Friday, May 21, 2010

Help! A Curbshopping Binge

It seems I can’t drive anywhere this week without finding something to pick up.  And of course, you know I can’t resist.  If I see it, it must go home with me.   So much for self-restraint.

Thank goodness the weekend in almost here.  I NEED Saturday and Sunday to work some of this stuff out!

The latest additions to the pile:


An old pine lamp/magazine rack…..



2 rusty metal barrel rings.  They must have come off a 1/2 barrel planter. 

005 007


This might just qualify for the worlds ugliest lamp award.

But I bet Deb over at Proper Prim would have some great ideas to make it look nice!


I was excited to find this cast iron park bench at the curb. It was missing some slats on the back and is very wobbly.  I can see taking the sides off and using them for something else….


This piece mystified me, a metal grate type thingy.

It was from the same house as the bench and barrel rings.

Then my sister stopped over and pointed out that the back of the bench was missing the decorative metal insert…

Duh!  That’s what this piece was!

Now I’m thinking I may just refurbish the bench with new wood slats and use it as a bench.

What do you think?

On a more personal note:

Tonight is the last hurrah for my 50th birthday.  We only celebrate milestone birthdays in my family  (16, 21, 30, 40, 50) as there are so many of us it’s tough to get everyone together very often.

As the birthday girl I got to pick how I wanted to celebrate, and I decided I wanted an all girl  Slumber Party!    So my sisters, Mom, my daughter, daughter in law, and a niece  will be spending the night at a local hotel doing the girly thing.  Talking all night, playing games, maybe some waxing (ouch), mani’s, pedi’s, good music, lots of snacking… all the stuff we took for granted while growing up in an all girl household.  I miss those days now.

I also will get to take possession of the 50’s trunk, or “the Ark”.  This is a wicker chest that is filled with I don’t know what yet as none of us get to see inside until we turn 50 and it’s handed down from the reigning 50 year old. It’s rumored to be filled with the sort of nostalgia things we might have had or used in our youth.  Sort of a time capsule.  I’m betting there are some Twinkies in there or something of that sort.  I will get to add things to it while it’s mine, and then pass it on to my next sister when she turns 50.  This goes on until the last sister turns 50, then we get to start a new tradition for the next decade.

Good times!



  1. Oh, now that ark sounds like a blast - will be interested to see what you find!!

    Yeah, that lamp is ugly!!

  2. That is one...interesting lamp! And the trunk idea sounds so neat. Can't wait to here whats in there!

  3. honestly, I don't think I would have picked up that table or world's ugliest lamp! You have some real challenges there my friend!
    Your family tradtions sound simply perfect! I love the way you've spent your bd week. No wonder you don't mind being 50! hahaha
    I'm so happy it's been a great week. Have fun at your slumber party!

  4. Wow! What a great birthday tradition! We should start that in my family. I LOVE that idea. Happy Birthday to you! I hope you've had a wonderful celebration.

    I love your curb-side finds. I love how you see potential in just about everything. I was wondering if you'd be interested in doing a guest post on my blog sometime? Let me know!

  5. Holy cow! I can't believe you find so much.

    Happy 50th to you! 50 was a whole new state of mind for me and a slumber party is the perfect way to celebrate.

  6. What a cute idea!!!! Have a blast!!!

  7. That does it! I just told Grampy to gas up the car, we're taking our vacation in Niagara Falls this year because that's where all the good curbside shopping is. After looking at all your finds he said he'll just send me via bus and I can ship all my finds home by FedEx. LOL Girlfriend you find the best stuff. I'd take that ugly old lamp apart, plant about one foot of the base in the ground and put a rustic birdhouse on top. Then I'd plant a vine to grow up and around it.

    I think your slumber party sounds like soooo much fun. I love how you pass that trunk down. In my family no one would be able to keep it a secret as to what's in it. Have a great time.

  8. You have such a cool family. Love the girls night slumber party!!! I need one of those!! The 50s trunk is soo cool! please share what you find in there! I'm dying to know!

  9. What a great way to spend your
    50th, I love that idea of the time capsule... I hope you are going to post the contents... what a great idea. I am sure you are going to have a blast.

    HaHaHa Rose... thanks for the plug... hmmm thinking... brain is smoking. Did Mr. D. put you up to this... he thinks I can perform miracles too... lol

    Okay, first thought was driftwood...I would wrap boat rope (heavy twine would work) around it a couple of times, remove lamp inners...add a seagull to the top and another to the little shelf area...hang a small buoy and stick it by a pond... and hope that a family of seagulls like it so much they carry it away... hahahaha

    Have a great weekend Rose...

    Hugs, Deb

  10. That 50's trunk sounds like an awesome idea! Will you be allowed to share what's in it when you open it...or is it strictly forbidden to reveal?

  11. Someone noted the table and lamp were a challenge...hey, these would look GREAT in a northwoods cabin! Quirky cozy cabin chic!


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