built in to the cooking counter.

So I pulled this metal cabinet out of the basement.


And last night Mike used the angle grinder to cut a circle in the metal top. 


Now we have a non-combustible enclosure for the grill!


I still have to build up the base of it to match the height of the rest of the cook counter, paint it and tile the top.

But it is finally coming together!


Drum roll please……

I have a very special visitor coming on Saturday.

Deb - closeup

Deb from Proper Prim is on vacation and has embarked on a 2 week camping trip with her boyfriend Dennis. 

Guess what?

They are coming thru my town and will be stopping in to visit. 

They should be here on Saturday.

I can’t wait to meet her!

Deb thinks she’s just going to christen the new bar, and test out the ladder barstools,

and she will get to do that. 

But I have other plans for her too.


Don’t tell her

I’ve been saving this lamp for just her touch.


I just know she will make it fabulous!

Seriously now, have you seen how wonderful Deb is at displays?

This is one of my favorite arrangements of hers.

The woman has mad skills and I plan to ply her with lots of alcohol and then get her to agree to help decorate the outdoor kitchen with me!  


She has no idea what she’s getting into!

But a nice steak dinner cooked by Mike in the new kitchen at the end of the day ought to make up for it.




Is that you? 

Uh oh.

I was just kidding about the lamp Deb, really.

You’re still coming, right?


Come back!

Drat, she wasn’t supposed to see my diabolical plan before she got here….

Darn that free Wi-Fi at all the campgrounds these days…

Gotta go now, I got a project to finish..



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  1. Talk about mad skills! I am so impressed (and a little bit jealous :-) Your outdoor kitchen is looking fantastic.


  2. You are making a lot of progress! Great idea for housing that grill. I like the black stripe too on the tile. I saw some red tiles too that looked really cool (because red is my favorite color).

  3. You are crazy, and I mean that in a good way!! I have only been blogging for a short while and think it would be so much fun to meet some of my blog friends, live and in color! You are doing a great job with the outdoor kitchen, can't wait to see the progress.

  4. great post! I enjoyed reading it all the way through! and you know I'm mostly in it for the pics! hahahah
    Rose, this outdoor kitchen is going to be so awesome! I wish I could see in irl (in real life)
    Everything is coming together really really nice!
    hahah love the end about deb. Even SHE can't do anything with that silly lamp! hahahah
    ps don't work too hard!

  5. It's looking better every day. I wouldn't tile the cooktop. The heat might crack the tiles. Remember, that grill gets hotter than a regular cooktop does. By the way, when Mike is done with that grill I want it. They make fabulous planters. LOL

    Give Deb a big hug for me. I'd love to meet both of you in person.

  6. It is really coming along great... and how fun to meet a bloggy friend!~ Lezlee

  7. Love your post! You make hard work look like fun! I can't wait to see it all put together, It's going to be fabulous!

  8. I have been following your outdoor kitchen project for awhile, I am so enjoying the journey, I have one word, Brilliant! :)

  9. Hi Rose, thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower. I found your blog via my friend Tami of South Street Shabby. She said she thought that you lived in our area from things you had mentioned in some of posts. We have talked about having a get together with other local bloggers. If your interested let me know.
    Happy 4th. Judy

  10. Hahahahaha Rose... you got me on that one... that free internet they let you have in campgrounds is a joke... one of those things to lure you in. This is the first day I have been able to view blogs or emails.

    This is hysterical... that dreaded lamp, oh yes folks she did it, made me do something with that hunk of "burning" wood.

    I am writing this as I sit in Rose's driveway... Rose, open the door, I promise I will take it out of the firepit... I am so sorry I insulted your ugly lamp... oops I really meant beautiful, honest... lol.

    Rose and Mike you two are the cream of the crop... Mike's dinner was so amazing and Rose you are the sweetest person I have had the pleasure of meeting in so long. Your hospitality is so appreciated and we only hope that you will let us return the favour one day. Thanks so much for such a wonderful day.

    Love Deb and Dennis xo

  11. HA!! That sounds like so much fun!!! I'm still so impressed by what your doing!! I'm using you to show my husband "SEE, we can do it ourselves!" Not sure he's a believer yet ;)


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