Thursday, June 3, 2010

Inquiring Minds Want to Know…Answers

There were several comments on yesterdays post asking how I made the door planters stand upright.

Rather than answer in the comments section I’ll  do it as a separate post  so you won’t miss it.  As a matter of fact I may just make a habit of this sort of post.

I used the pound-in style fence posts (for wire fencing) to hold the doors.  I love these posts, (called U posts when you look for them at the hardware store)  they are reusable and easy to install (as long as you don’t hit a rock).  All you have to do is screw thru the holes into the piece you want to support.  And if you mess up and the post isn’t perfectly straight, you can always insert a piece of wood to shim it.

Generally I use 2 for something this large, it keeps the piece from twisting that way.  I still need to go back and add another to each door, as I only had 2 of the larger size on hand.  I’m ok until a strong wind comes up, but it’s on my list to fix next weekend.


I used the same posts when I built the Rainbow Garden last summer, and a year later it’s still holding strong and straight.


You can see in the picture below how I supported the posts.  I painted the stake white to blend in better.  And the corner brackets on the crib railings, they’re actual L brackets from the cribs themselves.



And this shutter screen was held up for 3 years by these posts.  (as a matter of fact, I used the posts from this for my doors!)

More tricks…

Nobody asked but I’ll tell you anyway.  I used crib hardware for hanging hooks on the top of the doors.   It’s strong, sturdy, and FREE.  I love free and I also love using what I have on hand.  Nothing was purchased new except for the plants, mulch, and cocoa liner for the baskets.  And good grief, I’m still having sticker shock over those!



This particular piece of hardware was the part that holds the foot mechanism bar in place.  My, how technical I sound!

And for the window planter I just used the latch hardware that was already there to hook the basket onto.

035  036 

For the record, these doors (and windows) I used were part of the clean-up around that darned shed in preparation of moving it.  I managed to use several of the pieces around the yard, as I sure didn’t have room to store them elsewhere! ;)

test pics 030

My next step is to use the pile of windows that were “hidden” behind that shed.   But that’s another post!

Gotta go now, it’s trash day somewhere…




  1. Thank you for taking the time to tell us how you put those lovely doors up.

    I appreciate it very much!

    Now, go find some cool trash, ya hear me?? ;)


  2. I'm glad you gave us a "behind the scenes" tour! It helps a lot!
    I have a project in the works that uses the window latch too! It just makes sense, it's such a great hook, already in place!

  3. Rose you are so clever! Thanks so much for the "behind the scenes" information.


  4. I just found your blog and find you amazing! I hate passing by "garbage," but my husband has already said no more "projects" until I finish the ones in the garage! Added your blog to mine at

  5. Thanks so much for posting that Rose... that is so helpful... would have never thought of that one. I am drooling over that door arbour, I want one of those so bad... there is a big town garage sale this weekend, guess what is on my list.

    Have a great day... can't wait to see what you are up to next.

    Hugs, Deb

  6. You really are a junk wizard!! The rainbow garden looks great...

  7. Well, well, well, aren't we CREATIVE :) Thanks for this post I am getting ready to do a show and needed to know how I was going to have my chalkboard door stand up, super clever and practical :) I love your curbside finds, thanks so much for sharing ALL of your finds and ideas with us all :)


  8. Your Rainbow Garden is amazing. Thanks for the behind the scenes tour.

  9. Thanks for letting us in on that great little secret. I probably could have used those posts when I was putting my birdhouse together.

  10. h my you make things look so beautiful. You have an eye for beauty. I have the eye but as for pulling it off, I am messy.


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