Friday, April 16, 2010

TV Tray to Message Center

I’m not generally a crafty person. What I most enjoy is working with furniture, making big things.
Sometimes though, the mood strikes and I actually do attempt some little crafty project.
My lovely daughter in law came to spend the day with me one rainy Sunday while my son was busy with drill weekend. (He’s in the reserves after being active duty Air Force for 7 years)
I am blessed to have such a sweet DIL, she is a doll! I’ve made a few things for her; this dresser and the triple chair bench are some.
Y wanted to help me with some of my projects, but I didn’t have anything really in the works at the time. So we improvised!
I had these metal TV trays I rescued from my Mom’s trash. (I’ve since set her straight, no trashing anything until I see it!)
007 025
A little banged up, somewhat rusted, but I loved the shape of them. These are the before pictures.
This project just sort of evolved and we never took any “during” shots unfortunately!
After spray painting both trays black we decided to make one a bulletin board. I cut some rolled cork to fit the tray.
We soon learned that rolled cork was not thick enough to stick a pin into, so cut a 2nd piece and attached that over the first. Now the edges were rather ugly and needed to be hidden.
Out came the button jar and hot glue gun!
Problem solved! Then the push pins got the button treatment.
The 2nd tray needed a little something different.
That one got a couple coats of chalkboard paint.
Some buttons to match the other tray…..
Then, silly me, we discovered that the
trays were magnetic, (DUH, they were metal)
What a waste of chalkboard paint!
So out came the magnetic strips, and some more buttons to make custom magnets. (the V is for the kids’ last name)
We searched for something to hang it with and found an old Cafe curtain rod that the clips on the back of the tv trays fit onto perfectly. (You know, where the folding metal legs attach to the tray when you set it up?)
Some bent spoons made decorative brackets to hang it with.
I drilled holes in the spoons for securing it to the wall…
Buttons glued on will disguise the screw once it is hung…
And there you have our craft project for the day.
Y had something she made that could go home with her.
It kind of felt like when my kids were young and did our arts and crafts. Even my son got into this project when he got out of work. It was so cool to see the two of them sitting at the table gluing buttons and creating flower shaped button magnets!
It was such a great day for both of us!
Gotta go now, it’s trash day somewhere!
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  1. I have an ugly large tray in my pantry in desperate need of a makeover! I like this idea! The spoons as rod hangers look awesome too!

  2. Ya can't go wrong with a good memo/magnetic/chalkboard! :)
    love the touch with the spoons!
    I'm sure you've noticed, I featured your blog today!
    have a great weekend friend!

  3. Great job on the craftiness! :)

    I read your ladder post and it totally cracked me up. When I scrolled down and saw all the old ladders that you had, I said "Holy crap!" out loud. My four older boys came runnin' to see what I was looking at. I showed them the post and they "Wow! Why does she have that many ladders?"

    Then, yesterday, we were headed to a soccer game and a truck pulled up along side us, with a ladder in the back. My 11 year old son exclaims, "Look Mom! A ladder that the ladder lady doesn't have yet." It was too funny!

    Guess you are the "ladder lady" now... :)

  4. Rose... I think it's a great idea to do the same project, BUT the hard part would be NOT talking about it! ahahahah
    Let's do it! Yep, I do have that cabinet still, only thing... it is in the very back of the shed!
    have a great weekend, don't work too hard tomorrow!

  5. OMG just read becky's comment! Too funny!


  6. Great idea to repurpose these! I know exactly the kind of tv trays these are - I know someone in my family had a set somewhere along the way. Too cool! Stop by the Sunday Showcase Party if you get a chance. You have some amazingly creative projects!!

  7. Thanks so much for stopping by and joining the Sunday Showcase! This is just so creative. Hope you have a great week! ~ Stephanie Lynn


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