Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Desk Makeover

Last Friday I posted several pictures of projects I planned to work on (and get done) over the weekend.

There were 4.

Oops, there should have been 5.  I was in a hurry to post that morning and didn’t readily come across the photo of this desk I was working on.



I’m not making this up just because I finished it.

Pinky swear.

It was on my list right from the beginning.

If you’ve been around a while, you may remember the post on Gail’s blog I wrote called “Confessions of a Curbshopaholic.”   If not you can click on the link to read it.

It was the post that made me start this blog. 

Well in that post were several items I picked up that day, one being the white dresser that I added the pink paper strip down the center….(featured on my first real blog post here)finished dresser 003

And another was this desk with no feet.  Poor thing.  


And this chair. (wow, look at the dust on that!)


First thing I had to do, was find some new feet for this desk.


I pulled out my stash. 


Curbshopping tip:  Never pass by a couch without stopping to snag the feet!  They simply screw off in most cases, and will save you tons of money over store-bought.

064Hmmm, wrong size…….


Nope, they don’t really match.

Aha!  These will do.  Just need to cut a couple inches off the bottom…….


Time to prime…..


Never a fun job.


Then on to paint.  Very conveniently, the paint is almost the same color as the primer.  Gotta love grey!

Can’t forget the chair…  This is actually the second coat of paint on this.  Told you it looked the same as the primer!

storage 007

Added a woven rug from Real Deals for the seat cushion..


Then some handy dandy chalkboard paint.  I’m still working on the original quart I bought 2 years ago.   I can’t believe how far this stuff goes!

Ok, this is where I forgot to take any pictures.  But you wanted to go straight to the end anyway, right?


And now it’s a desk for my daughter’s house.


See this hole in the top?


I was too lazy to fill it….


And it makes a perfect pen holder!


Erin had to mark it  hers when I showed it to her on Sunday.

I think she was afraid her brother might claim it when he came over.


I painted the little box with chalkboard paint too, to match the desk.  002

We had fun thinking up things to write on the drawers for the photos.

I forgot to mention the black spray paint job on the original handles.   It’s still missing one handle, but I loved the originals so much I decided to keep them with it.  The drawer that’s missing the handle is actually part of the drawer above it (a tall file drawer)  That handle would have been just for looks anyway.  Someday I hope to find a similar one to match.




I’m linking this up to Funky Junk Interior’s SNS #30!


  1. It looks fantastic Rose! I love that you used the rug for the seat. Lucky daughter!

  2. The ready made pen holder makes me laugh!!!

    Yep everything at Dollar Tree is a dollar....pretty cool.

  3. great job on the desk! I love the feet! It makes such a difference. Wow on the rug/seat cover! It is perfect.
    hahaha on the built in pen holder! too funny.
    how do you get all this stuff home by yourself? You must be a super woman!

  4. I love the desk!! Great idea! I have chalkboard paint and cannot decide what to use it for!!

  5. Ok give me a minute while I pick my jaw up off the floor. I have told you your my hero before right??? I have an overwhelming urge to go find some couch feet and some small rugs...

  6. SO great to meet a fellow curb-shopper. I find no shame in it, in fact I have hope to one day have a reality show about my adventures! Ha! JK. Honestly, you wouldn't believe (or maybe you would!) the things I have found on the curb.

  7. great desk and chair.
    The feet you choose look better---you can barely catch a glimpse in one of the photos..

    I like all the chalkboard paint...AND! the PEN HOLDER.
    I can never find a pen when I need one.

  8. I love the pen holder. LOL Quite ingenious. I'm always looking for a sticky note to jot something down. The blackboard paint on the desk top would work great for me.

  9. I giggled at the pen are so ambitious and creative!

  10. I love the desk - I would never have thought to use chalkboard paint! ADORE IT!

    Your tip to grab the legs off of sofas is solid gold. Thank you!

    I laughed out loud when I saw that you stuck a pen in the hole! Now that is crafty! :)

    ~Amanda @Looking Glass Jewels

  11. Rose,

    I hope you don't mind but I awarded you.


  12. I love the desk! So useful. By the way, did you know that you can turn any color paint into chalkboard paint by adding unsanded tile grout? Directions are on Martha I've been wanting to try it sometime as I'm not a fan of the traditional black or green chalkboard paint.

  13. I can't believe you have such a stash of furniture feet. That's great. Love the desk makeover. I'm a huge fan of just about anything chalkboard. If you get a chance, stop by my blog. There's a surprise waiting for you today.

  14. Such a clever and creative girl. My heart is going pitty pat.

  15. You're right, I was worried Yurah would claim my new desk! I love it Mom, thank you so much!

  16. I just found your place tonight. I think I found it through Gail & My Repurposed Life.
    I have to tell you that we are kindred spirits. I love that you love to pick up the treasures that others have decided that they can part with since they aren't perfect or useful to them anymore. I too, have a storage facility with lots of stuff. My goal is to empty it all, 4 of them, (yes, I know, it's a lot of stuff) this summer. Looking forward to seeing all of your endeavors. I can't get my google mail to work on my laptop, so I'm signing in differently


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