Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I’m Dreaming of a Vacation!


I started my vacation yesterday.  I’m not going anywhere or doing any normal vacation type activities though.

This is a project vacation.

Probably the most fun I’ll have all summer.

5 whole days of not having to do anything but work on my projects!  Woe to anyone who tries to get in the way or get me to go anywhere.  (got that honey?)

Mike is away at work all day and golf at night.

That leaves me until 8:30 pm every day to myself and my projects.  Heaven!

Technically it’s 9 days if you count the weekend before and after, but those always have other obligations interruptions activities  planned for me.  Like graduation parties (2 coming up this weekend) and golf tournaments, couples golf, and dinner with the parents, and with the kids, and so on and so forth until it just doesn’t make sense to get started on anything.  If I were to count on weekends alone to get anything done, well, I wouldn’t.

So, what am I working on?

Well, one big project and part of another big project is the plan.

Although, with one day already down I may have to re-think the 2nd project.

We’ll see.

First of all, the outdoor kitchen for my husband is my main focus this week.  I want it done before the 4th of July, and to make that happen I’ve already started planning a big party for that day.

Just because I need some pressure and a deadline.

And what the hey, isn’t that what you do when you want to get a project going?

The second project involves installing a pre-finished hardwood floor at my daughters house.  For Christmas I promised her a master bedroom redo.  She has this attic room with a half bath in it that she wants to use as the master bedroom.  It’s pretty large, running the entire length of her house.  It’s separated into 2 parts, with a sitting area in the first part near the stairs, then the bathroom on the right, leaving a narrow hall to walk thru to get to the sleeping area.  The floor up there is just a plywood subfloor, the ceiling is pretty low at the center (7ft) and the knee walls are really low, like 4 ft.  A lot of the floor space can’t be walked on because there is no head room.

So we made a plan to add some built in storage in the knee wall area to make the space more useable. A dresser, closets, bookshelves will all be incorporated into that wall.

The king size bed will be on a low platform, and the night stands will be built in (attached to the wall) on either side of  the bed. Think of a Microtel hotel room. 

The laundry hamper will be built in too.

So, this week I plan to frame out the storage walls and then lay the hardwood floor. (Have to do the framing first because I don’t want to have to lay hardwood in that area.)

After I finish Mike’s outdoor kitchen.



I know.

Don’t say it. 



That’s me.

Why do I try to pack so much into such a short time?

I dunno.  Could be that a whole week of working on projects seems like a lot of time in theory when you’re dreaming about it.

Endless time.

If you’re a dreamer.

Like me.

So, let’s just see what happens, shall we?

No in progress pictures yet, but I’ll show you my very technical kitchen drawing.  ;)

My plan.



Ok, so blueprints are not my strong point.

The dark double lines are the 2x4 framing.

The 42 inch high counter at the bottom is the eat at bar.  It will have L brackets to hold it up.

The gas grill has been ordered and should be here on Friday.

I plan to re-use our existing round Weber charcoal grill, that will go in the 23” circle opening.

Budget for this project:

$1000 for the grill and accessories

$500 for building supplies and barstools

$500 for countertops

Total $2000

That was what we set aside when we started talking about this project.

A friend of ours just had an outdoor kitchen installed.

It was $15,000.


But, it’s done and he is getting to use it already. 

While ours is still just a plan on a piece of paper.

Well, that is going to change right now!

Some Before photos….

Brace yourself.

It’s not pretty.

But necessary so you can get an idea of the space.

I cannot believe I’m posting these, this area is so neglected and embarrassing.  We really just walk thru this space to get to the gazebo in the yard.  No time is ever spent here. But that is about to change…..

This photo shows the basic layout of the new kitchen.  I tried to set up some pieces to get a general idea of how the space would work.

outdoor kitchen 007



Anyone know how to keep weeds from sprouting in between the bricks?  It can’t involve chemicals because of the dogs.

outdoor kitchen 002

The Chiminea is going to my daughters  house.  I’m hoping to incorporate some of the junk building materials you see against the wall.

outdoor kitchen 003

As a matter of fact I plan to use a lot of junk in this project!

Stay tuned for updates….




  1. finally! pictures! :)
    I can see your vision. It's going to be awesome.
    no idea (without chemicals) for the weeds.
    Perhaps if it rains any this week, you can go to e's to work on the master bedroom. WHICH by the way, you have never mentioned to me. It sounds so much like Jamie's area. She wants built in storage, so I will be following that project VERY closely!
    Don't over work yourself girl! I am so excited for you, you (mike) are (is) going to have a very special space with your name on it! You're saving money and going to make it your own! You rock! (even if you are an over achiever!)

  2. That is one impressive project you have planned. For the weeds, use white vinegar in a sprayer. It will kill them without chemicals. Be cautios about overspray because it will kill anything you spray it with.

  3. I thought your blueprint was pretty darn good! Can't wait to see it all come together. I work for a school district so I have the summer off and my vacation will be a project vacation too. I enjoy that too.

  4. I can't wait to see your finished kitchen!! Large project but I have faith that you can get it done. I have heard boiling water also kills the weeds.

  5. Wow I'm impressed, the outside kitchen is a pretty ambitious project alone, but I'm sure you can do them BOTH. I too sometimes plan things to motivate (force) me get a project completed. Looking forward to seeing progress reports.

  6. Cant wait to see @ the end of the week!!! :) I ♥ weeds growing in the cracks of the bricks, reminds me of old english style gardens or something..but my hubby hates it too & he usually wins the battles outdoors, gotta let him have some glory ;) White vinegar will do the trick and kill em naturally for you!

  7. I will be waiting to see how this all goes! Good Luck! Wonderful plans by the way!

  8. You crack me up!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT to see how his kitchen turns out!!! I've wanted to do a smaller scaled version of your BRILLIANT blueprints ;) for a while now.

  9. It will be great! You have a lot of energy! Lezlee

  10. saltwater on the cracks with the weeds growing out. Salt is cheap and you only need maybe a cup per bucket. Weeds will die in about 3 days, then you just pull out the old brown dead dry weeds.

  11. Hi~ just hopped over from Granny's Place~ she thought I might like your blog, and she was right! I'm looking forward to seeing your project~ I am a new follower!

  12. Rose I am giving you the most amazing woman I know award. I can't wait to see the outcome of your outdoor kitchen. I would love to move my indoor kitchen to the outdoors if I had a man to cook in it...hahaha

    You go girl.. don't push yourself too hard though, we don't want anymore scares this week.

    Hugs, Deb

  13. I love to recycle also. I am a follower.
    Stop by and visit. I have a giveaway.


  14. just found your blog and I love it! The other gals are right, white vinegar will kill the weeds--but then, if you plant some thyme in the cracks, you won't have to worry about the weeds coming back. Thyme is one of many 'crushables' that can be walked on and every time you do, the scent is released--bonus. Hope that helps!



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