Monday, May 17, 2010

Finally got some Finds!

Edited to add:  Yay!  I can finally join Coastal Charm’s Nifty Thrifty Tuesday party!  If you came from over there, Welcome!

As you know I’ve been having a dry spell for curbshopping.  Some of that was self imposed since with moving my storage space and all I realized just how much stuff I really have. 

So I did drive around with my eyes shut for a while….Thankfully I didn’t hit anything.


Saturday was 50% off day at the Rescue Mission thrift stores.

There was a big ad in the local paper.

I was not going to go.  Nope.  No way.  Don’t need anything.

I went. 

I swear my car just drove there all on it’s own.

I spent $10.80.

This is what I bought.

Wooden School Desk  $1.50


Ash tray stand? (not quite sure, but I think it must be) $2.50


I love the 2 tone striped wood finish on this.  I think it would look cool with a round glass top, maybe something precious displayed under the glass in the bowl area.


The school desk would make a great nightstand.


Loved this metal flower shaped basket. $1.50


4 black plates $1, a painted metal apple .50, a lantern sconce $1, 2 painted terra cotta pots .80, a prim caged bird $1, AND 2 birthday candles $1. 

5 0, I couldn’t resist, it’s like they were expecting me.  If we don’t use them for my birthday I’ll save them for my younger sister.


This picture shows 10 items I got for a dollar at a garage sale I stopped at.  Hard to see, but there are 3 frames, a wooden folding ruler, a brass duck wall hanging, a heavy metal ruler, a rusty metal hammer, a set of Allen wrenches, a leather covered road atlas, and a metal shelf. 

The metal shelf is my fav.  I would have paid the dollar just for that.  The other things were just bonus items.


Then I picked up my Mom at her house to go out to dinner just the 2 of us, and I couldn’t resist a little curbshopping along the way. 

She thinks I’m a nut!

Someone had left all their leftover garage sale items at the curb with a free sign. 

I picked up this Eureka canister vacuum cleaner (it works perfectly and even came with extra bags and all the attachments) 


2 pairs of ice skates,


A very tall wrought iron candle stand,


3 very nice window shades with fringed scalloped edges,


An old dictionary, a brass 2 sided mirror, 3 tiny blue plates, a marble hand soap dispenser, a small beveled mirror and a picture stand,

(You can see all the price stickers still on these.  $5 for the dictionary!  No wonder it didn’t sell!)


A wooden nut bowl,


a small lidded Pyrex dish, a large Pyrex mixing bowl, heart shaped basket and a set of chopsticks with 4 leaf shaped wasabi plates.


I like free garage sales!

A couple blocks further on I found this at the curb--


the tile topped mosaic stand is in pretty rough shape, but I loved the shape of the legs on it.  One of the legs was detached.


And then I found this----

The white chair was just too nice to pass by.  Check out the paint finish on the seat.


At least I didn’t get anything big, right?

How about you, any good finds this week-end?

Gotta go now, it’s trash day somewhere!


I’m linking this up to Coastal Charm’s Nifty Thrifty Tuesday #13!  Be sure to hop over and check out the party!


  1. OH Rose you hit the mother load this weekend... love all your finds... I have that same child's school desk but I paid $20.00 for it and I thought I got a deal... I want to come shop with you... look at all the money you would save me... lol.

    Love your curb finds also... wow, can't wait to see what you do with them all.

    I finally got out this weekend and got some of my own deals and revamped them already... I was on a roll this weekend. Stay tuned I will be posting tonight hopefully.

    Have a great day Rose and thanks for sharing your goodies.

    Hugs, Deb

  2. I really love the back on that chair! I also love that table top. You know what I do with plates that I find at yard sales/thrift stores? I stick them in my garden...half in the ground...half out. They look like a cute scallop border. I grabbed that idea from my mom! I have yet to find any curbside but thanks to your inspiration I never stop looking!!! Thanks for a great post!!!
    Le Anne

  3. You did get lots of cool stuff....I want to see what you do with the striped ashytrayee is really cool...

  4. so much stuff! good stuff! I like the ashtray thingy and can't believe you got the desk so cheap!
    Your poor mom.... making her witness you digging through trash. hahah
    love the ice skates, the chair, all of it!
    I passed up two chairs today... you know how I love chairs!
    What are you doing to celebrate your bd? besides giving someone here a gift?


  5. I tried leaving a comment earlier but i'm having computer issues so wanted to post again!

    I can't believe what you find when your NOT looking!! I didn't go anywhere this weekend :( Sick in bed most of it!

  6. Good grief, you ROCKED it!!! I just adore that ash tray stand thing - the ruffly stand, the striped wood, oh, thats just amazing!

  7. Well, I like several of those things. That two toned wood ashtray thing would look cool with one of those glass cloches things on it and something great underneath the glass. Can't wait to see what you do with some of these finds.

  8. You found a lot of nice things, I especially like the mosaic table and the chair. The next time I take a vacation I want to spend it curb shopping in your area. LOL I never see nice things like you find.

  9. Rose,
    One word...WOW! I'm looking at all the "COOL" things that you found at the 50% off sale...then you have even more "COOL" things that you found on the curb...amazing! I'm lovin that curbside chair and the $1.50 desk!


  10. Oh my goodness! I never find free stuff in my area! Guess I need to start searching around for better trash days! Love your finds and that little stool is adorable, love the top!!

  11. Ooooh Mom I love the two-toned ashtray thingy! I can't wait to see what you're going to do with it....

  12. Oh my're going to have fun with all your treasures! You've got the addiction Baaaaad! LOL

  13. I'm sooooo happy to see you at NTT!


  14. What delicious fun...I love that mosaic table, and you found a lot of neat things..and a new
    keep curb crawling

  15. All in one weekend? What luck you have. I love the ashtray stand and the chair. The skates will be cute to use to decorate at Christmas time.

  16. Wow! I got an old wooden school desk for $10 at a garage sale and I thought that was a good deal. :)


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