Monday, June 28, 2010

Outdoor Kitchen progress…The Bar

I really wanted to get my kitchen project done by today.  I go back to work this morning and still have lots of project to finish. 


I feel like a failure.


I’m trying to shake that off.

Cause really, I got a lot done,  but it just did not come easy.

My brain is fried!

This figuring out as I go deal is really tough.


I’m happy with what I DID get done.

Really, it’s the most important part in my book.

The Bar!

Who needs a kitchen when you can have a bar, right?

Well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Remember the big plans I had at the beginning of the week?


I was off to a decent start… then things slowed right down.

outdoor kitchen 001

I blogged Saturday about all these doors I had in my garage.  (It took me a half day just to get to them!)

outdoor kitchen 011

Well, they’re not there anymore.

 outdoor kitchen 008

I selected the ones that would work and got to cutting them in half.

outdoor kitchen 003-1

To use as the exterior siding for my framing.  outdoor kitchen 004

Safety note here…do NOT prop doors up against framing to take blog pictures on a windy day!  One blew over and hit my ankle when I was turned around. 

Let’s just say I saw stars…..

Outdoor kitchen project 007

Then my countertop plans fell through and that really set me back.  What on earth would I use?

But I got thinking….and looking around my garage….

Outdoor kitchen project 011

And decided, why not more doors?

Outdoor kitchen project 003

At least for the bar area. 

I have some ceramic tile to use on the cook counter.

Outdoor kitchen project 013

Let me tell you they were pretty tricky to work with.

Outdoor kitchen project 001

I had to get creative with holding them together so I could get the fit right for gluing.012

Some temporary brackets to hold it up while positioning everything…..


Once they were all joined together it was time to trim it out.

I used some thick pine bed sides and ripped 1 inch strips on the table saw.  The pine was just the right width to fit the door edges.


See that little 3 inch strip of door where the clamp is holding it together?  I was just short on my counter cuts when I was doing the final assembly.  So I had to fit in a filler strip to make it work.


Don’t look at my miter cuts too closely.  


One-step stain and polyurethane covered all the different tones to make them look better together.  Now the poly is not an exterior finish, so we will have to be careful and cover the bar when not in use.  And I have to go back and add a couple more coats too.

I tried marine spar finish on one door, but it was not compatible with the existing finish. (it’s still tacky!)

And I was not about to stop and strip all those pieces to bare wood.

Can you spell   L A Z Y?


And I finally got the tops of the barstools done at the same time.


I used exterior stain I had picked up from the oops section at Home Depot for $5 to protect all the bare wood framing.

I don’t plan to cover all the inside framing, that will stay exposed with plywood shelves across.  (I went ahead and stained the plywood too)


Can you tell what these are?  (Hint, they go with the bar.) 

I’d show you the finished picture, but it started raining yesterday before I could get me act together and get some more current photos.


And this morning it’s pouring rain still.


So that will have to do for now.  I’ll take some pictures of the  bar tonight when I get home from work.

If it ever stops raining!

Gotta go now, it’s trash day somewhere…



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  1. My goodness girl, that is awesome! Don't worry, that spar varnish will dry - it just takes time, especially if it is humid. I used it on an old washing machine, but I did it indoors and even then it took a long time to dry. I can't wait to see more pictures! Love those stools - how creative!

  2. Wow! You accomplished ALOT! It's looking wonderful! What time is Happy Hour??


  3. I'm impressed as all get out. The finish looks great and the idea of using the doors, well maybe now Jim won't shake his head when he sees you dragging home junk er treasures. Hope you get some rest at work cause you're sure not getting any at home.

  4. Wow! I'm tired out looking at your pictures. I spent all weekend just trying to figure out where to plant some flowers. Phew! You did a lot. Do not feel bad. PS. I live in your neck of the woods, north of Syracuse.

  5. Rose it is looking amazing... you accomplished A LOT... I am so impressed with your skills.

    Can't wait to sit at it and maybe fall off one of those stools...hahaha

    We went garage saling on the weekend and saw some curb stuff and I kept telling Dennis if Rose was here she would have picked that up... it didn't take long before he was telling me, maybe Rose would like that one... lol

  6. Rose,
    OMGosh...I just love the "DOOR" looks outstanding! You are going to have soooo much fun using this outdoor space!


  7. Rose... What a job!! It's lookin' good! I'm impressed!

  8. Rose, just when I think you can't possibly impress me any more- YOU DO!!!

  9. You should be very proud of yourself. That is amazing. Great job and can't wait to see more.

  10. Is this ever looking cool! I'm amazed and inspired, big time. Love how you showed the temp brackets as an extra set of hands. What a great idea!


  11. rose,
    you go girl...this is awesome and i LOVE the use of the doors! great way to clean out the garage too. lol. i look forward to the finished project.
    judi ;)
    have a great weekend...we may check out the fireworks at paper mill island tonight..hewey lewis is playing.

  12. This is amazing! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  13. Oh I adore this project. It is going in my style file for sure!

    Happy 4th of July!

  14. I'm loving it so far! You've gotten a TON done! The doors look awesome!

  15. That is so creative and it looks awesome!

  16. what a great job. I love it, great ingenuity!!!!

  17. That would have taken me a year to do and I probably would have sawed a finger or two off.(possibly even a whole hand!)
    You go girl!!!!!

  18. OMG!!!AMAZING I hope you don't mind, I posted your link on my Facebook page for all the recyclers.You did an amazing job!


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