Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kitchen Updates (aka this project is kicking my butt)

OK, you were right. 


I said it

Happy now?

What’s that?

What do you mean you didn't say anything?

It wasn’t you who said I was crazy for trying to do all this in one week?

You’re not the one who said who in their right mind would plan a big party to happen in 2 weeks after the start of something of this magnitude?

And then said you are totally insane for thinking you could get  Erin’s floor done this week too?

Are you sure?


that’s right.

It was me that said it.

You know,

The Other Me.

The one with a lick of common sense.

The one that whispers in the back of my brain whenever I get these cockamamie ideas.

The one I tune out pretty often.

Laugh at,

as a matter of fact.

Because that Me isn’t ever right.


Except for this time.

Looks like I’ll be re-evaluating the plans.

Why oh why did I decide to cheap out and use all recycled junk stash materials?

How in the world did I ever think that would be better?

Why, just getting to the stuff is a project all in itself!

A big one.

Have you seen my garage lately?


There’s a reason I haven’t shown it.

It looks like this.

(brace yourself, this is ugly)







I so need to use this stuff or get it gone. (That will be a future ‘gitter done!’ project for Donna’s link party)


I’m such a crybaby,

Aren’t I?

Somebody please tell me to suck it up…

Put your big girl pants on….

And just get back to work for Pete's sake.

No throwing in the towel now,

Quit your belly-aching……

There’s no crying in baseball….

Sorry, I just had to throw that one in, my favorite Tom Hanks line from "A League of Their Own” ;)

I did this to myself, and by golly I WILL make it work.

Never mind I almost bit Mike’s head off when he called and said we had dinner plans with his parents last night.

(No Mike, you didn’t mention it the other day, I would have promptly said count me out NO Freaking WAY! if you had)

And that when his sister called him to see if she could stay at our house this weekend I just about had a coronary.  (sorry, Sis.)

I mean, what the heck?

It’s not like I’ve been cleaning the house or anything this week. (or even plan to)

There I go again with the belly-aching.


Where was I before I started having a nervous breakdown crying?



You wanted to know how it was going.

Well, I was off to a good start on the weekend…

outdoor kitchen 026


Digging, yuck!

outdoor kitchen 028


To make the kitchen fit on this small patio I decided to set it off the actual patio.  That way we can utilize more  “floor” space.

outdoor kitchen 030

All this dirt!  I couldn’t even move that wheel barrow, I filled it too high.

Ok, so once the base was leveled and filled with gravel for drainage….

I started to frame out the bar counter and the sink counter.

The plan calls for building them in separate sections so they can be moved if necessary.

outdoor kitchen 003


outdoor kitchen 006


This patio is not even close to being level.

outdoor kitchen 010

outdoor kitchen 001

So I’m not a framer, and this took me all weekend to do.

I had to figure it out as I went.

This is what I came up with, and anyone who knows how to build will be shaking their head right now. 

I get it.

Just don’t tell me, k?

I used pressure treated lumber on all ground contact areas and then regular 2x4’s for the upper framing.


Because I had a few on hand already.

But I really should have used pressure treated for the whole thing.

Let me tell you, my framing nailer was a god-send at this point.

I just love that thing!

It packs a lot of oomph.

However, the down side is that you still have to go back and throw in a few screws.

At least I did.

Otherwise the nails start coming out.

And then nothing stays square.

Ask me, I know.

See the metal studs on the ground?  I thought for the cooking counter I would need to use a non combustible material.

So I picked these up.

And then spent precious time googling how to use them.

Turns out they were for a non-load bearing application only.

Definitely not what I had in mind.

So back they went to the store.

Now to figure out how to make the cooking counter.

That was another several hours online.  Searching for options.

Looks like masonry block is the best way to go.

Not exactly what I planned to do time wise, and definitely not in the budget.

And that will mean learning how to do that now too. 

How on earth do those weekend warriors ever get anything done?

Oh, and then, my plan was to have Stainless Steel countertops made in sections to fit…

Like a restaurant kitchen.  Easy clean, easy care, impervious to water, right?

Well, the stainless fabricator (who Mike has done some business with thru work and is very reasonably priced and good at it too) tells Mike that SS is not a good choice for the countertops.  Somebody really needs to let all the Outdoor Kitchen designers know that, as every stinking one of them lists SS as a good alternative.  He says we will be unhappy with it within a year and he himself used granite on his outdoor kitchen counters.  He highly recommends we change our plans.


Not like I haven’t been planning this for months or anything.

Maybe we should have talked to him sooner.

And granite isn’t cheap.

And it’s really heavy.

So now back to Google to search for other options.

Cheap options.

Like $500 budget for counters cheap options.

Guess what?

Concrete (which is within the budget but not in my time frame)  and tile are the only viable alternatives.

Or are they?

And this is where the trouble begins…..

Gotta go now, I got a project to work on!



  1. ohhh my gosh. I soooo thought you were talking about me! I was the one for saying "are you crazy"! But NOPE, you didn't hear me, it was your inner voice talking, yeah, you, not me! hahaha
    You can do it Rose, I know you can! I have complete confidence in you. Oh, yeah, I have already told my readers that you are doing this wonderful project. I'm sure they're going to be here checking in on you to see how you're doing!
    good luck girl! I wish I was there to help!

  2. Wow, what a saga but more power to ya for tackling it. Your framing looks impressive to me. Keep us updated!

  3. Pack your bags and cancel that family reunion Gail. Rose needs us!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe how nice that framing looks. Heck I'd have pulled the doors off half the cabinets in my house by now to cut up for shims. Remember, if it's behind doors or covered up, anything goes.

    I'd put some of that stuff they use for showers instead of plasterboard on the top and then slap down some 24 inch granite tiles. Of course you know that I'm cheap. LOL

    Now about that garage, can I come shopping in your garage? I'm loving lots of stuff I see there. You could always plop that garage sale sign out front and sell some of it. I like putting a "moving sale" sign out. You don't have to be moving from house to house, just moving something. Of course, those are just my rules about signs. ;)

  4. I guess I need to turn down my inner voice. Amazing hearing you have! But you stick to it, I believe in you! Your framing looks pretty darn good to me. Might need to reinforce it though with the granite and all. Collapsing in the middle of a cook out would not be a good thing! Go Rose Go!

  5. Rose, Rose, Rose what are we going to do with you... suck it up and get a grip and focus... there I said it... hahahaha... you are doing fine.

    Take ten deep breaths (I really mean drinks lol)

    Oh I wish I was closer, I would hike over and pick up Gail and Jackie and get right over there and help out... take one step at a time... worry about the counters when you get to them... they are getting you all messed up... aren't they the last thing to be installed.

    In the meantime I will do some research for you... you concentrate of getting the rest built.

    You go girl... you are my hero and you really don't want to give all those doubting Thomas' the satisfaction of saying "I told you so" now do you???

    Now get back at it... take one step at a time. I am off to find you something for your counters. Good luck buddy.

    Big Hugs, Deb

  6. Can you use granite tile, like Granny J suggested? It's cheaper, easier to install, and lighter. You'll probably just have to seal the grout every year, or don't have grout lines to begin with. OR~outdoor floor tiles!

    You can do this! You can finish it! And it will be beautiful when you're done.

  7. Well I'm impressed with what you've done so far. I've seen what you come up with when you put your mind to it so I have no doubts you'll figure it all out and get it done on time!! Now, once you do that- what are the chances of you coming to California and doing it all over again??? ;)

  8. Hey you are working so hard and what you get done is what you get done. Good to have goals just keep at it!

  9. Hey everyone, thanks for all the positive vibes and the great advice today. I've officially picked myself back up and am plugging away. Made some decent progrss on the kitchen today, but stood my daughter up at her house...She'll be ok. We got a good start on the painting over there the other day.
    Tomorrow I will start the cooking counter.
    I think I got it all figured out now....
    Thanks! I sure do wish you all could take a road trip and come help me out though...Mike could cook you dinner out in his new kitchen.....Oh, that's right, it's not ready yet.


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