Sunday, May 9, 2010

It’s Snowing on Mother’s Day!



It’s snowing out this morning.

Enough to stick.

On the honeysuckle vine….


The Hosta leaves are covered.



The convertible is covered; it should have been parked in the garage but I left some painted projects to dry on Mike’s side last night.   I’m going to be in trouble now.


Snow on one of the garden chairs.


It’s a good thing pansies don’t mind the cold….


The furnace is running non stop.

And so is my nose….

And now a project made for my Mom a while back….

This arbor is something I made from doors off Mom’s camp that she had to have torn down a couple years ago.  She was sad to let it go, so I brought some of it home for her.  I kept the outside of the doors the original camp color.   This is a picture of it last year.

Her keys still work in the lock.


The wooden sign hanging in the middle always hung from her camp.  (the name has been disguised so she won’t get too mad at me) 

We had a lot of fun times there when all the grand-kids were young. 


Every Mother’s Day I add some new plants to it. (looks like the planting will be delayed this year due to the cold weather…)


Me posing with Mom on Mother’s day 2 years ago.

I love you Mom!  (Oh boy, is she going to ground me for life for posting her picture.)

Happy Mother’s day to all you Moms out there!

Hope you’re warmer than we are today.



  1. Rose what a sweet memory for your Mom... I love that door arbour... that is another thing on my list now... Hope you have a wonderful day my friend...Happy Mother's Day.

    Mother Nature left me a nice big tree branch across my yard... this weather is so crazy you never know what you are going to wake up to... so far no snow, YET!!!

    Hugs, Deb

  2. That was a beautiful thing to do for your mom. Now snow??? It's cold here, in the 40's but snow??? This is the farthest north I want to live. lol

  3. Hi Rose...
    Yup! Snowing here at my house too! (Jamesville, near Syracuse). Where are you? Just found your it!

  4. We have had snow in late April before but never into May - thats just wild!
    Love the arbor, when I imagine having my child make that for me one day, and I bet your Mom just gets all mushy every time she sees it, that is perfect!! Oh, and I think thats an adorable picture of you and your beautiful Mom... you both look so much alike!! :)

  5. awwww, what a sweet picture of you and your mom! That arbor is so sweet. You're a good daughter Rose! And you disguised her name, sweet!
    snow!? Oh my, and I was complaining that it is too cold here! brrrrr
    Happy Mother's day!

  6. I can't believe snow at this time of the year. Love the arbor and pic of your mom. (cool car too!)

  7. Rose,
    I cannot believe it is snowing there.
    That pic with the chair and flowers on it should be in a magazine.

    Precious pic of you and your Mom


    barbara jean

  8. Happy Mother's Day - sorry about your snow, but it did make for beautful pictures.
    My DH saws me looking at the door arbor project and said he could make that for me. "Could," but when? Thank you for the inspiration.

  9. Hi Rose -
    Was over at Barbara Jeans place "Treasures from the Heart" and she was telling everyone about a wonderful blog she had discovered. I had to come over here and see for myself. WOW...Barbara Jean was right....I LOVE your blog. What an awesome arbor you created for your mom!! Now she will always have a wonderful reminder of her camp and the memories of great times spent there. I'm off to visit with you for a while :) I'm also going to start following your wonderful blog:)
    Have a wonderful Mother's Day!
    ♥ Toni

  10. Snow? Brrrr....

    Love the pix of you and your mom!

    Happy Mother's Day :)


  11. Awww Happy Mother's Day!! I hope your not to busted with the car :(

  12. This arbor is great! I have been wanting to make one, your turned out wonderful and I am sure your mother loves it.


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