Saturday, June 26, 2010

I Love Doors


This post  is especially  made to link to  Donna’s Saturday night special party for doors.

You all know I love ladders a whole bunch, but if there’s one thing I love more, it’s old doors…..

I just LOVE old doors.

Mike says I’ve never met a door on the curb that I didn’t take home with me. 

Usually he exaggerates a lot.

You know what? 

This time he’s right!

Why, sometimes I even get lucky and get one with the knobs still on.


And if I’m really lucky, they’ll have glass knobs.


This time I think the door-gods were smiling down on me.  I mean really, 4 doors with glass knobs all on the same day?

Oh yes, baby, and all at the same curb.




These 2 were stored in my son’s garage over the winter.


test pics 030

Why, I have so many doors I had to make a special corral for them in the back of the garage.  Some 2x4’s attached to the wall studs hold several doors upright and makes it easier to get them out.

outdoor kitchen 018

outdoor kitchen 010



outdoor kitchen 006-1


This very weathered white door was helped along by leaving it at my Mom’s house for 2 summers (I meant to come back to get it sooner Mom, really I did!)

outdoor kitchen 009 


Cabinet doors count too!

So what does one DO with so many doors?  Besides store hide

them at every known relatives house?

The possibilities are endless.

This arbor is the entry to my “Rainbow Garden” built  in memory of our dog, Justice.  If you look closely where the chain link fence meets the picket fence you will see a black wooden silhouette of a German Shepherd standing sentry by the corner of the yard.   You can read more about this memorial garden here.


This cabinet door had the best red painted hardware still attached to it when I found it.


I made a base for it to make it into a coffee table for one of my daughter’s friends.


My first try at a potting bench.


Sometimes just leaning up against the fence in the garden is good.


Or add a little trim around the edges and you have a great headboard.


Of course, leaving the glass knob on just makes it that much better.


This dining room table was made from some curb found table legs, some crown molding, and a door that came off another room in the house. 

I wouldn’t let my son throw the door away.  So it became the dining table at his house.

This picture shows it before the glass top was installed.

  037     038

You can read more about this arbor I made for my Mom, here.  It has lots of great memories attached to it.


And then there’s my door planters at the entrance to the yard.     You can read about these here, and more on how to do it here.


Stay tuned for some more great uses for doors.

Those of you looking for updates on the big kitchen project, I’ll post the next step tomorrow.

Gotta go now, there’s a project to finish……


  1. I love your doors! I think the arbor and the potting bench are my fav's!

  2. Love everything you do! Your arbors are so incredible. I'm drooling over your 4 curb doors with the glass knobs. WooHoo for you!

  3. Now I know why I can't find any doors, they're all at your house! The arbor you made is my favorite. That's just genius.

  4. That's the one thing I never seem to find- gorgeous old doors.

  5. I find them once in a while, but we stay in our small town, we need to branch out...
    It's so good that you rescue those old doors and use them in so many creative ways..
    I really enjoyed this post...

  6. I just love all these door projects! I never thought of constructing an arbor this way! Thanks for sharing~ I'm inspired!

  7. I love old doors too. I love the really weathered ones you have. Its amazing to think who all opened those doors or where they led to.

  8. I really love the potting bench, so cute!

  9. I want to be Rose when I grow up. Except then...if I was Rose then who would Rose be? Hmmm...ok, I see that that might not work.

    How about if I say that I want to be just like you if, er, I mean when I grow up. :)

    As always, thanks for the inspiration!

  10. What a great post on all that you've done with your doors!! I love it!! Your arbors are gorgeous :)

  11. I'm loving the arbors and the potting bench but the dining room table is awesome. I remember living in old houses with the paneled doors with glass knobs when I was a kid. I never see doors at the curb, even cabinet doors.

  12. Oh my goodness...I LOVE your arbors, especially the one used as an entrance into your Rainbow garden...perfectly whimsical!! I have arbors to build still for my garden. Thanks so much for this fabulous inspiration!!
    Have a wonderful day!
    ~ Jo :)

  13. All these great ideas! My husband won't love you for this! But me...

  14. Oh my GOSH. I was so LOL over your door storage. You must have a very understanding hubby. :) But that white arbor? Drop dead gorgeous. What a gorgeous backdrop for it too. Truly, I'm amazed.

    Thanks for making a special post for the Old Door SNS linkup! I sure enjoyed it!


  15. Wow, I want a potting bench and now I know what is it going to look like. Stealing this one! Thanks for posting!

  16. I loved your door arbor idea for your Rainbow Garden! We lost our golden/lab a little over a year ago. I was so inspired by your idea, I featured your photo and a link to your post in my blog! I hope you get a chance to check it out sometime!

  17. Okay I am almost shaking I am so inspired!!! Love, Love, Love what you have done with doors. Seriously I am dying over here ;)


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